Monday, 10 January 2011

Internet Etiquette in Real Life

I had something weird happen to me the other day.  Vivian and I ventured out to Masonville Mall in London to go walking.  (Yes, I've become one of those crazy mall walkers who just go around in circles without buying anything.  It's too cold outside to walk with a baby!)  Anyway, as I'm walking along, I'm checking out other people's strollers - I'm dying for a new stroller (and have my eye on this one) and couldn't help checking out other fancy pants ones.

Anyway, as I'm walking along, I notice a girl with a nice green stroller.  Then I realize the girl looks familiar, but I can't quite place her.  As I walk by, I cast a quick look over my shoulder to see the baby in the stroller - baby seems familiar too.  Then it hits me - I recognize her from her blog!  I read the blog Five Blondes and enjoy it because they're from the London area and the blog is kind of similar to mine - a little all over the map.  It was so weird to see someone in "real life" that I recognize from the internet.

I did another lap and walked by her again and didn't know what to do.  Do I stop and introduce myself as a blog reader and run the risk of looking like a lunatic (who is also wandering around a mall in jogging pants and hadn't dried her hair) or do I keep walking?  What is the etiquette on meeting people you "know" from online?

What would you have done?


Eleven's Ink said...

hmmm, that is a great question to bring up. I think you should have talked to her seeing your both moms as well, it may have made for great conversation.

I say next time, pretend to drop something baby related near her lol.

Kate said...

I think you should have stopped! Especially since I was only there wasting time and would have loved someone to talk to. :) (also the weird thing is that I never sit at Second Cup but was dying for a sandwich, it was fate.)

But I can see how it would have been a hard decision, since you don't know the person *really* but sort of do. It's a compliment to recognize them from the blog, so if you have the guts I would for sure stop. Next time if you see me there, stop for sure. :)

ashlie said...

Good to know, Kate! I will definitely stop next time - I expect to be walking the mall a lot this winter!