Monday, 6 December 2010

Storage Wars

Holy crap.  Have you seen the new show Storage Wars on A&E?  It's so awesome, I'm in love.

The premise is simple - people don't pay their rental fees on storage units, so they get auctioned off to the highest bidder.  The auctions are cash only, and you get five minutes to look in the unit without looking in any boxes, then you start bidding.  The buyers that they follow are mostly guys who run consignment shops and thrift stores who are looking to spend a little and score a lot on these units.  Case in point?  One guy gave an example of a storage unit with a bunch of comic books that he bought for $2100 or so and ended up selling the comics for $130,000.

It's part Antiques Roadshow, part Pawn Stars and part treasure hunting, with loads of awesome.

My favourite part?  There's one guy (Dave) who seems to be a bit of a douchebag and likes to bid on units he has no interest in just to jack the price up on other people.  It's hilarious.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but either way it's darn entertaining.

So far there's only been two episodes, but it's the kind of show that I could easily watch as an all-day marathon.


PMAC said...

My partner at work yesterday just told me about this show! I hadn't heard of it but now I can't wait to watch it. $130,000 for $2100 is pretty amazing! I wonder if it's on Rogers on Demand?

ashlie said...

It's on A&E, I'm not sure if they have stuff On Demand or not. Regardless, I've seen it repeated a few times already. Definitely worth watching!

Anonymous said...

Fake, like every A&E "reality" SHOW.

If you can't tell these shows are completely scripted, you probably sent an application in to "Fantasy Island".