Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Four Weeks with Vivian

It's hard to believe, but somehow it's already been four weeks since Vivian arrived.  It's pretty much taken those whole four weeks to start to figure her out.

It's been a weird four weeks because of the weather and the holidays.  Vivian was born on a Wednesday and we came home on a Friday.  Beginning on the following Sunday, our area was hit with an insane snowstorm that ended up with a state of emergency being declared.  Luckily, my mom had cooked us enough food to last through the storm.  After that, it was pretty much time for the holidays so we haven't really had many "normal" days with her yet.  We also weren't able to have our home visit from the public health nurse because of the weather, so Vivian and I had to do a lot of figuring things out on our own, especially when it came to nursing.  My mom was a huge help though, and now things seem to be going much better.

So far, I've learned that Vivian is quite particular.  As my mom likes to say, Vivian likes to make people work.  She likes to rock in the rocking chair - but not all the time.  She likes to be bounced - but not all the time.  She likes sitting - but not all the time.  She likes standing and walking around - but not all the time.  You pretty much have to constantly be moving her around to keep her satisfied.  She loves the car, but only if it's moving.  She hates when I go to the drive-thru because the car sits still too long.  She's also not a fan of city driving because there are too many stop lights.  She's a good napper during the day, but in the evenings she prefers to be held while she naps.  She hates Facebook and my Blackberry because they take too much of my attention away.  She smiles in her sleep and when I kiss her on the forehead.  She's awesome.

Sleepy smiles.

She's super alert and pays attention to everything.  She's been following faces and recognizing people since she was about 2 1/2 weeks old.  It's so much fun to realize she's recognized me or Jagger or my mom or sister.  She'll follow us around with her eyes and smile.

She's like a little opposite baby.  She doesn't like to be swaddled (but she does like to be held tightly - she doesn't think it's the same thing as swaddling apparently) and she spends quite a bit of time just being happy and awake.

We're finally getting into a eating every three hours routine, after a few weeks of every two hours and some  days where she just wanted to snack every hour or so.  Not so fun when I'm the snack.

She loves her bath - but only if it's super warm.  No lukewarm baths for this baby.

All in all, she's a super smiley (she's been smiling since the day she was born.  Seriously.) happy and agreeable baby.  I really can't complain, she's done so well.  We had a few rough days where she was dealing with some gas issues, but a little switch in how I feed her along with some changes to my diet (goodbye caffeine, chocolate and fast food!) have made a huge difference.

I love the way she cuddles up on my chest and pulls her little hands under her face while she sleeps, or when she turns her head to look up at me while I'm holding her.

Did I mention she's awesome?


Aunt Jill said...

Awww such a sweet story Ashlie!

You are so right she is one awesome babe!

Can't wait to see her again... :)

Jaclyn Goodwillie said...

Very cute, Ashlie. She is indeed one special little contrary lady. One of the most alert newborns I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Enjoy her!

Leah said...

She's so beautiful! It seems that you have yourself a little type A-er!!