Monday, 28 March 2011

"Finishing" the Basement

It's becoming rapidly apparent that we need to do something about the basement.  As Vivian gets bigger, so do her toys and our upstairs living room is just not going to cut it.  Jagger's not totally on board with this idea, but I just keep reminding him that before he knows it, Vivian will be going after the cords on the TV and that shelf of alphabetized BluRays are going to end up getting scattered all over the floor.

Living room with no room to live.

So, I have a plan in place to "finish" the basement.  Obviously, finishing it the way we want to is just not in the cards for us right now.  Me not working means that cash is tight (like, tighter than my pre-pregnancy jeans) so we're going to have to be a bit creative with what we do.

I'm excited about it though - I need a good project, and this should be just the trick.  My plan is to make good use of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and Kijiji to make the space as useable and friendly as possible to last us until we can finish it properly.  That will leave us with a more spacious upstairs living room that can be more of a playroom for Vivian

The basement is a pretty big space, so I'm not talking about finishing the whole thing, just the area that we would be using the most.

This is the part of the basement that I see being the rec-room type area.  Couch, TV, chairs, you get the idea.

This part of the basement that I have earmarked for a bar in the future, but for the short term I see a card table and chairs and hopefully a ping pong table.

We're lucky that the area is already drywalled and primed, so it's not like we're starting with concrete walls or anything.

Eventually I want to put in built-in bookcases along this wall...

And build a long cabinet/counter area overtop of that weird little cabinet on this wall...

My plan is to get it ready over the next 2 months.  By that point, Vivian will be 6 months old and will hopefully be sleeping in her own room, which would put the playpen back in the living room.  Between the playpen, vibrating chair, swing, exersaucer and whatever else she might be playing with by that time, we just won't have the room for the two couches, big TV and giant coffee table that currently reside in the living room.

Don't worry piles of books and CD's.  You'll have a home one day.

If you have any thoughts on how to do a slapdash version of finishing a basement, let me know!  Or if you're getting rid of any furniture, let me know!


Hannah Kincade said...

That looks exactly like my living room right now! I'm in the process of packing/moving/throwing things out. Piles of books, cds and movies everywhere! Yay!..or rather nay. :(

Eleven's Ink said...

you should go to the grocery stores and ask for unused milk crates. paint them all the same colour, (or have a colour pattern) and then stack them sideways by securing them to a wall or something and there you go, a homemade "built-in" book/cd shelving unit!!

Painting each a different vibrant colour can make a really cool look.

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

I didn't do ceiling tiles in my basement. It does cost more, but it looks like the rest of the house. I love having a place for my kids to go and when it is a mess I can just shut the door!