Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What I've learned.

Here's the post with the helpful advice.  The thing with being pregnant is you can't really know what to expect until you're into it.  Then you're just full of advice and tips and tricks to pass along.  So here I am, doing my part to tell you what worked and what didn't work for me.
  • Bella Band - I cannot say enough good things about this product.  I got one early in the pregnancy when my pants started getting tight and ended up wearing it practically every day.  Later on, when I had a more definite belly I started to find that my underwire was really digging in to the top of my bump because I was carrying so high.  The Bella Band was perfect to tuck under my bra to give me a little cushioning.  I also found I just really liked the support of wearing something tight but not constrictive around my belly all the time.  I would definitely recommend it - best $40 I ever spent.
  • Body Pillows - By the end, I was sleeping with 4 pillows under my head, one body pillow behind me and one in front of me.  I should have just spent the money and gotten a Snoogle, but thought it seemed silly.  I definitely would want to get a Snoogle next time, because it seems like it would be just perfect!
  • Embracing my cravings - I didn't have many cravings, but when I did, I went with it.  If I wanted nachos for dinner, I would have them and make sure that I had some black beans and lots of veggies in there to get my proteins and vitamins.  I also tried to drink at least one glass of fruit/veggie combination juice for breakfast to help make sure I got my daily servings.  It made me feel better later when all I would want was a meatball sub.
  • Water bottle - I don't know about anyone else, but I couldn't stand to be more than a foot away from my water bottle.  I carry about a 1 litre reusable water bottle everywhere with me and refill it constantly.  Some days, I only have one or two, and other days I have five or six, but it's always nearby.
  • People will ask you stupid questions.  Answer them and move on.
  • You don't need that many maternity clothes.  I get it, it's easy to get sucked in to wanting lots of maternity clothes.  Whether you enjoy the way you look or not, you just want to feel good in what you're wearing, and so it can be tempting to buy lots.  I, for one, didn't want to look like a present (why do so many maternity clothes have big bows on the bellies?) and just wanted what I needed to get by.  I lucked out by not showing very much until the end, so I got away with my trusty Bella Band (seriously, it's a life saver) for the early part when I started outgrowing my pants, and then lived in dresses all summer.  Once it got cool out, I did have to spend some money, but a 40% off sale at Old Navy combined with a 15% off coupon from completing one of those online surveys meant that I only ended up spending about $250 for all my maternity clothes, including a winter coat.
  • You won't be ready for the baby.  I was very aware of this.  Every time someone would ask me, "So, are you ready for the baby?"  I bluntly replied, "No.  I don't think I'm supposed to be."  Did I read far too many books?  Yes.  Did I spend way too much time online researching various things?  Yes.  Did I attend prenatal and breast feeding classes?  Yes.  Did I ever feel like I was "ready" to be a mom?  No way.  You can't know what you're going to get into until it's go time and I think it's silly to feel like you're "ready" for your entire world to change.  You're just setting yourself up for failure.
  • Get a pedicure.  I got a pedicure a couple of days before my due date and it was awesome.  By that point, I had such a hard time reaching my toes, it was so awesome to have my nails all nice and painted and feeling good before the big day came.
  • Make use of friends and kijiji.  I bought very little new for the baby.  I got really lucky with gifts, loans and used items.  It only made sense for me, I wasn't about to fork out oodles of cash for things that I wasn't even sure I would get much use out of.
  • Baby bathtubs make the perfect place to soak swollen feet.
  • Go to prenatal fairs!  I can't stress this enough.  Not only did I get loads of helpful information and little freebies (pens and notepads?  Don't mind if I do!) but I also won a carseat and a baby sling - combined they were worth about $200.  I ended up going to three separate fairs, and it was definitely worth it.
I'm planning on doing another post later about what I've learned from labour/delivery and life at home with the baby afterwards.  Hopefully someone will find some of the information helpful!


Katie said...

I love reading your posts Ashlie! I do in fact find your posts very helpful, keep them coming!

Dan Brown said...

Yeah, but don't you wish you just got a dog instead?