Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Getting To Know Nonsense...

Here's a little secret for you...

I'm obsessed with checking my stats.  See, there was once a time when I blogged but didn't know who was reading.  I figured a few people checked it out here and there, but didn't really have an idea of who my "audience" was.

Then, in June, Blogger started keeping track of stats.  I was hooked.  I couldn't help it, I was obsessed with checking out who was reading and what they were reading.  
This week, I broke 10,000 page views.  That's 10,000 views since June.  I'm sure only about half of those are from me.  In honour of this, I thought I would show you guys a little bit about the ins and outs of the blog.

The most popular post by far is my post on the Guest Book Time Capsule.  So far, it's had 199 page views.  I would hazard to guess that this is the most common post that people come across just by random Googling, rather than regular readers.
What surprises me is that the next most popular posts are all baby-related.  The post introducing Vivian is  the next most popular with 136 views, then the birth story with 113.  I've been trying so hard not to make 
this blog too baby-heavy, but it seems that those posts are going over well.

It surprises me that the cloth diapering posts don't score higher, since my initial post about cloth diapering 
generated the most comments, and the most commenters from random people, rather than people I actually know.
Most of my traffic comes from Facebook, which is nice to know that people I actually know are reading the blog.  Beyond that, I get a lot of hits from being mentioned on other blogs (like my friend Dan's) or  from commenting on other people's blogs.  
Google results are pretty boring, most of my Google references are for searches like "Ashlie Nonsense", 
"Madamclerk nonsense" and stuff like that.  So, people who know about my blog but can't remember the
address.  I've gotten a few hits from people searching for "Talize Finds" though, which I find kind of  amusing.

Most of my audience is in Canada (over 7,000 hits) and the States (over 1,000).  Not surprising.  What is 
surprising to me is the countries that follow - Netherlands, Russia and South Korea.  Apparently I also have readers in the U.K., Latvia, Ukraine, Germany and Slovenia - who knew!

It is so nice to know that so many people are reading (and hopefully enjoying) the blog.  But it makes me 
interested - what do you enjoy reading?  Is there something you'd like to see more of/less of?  I'd love to 
hear your input!

(Yes, I know the formatting is all messed up.  Sorry.  I never said I was a good blogger)


Eleven's Ink said...

where do you see the stats ashlie? and mention me in your blog PLEASEE lol :D

I like your vivian stories, there so touching and real and not covered up. You are honest!! I also like your recipe blogs, how were they not the highest rated??

Hannah Kincade said...

I read all kinds of posts but I don't always comment. I don't have kids so most of the time I'll have nothing to add on that part but I still enjoy the reading. :D

Jaclyn Goodwillie said...

I guess you can only see who's reading if we sign in, right? Perhaps that's a really dumb question. I usually only sign in if I'm going to comment.

And I also can't believe the recipe blogs haven't been more popular. I love them. Although I also do love your Vivian blogs, you really do have such a refreshingly honest way of saying things.

Brittanee C said...


I LOVE reading your blog when it pops up on my Facebook updates - I love reading about Vivian - you're so blunt and honest its great.

I usually end up reading them while on the skytrain to work which makes commuting much nicer.

And I also love the posts about Fender and Gibson - but I'm biased <3