Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mini time zones?

You know what drives me crazy?  Clocks.

I hate setting clocks, everything ends up being slightly different.  I've come to expect this, that when I set a clock in the kitchen, it's going to be a couple minutes different from the clock in the bathroom, or the office, or the bedroom.  That's fine.

What I don't like is when clocks that I don't set are completely different.  I believe that electronics that maintain their own clock should have an accurate time, but it never seems to turn out that way!

Case in point - currently, my DVR says it's 12:17, my laptop says it's 12:13 and the PS3 says it's 12:58.  I have no idea what is the problem with the PS3, but the time on it is way off.  I've tried to change it, but all you do is enter your time zone and then it sets the clock.  For some reason, it's always like 45 minutes off.  So weird.  My Blackberry does the same thing - it's usually about 8 minutes fast.  I can't confirm that right now though, because it's dead and I don't feel like charging it just for a blog post.

Stupid clocks.  The only clock I like to run fast is the clock in my car.  I usually try to set it like 6-7 minutes fast so I get places a bit early.  The trick though is to get someone else to set it ahead for you so you're not totally sure how fast it is.  Otherwise, you just drive somewhere thinking "Oh it's okay, the clock is 7 minutes fast."  You can't set it too fast though, otherwise it's too obvious.  This whole tactic drives Jagger crazy.  He's the type who listens to the CBC all the time and sets his clock precisely when they do the whole buzzer thing at 1:00 to indicate the exact time.  Dork.

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Eleven's Ink said...

HHAhahaha i do the same but with my alarm clock, it's 20 minutes ahead but then I snooze for about 20 minutes lol. We work in mysterious ways :)