Thursday, 3 March 2011

Just crazy enough to be interesting

Since Vivian was born, I've had a lot of people comment on how calm I am and how normal I've stayed.  Apparently people think that I've avoided being one of those crazy first time parents who can only talk about their baby.  This is very flattering, but sadly it's just not true.

I'm plenty crazy.  I just try to hide it.

In the interest of the blog though, I thought I would share some of my crazier habits.

  • I'm obsessed with Vivian's clothes.  For some reason, I could spend all day sorting through her clothes.  At one point, I had her sleepers organized into four categories.  Did you catch that?  Four categories of sleepers.  (Sleepers that were hers, sleepers that were hand-me-downs, sleepers that were fleece, and sleepers with zippers)  This makes sense to me, but to other people, I'm sure it sounds completely insane.
  • I like to finish an entire package of diapers before opening another one.  Seriously, some days I'll only have two or three diapers and instead of just opening the next package that's waiting in the closet and refilling all of my changing stations, I'll cart around those last couple of diapers to wherever I'm going to change her and do so until they're all used up.  Once I found a couple of diapers in a diaper bag that I'd forgotten about and was kind of upset that I'd missed them.  Crazy.
  • I've gotten really into Pampers Gifts to Grow points.  Basically, Pampers products have a code on them and you enter them at their website to earn points.  So far, I have over 800 points because I scour the internet for bonus codes that get released from time to time.  I spend an excessive amount of time looking for these bonus codes and was really kicking myself when I missed a few around Christmas.  My goal is to save up enough to get the Jeep umbrella stroller, which is like 4700 points.  Seriously, if you don't collect the points and use Pampers stuff, send me your codes!
  • I can't stand to sleep on my left side right now, because sleeping on my left side would mean I would have to turn my back to Vivian.  I'm well aware that I could still hear her on my other side, but I just can't get comfortable that way.
  • I cut up all of my food as soon as I sit down even if Vivian is asleep or someone else is holding her.  Invariably, I end up holding her or nursing her while eating, so I try to cut up all my food right away so I can eat one handed.  My mom assures me that I will probably continue to do this for the rest of my life out of habit.
  • When Jagger rolls over in the middle of the night, I automatically start digging through the covers because I think Vivian is in bed with us and I'm worried Jagger's going to roll over on her.  It takes a few minutes for me to realize she isn't even in the bed.  I'm told this isn't unusual, so I don't feel too badly about it.
  • If I get up in the night to use the bathroom, I have to touch Vivian in her bassinet before I get back into bed just to make sure she's still there.
I'm sure there's a dozen more wacko things I do that I don't even realize, but that's what I've got for now.


Eleven's Ink said...

awwww ashlie, yet another endearing post. You seem so caring and toughtful. No negligence here!! :D

Joan Crawford said...

I actually read an article about "New Mom Brain" and it turns out that right now, your brain is very similar to that of someone with OCD. Isn't that nice? It's how humans have made it so far, what with our babies being completely dependent and not having claws and fangs and what-not... they have something better - a Crazy Lady Mom! :D

Reverse Friar Tuck - Haha, we called it that too! Then my hair started to fall out. For real, after about 6 months of nursing number two... it was terrifying. Then one day it just came back but I've never trusted it the same way since.

Kate said...

I'm going to send you my points for pampers because we only use them for night diapers and I will never get enough for anything anyways. Should I put them as a comment or email them?

I do the feel for baby in the bed at night all the time. And Hailey never slept in bed with us at all! I'm a bit of a rule follower and would never let that happen, no matter how tired I was.

ashlie said...

Yay points! Thanks, Kate! You can email them to me if you want -

It's so funny how you can think the baby is somewhere that they're not. I spent the first week sleeping with her on my chest because I couldn't bear to have her any farther away. The nurses at the hospital weren't impressed with me!