Saturday, 1 January 2011

How did I do, 2010?

Last year I wrote a post about my outlook and goals for 2010.  I thought I would recap it here and see how well I did.

1. Find our first home. This is the big one. We're starting the house hunt, and we're both super excited and super scared.

Starting off with a win!  We bought our house at the end of January, so score one for us!

2. Work on growing a person. Once we have the house, we're ready to start trying to fill it up. My sister is having a baby in May, and it would be awesome if there were cousins who are close in age.

Another checkmark!  Just a couple of weeks after we moved into our house, we found out we were expecting and Miss Vivian arrived on December 8th.

3. Make our new house a home. This is really exciting to me. The idea of finding unique pieces to fill our house and make it special is something that I've been waiting to do for a long time. It's just not the same with an apartment.

Decorating and revamping the house kind of took a backseat to baby preparation.  I would still love to spend time yard saleing this summer to fill the house (especially the basement) with some great pieces.

4. In order to make our house a home, I would really like to find some fantastic vintage pieces of furniture and work on refinishing them myself.

I didn't really refinish any pieces, but I did paint a lot of furniture!

5. Along the same lines, I want to get myself a new sewing machine and learn how to use it. I have big plans for pillow making and who knows what else I'll get into!

I don't have a new sewing machine, but I have a new to me sewing machine.  Unfortunately, I still haven't learned how to use it.  This will go on the list of things to do in 2011.

6. Keep track of the books I read. I mentioned this in my last post, I've started keeping track of the books that I read. I think it will be fun to look back at the end of the year and see all the ground I've covered.

I actually kept up with this, but it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be.  I didn't do as much reading this past year as I wanted to.  Maybe I'll do a post later about my 2010 books, I haven't quite decided.

7. Try to be more creative in the kitchen. I tend to fall back on the staples, but I blame this on the fact that our current kitchen is basically a closet. My hope is that once we have a house, I'll be free to cook more interesting and complicated things.

I think this one was a success as well.  I got really into Rachael Ray recipes and cook them quite often.  It really does make a difference having the room to cook.

8. Host parties! I can't wait to have the room to be able to invite people over. We've already decided that we're having a cheeseburger picnic themed housewarming party - I can't wait!

Yeah...still no housewarming party.  We are talking about having a party in January for Jagger's 30th birthday though, so hopefully that will work out!

9. Take care of myself. Not only physically, but financially. I would really like to make some good headway on my debt this year. This is definitely easier said than done!

Hahahahaha...oh, am I ever funny.  Yeah, the financial stuff didn't really work out what with the whole baby on the way thing...and physically didn't really work out either with the whole gaining 60 pounds while pregnant thing.  Coming up in 2011 though - lots of weight loss (hopefully!!!)

10. Enjoy a satisfying finale to LOST. Oh yes, 2010 is a big year indeed. Come May, we'll know how LOST all ends, and I am confident that Darlton will not disappoint us.

I'm going to say this one was a success too.  I actually haven't rewatched the finale yet since May, but I've decided that I am happy and satisfied with the finale.  I know that not everyone agrees with me, but in the end I thought it was a good way to close out the series.

I actually didn't do as badly as I thought - I guess I did a pretty good job of setting some manageable goals for myself!  2011 will no doubt revolve around Vivian as I'm home with her for the year, but I am hoping to get lots accomplished around the house (including painting and building a vegetable garden) and will hopefully get going on some sewing projects.  And of course, there will be lots of blogging.

How did you do with any goals for yourself in 2010?  Any major goals in 2011?

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Jaclyn Goodwillie said...

Nice job setting some great and realistic goals last year and meeting many of them! That must feel great. I rarely make more than one or two loose resolutions, usually revolving around getting healthier or more fit.
In 2010 I stopped drinking a teaspoon of sugar in each of the few cups of herbal or green tea that I drink most days. Now when I have it it seems like a treat.