Monday, 26 April 2010

Uniform Project

I don't usually post things just to link you over to another blog, but I really wanted to share this this week.

If you haven't checked out The Uniform Project before, I strongly suggest you do this week! This girl has been wearing the same dress every day for a year (well, one of seven identical dresses). This week is the final week, Friday is her last day in that dress. It's a really unique project, and it's been so fun following along to see how she updates the dress every day with different accessories. It's all for a good cause too, she's raising money for children in India to go to school.

Seriously, if you have some time to kill and love seeing people wear zany outfits that I, at least, could never in a million years pull off, check out The Uniform Project. You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, 22 April 2010


I've been quite the inconsistent blogger lately...let's see, what can I blame it on? The weather? The move? The general lack of not much going on in April? Let's go with all of the above. April has been kind of a weird month - weather ups and downs, it seems like every week I have some new major bill to pay and end up wildly broke for a while...I don't know, it's just been a weird month.

That being said, I'm super excited for May. Ever notice how sometimes lots of good things just get lumped together and you end up with weeks and weeks of awesomeness? That's what May is shaping up to be for me.

So far in May, I have...

  • May 1st - Free Comic Book Day - My favourite non-holiday holiday. Last year was the first time we went out for FCBD and it was so much fun. I highly recommend it. It's exactly what it says it is, you go to a comic book store, you get free comics! It's a super fun day. The comic book stores in London have passports so you get a stamp at each store and then can enter to win lots of awesome prizes. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a good bag for all your loot! Now if only I could decide what to wear...
  • May 4th - The new Sookie Stackhouse book and the new Chuck Palahniuk books are released - I'm so excited for these books, and the fact that they're out on the same day makes it even sweeter. Even though that means I'll have to spring for two hardcovers in the same day...
  • May 7th - Iron Man 2 - Our graphic novel group is going on a field trip to see this movie on May 8th, but it's released May 7th, so I'll put down that date. The comic book store has rented out a theatre, so we can go see it for $2 and then meet back at LA Mood to discuss "Demon in a Bottle". It should be super fun - you should contact LA Mood if you're interested!
  • May 8th - M&M Barbeque - I love going to this every year. For a minimum donation (I believe it's $2.50) you get a drink, hot dog or hamburger and chips, and it's all for a good cause. Check out your local M&M Meat Shops and get in on the deal!
  • Sometime mid-May - I get to be an aunt! - My sister is due mid-May, and I can't wait to meet my first niece. It's felt like it's been a really long time coming, and I can't wait to meet her!
  • May 15th - Jays Game - Jagger and I are meeting his parents in Toronto to check out a Jays game. This day gets bonus points because I'll get a soft pretzel at the game - my favourite food ever!
  • May 20th - Times Talks LOST - I've blogged about this before, but I'm so excited! I've already got my ticket for this amazing live broadcast interview with Damon and Carlton, just a few days before the finale of LOST. It should be an awesome night!
  • May 23rd - The End. - Even though it's bittersweet, I'm definitely excited for the finale of LOST. This season has been just stellar, and I can't wait to see how it's all going to end. I have every confidence that the finale is going to be satisfying.
  • May 24th - May 2-4 on May 24th! Not only is it a holiday Monday, which is always awesome, but I will have a whole day to mope around the house and mourn LOST...or to compulsively read blogs for everyone's reactions...probably a little of both.
  • May 25th - True Blood Season 2 - I haven't seen the second season of True Blood yet, since I have yet to win the argument that we need HBO. I'm hoping the eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm will help to convince Jagger that we do, but we'll see. This should also help to calm me down after the end of LOST.
  • May 28th - Sex and the City 2 - I can't believe I forgot about this - thank goodness my friend Jerri reminded me! I'm super pumped for this movie, I have been watching the trailer way too much. My plan is to go see it on opening night at the VIP theatre with some girls, where there will no doubt be lots of pretty fruity drinks to be consumed! Fun!
I can't think of anything else truly awesome happening in May, but I hope there's more to come!
What about you, do you have lots of fun stuff coming up to look forward to?

Monday, 12 April 2010

To eRead or not to eRead...

What do you guys think of the new batch of eReaders? Do you think it's something you might buy into? When they first started coming out, I couldn't imagine giving up actual books for something that you download. It's not real that way. You can't loan it out or lovingly dog-ear passages for later. You can't compulsively collect them and cram your bookcase to dangerous capacity with downloads. Nope, I thought there was no way I could ever be swayed into getting an eReader. No way, no how.

I figured I was too much of a collector - the binders full of clipped magazine articles and recipes are evidence enough of that. Then a few thoughts started to occur to me...

Thought one - I'm pretty sure I went through this exact same self-righteous nonsense when music downloads first started coming out. Sure, I would download a song here and there, but it would never replace buying an actual CD - no way, no how. Jump forward to today, where I can't remember the last time I bought an actual CD and loathe the ones I already have. The CD's are dirty and dusty and take up far too much room. I never know what to do with them, yet somehow we can't part with them. For now, they're sitting in the basement in grocery bags. Shows you how important they are.

Thought two - Under the Dome by Stephen King. Seriously, have you read this monster? I got it Christmas and was super excited to read it. However, the size was so incredibly daunting, I found that I kept delaying reading it. At 1088 pages and as a hardcover, it's a monster to drag around. If I wanted to bring it to work to read, I would have to carry it in its own bag. Right now, even though I'm really enjoying it, it's been pushed aside for the much more streamlined "Dead and Gone" Sookie Stackhouse paperback. Honestly, Under the Dome could make me switch to downloading books. If I could compress that tome into a slim, sexy little device and read it wherever, whenever - I have to admit, I would be a happy girl.

I would still miss having the actual book on my shelf though, I don't think anything will ever change that. I was checking out an online discussion about eReaders (where someone else mentioned that Under the Dome was making them consider getting one) and someone suggested that they include the download of a book with the actual book - similar to how you can get DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs. I really think that if they started to do that, I would be inclined to get one. It would be the best of both worlds - a lovely new spine to showoff on your bookcase, but not so much junk in the purse. (And you all know about my purse by now!)

So what do you think? I'm not sold yet, I'm still too attached, but I can actually see the day where it could happen for me. What about you?