Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just what I needed, more TV shows...

Since I've been off work, I've been watching a lot of TV that I never usually watched simply because of time restraints.  It seems like every couple of days I'm adding something new to the DVR to keep me entertained while I'm trying to entertain Vivian.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about how I was trying to get into The Big Bang Theory.  It's such a popular show and I just wasn't getting it.  I tried to watch it and be entertained by it, but just wasn't getting into it.

I've since changed my tune.

I continued to watch it on a weekly basis, but just wasn't quite on board with it yet.  What really changed my mind was Christmas.  See, there was a Christmas Day marathon of The Big Bang Theory and I really got sucked in.  Nothing like watching a marathon to make you a true fan of the show.  The theme song had might as well be a Christmas carol to me now, it's so linked to Christmas in my mind.  Now I'm watching it almost every day (yay for reruns!) and eagerly waiting for new episodes every Thursday.  I don't know how I took so long to get invested in the show, it really is super entertaining.

I had a similar experience with How I Met Your Mother.  Another show that a lot of people love, but I just never could get on board with.  In this case, there was a New Years Day marathon that sucked me in.  I've determined that these shows really work better as marathons than individual episodes.

Hooray for new shows!  Have you fallen in love with any new shows lately?

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