Friday, 14 January 2011

Vivian Vendredi - My Baby Sucks

It's been something of a long week for Vivian and I.  I hit a bit of a wall a couple of days ago, my first real breakdown of motherhood so far.  Vivian is in this stage where she doesn't like to nap during the day unless she's on me (as soon as I put her down, she'll sleep for 45 minutes, tops).  So, I don't get much of a break from her and haven't been sleeping nearly enough.  She's also going through a stage of being super fussy in the evenings from about 7-11 p.m. where she just wants to scream and eat.  Not even eat really, she just wants to suck.  Super fun for me.

She's a crazy sucker, but she refuses to take a soother or a bottle.  We've been trying both this week (I've been trying her with a soother since she's been born and she's not into it) but she just screams around them.  My mom says she's never seen anything like it - she's seen babies who will gag and just spit a soother out if they don't want it, but Vivian just screams and refuses to close her mouth on it, like she won't even acknowledge its existence.

She also has a rash on her face right now, and has taken to rubbing her forehead against my shoulder to try and scratch it.  She's so crafty.

But then after it all she wakes up in the morning and smiles at me like this to make me forget the whole thing.


PMAC said...

It's amazing how quickly you forget about this part of having a baby!
I totally forgot until I read your post. It won't last forever (5
weeks felt like forever) but it is a rough time for sure.
Cindy sent me a You Tube video on soothing babies during their fussy
time and it worked like a charm for us. I'll see if I can find it. It
was called The 4 (or 5?) S's. Maybe try Googling that?

Eleven's Ink said...

i litterally AWWWWW'ed out loud at work. Your Vivian Vendredi blogs are now my favourite!!

She is so adorable and the posts are really authentic. Keep up the good work, you're doing fine!!