Wednesday, 2 February 2011

So what do the cats think?

I've had a lot of people ask me lately what the cats think of Vivian and how they're dealing with the whole change.  Mostly, they're pretty indifferent to her.  Gibson is starting to pay a little more attention to her though, and will often check her out in her chair or when she's playing on one of her playmats on the floor.

Why is this thing still here?

He's starting to get a little more protective of her and will sometimes come find her if she's crying somewhere.  Hopefully they'll be friends when she's older.

Fender seems to be having a bit of a harder time.  Fender is insanely protective of Jagger, so she hasn't been thrilled that she isn't getting as much attention.  She'll still check Vivian out sometimes though.

They've definitely had a shift in behaviour though.  They used to sleep in our room, but we haven't been letting them do that lately because I don't trust them around Vivian in her bassinet.  I just don't trust that they won't try to get in there with her, and I just won't sleep if they're in there.  The weird thing is though, they haven't been showing any interest in being in our room during the day now.  They used to sleep in our bed for most of the day, but now they're usually sleeping in the office or out in the living room with Vivian and I.

Like I said, hopefully they'll be great friends one day.  It will be so nice for Vivian to have a kitty at the foot of her bed when she goes to sleep one day...until we get a dog, that is.

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Hannah Kincade said...

Yeah, never know how animals will react around kids. We had a dog that we thought would love kids. He hated them and growled at them constantly. Oh wells.