Friday, 3 December 2010


Well, here I am nearly a week overdue.  Contrary to what you might expect however, I'm pretty comfortable.  I definitely haven't hit that "I'm done being pregnant" stage.  If the kid isn't ready, then neither am I.

We had a stress test yesterday, just to make sure everything was cool with the kid since my blood pressure has been a little wacky lately and I've been having some headaches.  No issues with the test though - neither one of us are stressed out, so we're back home waiting it out.  Next doctor's appointment is on Monday, and I'm sure the doctor by then will want to set a date for induction, since I'll be like 9 days overdue at that point.

Being off work has been weird.  I've never been very good at unstructured time (seriously, I spent a couple of months not working after university and nearly lost my mind) but so far it's been okay.  Because I'm still pretty comfortable, it's been kind of nice to have the house to myself during the day.  I haven't even had that nesting bug, so I've been spending lots of time lying around watching hours of TLC and even managing to cook dinner for the hubs once or twice.  There's also a Twin Peaks boxed set that's been keeping me busy.  (Why didn't anyone ever tell me that Kyle MacLachlan used to be so awesome?  I've always found him so grating from Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives)

Sleep has been interesting - I have a hard time falling asleep (I've been going to bed around midnight and falling asleep somewhere around 1:00) and tend to toss and turn all night.  Once Jagger gets up to leave in the mornings, I tend to sleep better so I usually sleep in until 10-11 before "starting my day".  I'm not napping during the day though, so I figure that being lazy in the mornings is really just my afternoon nap tacked on to my nighttime sleeping.

So, here I am.  Patiently waiting.  This week has definitely been harder on Jagger than on me.  He's had a hard time focusing at work thinking about me sitting at home.  Tomorrow is his last day at work, then I'll have him hovering over me just waiting for something to happen.

I'm definitely hoping that things take their due course, rather than having to be medically induced.  We'll see what happens though.  Considering how stubborn and contrary this baby has been all along, my bet is that as soon as we have a date set for induction, it will come on its own terms before then, just to be difficult.

In the meantime, I'm quite happy on my couch.


Joan Crawford said...

Sending you happy thoughts, Pretty Lady! Yay, a Christmas Time Baby! I can't wait to see pics and learn the gender and hear the names and the time of birth and the weight and what you ate while you were there...


Blam said...

I was supposedly two weeks late. Of course, it was 1970, and due dates weren't as exact then, but my point — since it's all about me — is that you shouldn't worry because I turned out fine if you don't count the fact that I've fallen way behind on your blog, which keeps you in good company and is only partially your fault; mostly, I just have trouble staying online for proper amounts of time, but even if I'm connected I only want to check out your posts when I can deal with getting hungry. Thinking of you!

ashlie said...

Thanks, guys! I'm feeling significantly less patient today as I'm 10 days overdue. It has to end sometime though! Details will be provided!