Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Kijiji rules my world

We're down to the wire now for the baby's arrival, so there's been a lot of preparation happening around our casa lately.  In continuing with my "sensible first time mom" theme, I've been Kijijing like crazy.

I know that buying used items aren't for everyone, and that's totally fine.  For me though, it's a goldmine.  I've done really and have gotten some awesome finds for the kid while saving a few bucks along the way.

So far I've scored big with my cloth diapering choice of Apple Cheeks.  I found a lady who was selling about $400 worth of Apple Cheeks for $160.

I also scored a JJ Cole Bundle Me for $25, and a Tiny Love playmat for $25 from someone else.

And I'm super excited about my Belly Bandit and Shrinx Hips - got them both for $65 instead of the $125 + tax it would have cost me to buy them new.  (Okay, so not everything is for baby, I've got to get mine too!)

Yeah, I'm going to look just like this after the baby.

I've had a lot of experience with Kijiji because my mom has been hitting it up pretty hard for kids stuff as well, and I'm usually the one who goes out to pick it up.  In my experience, there are a few ground rules one should follow as a good Kijiji purchaser.

  • Be serious.  I never reply to a Kijiji ad unless I definitely want the item and am ready to set a time to pick it up.
  • Check the address.  I don't like contacting someone unless I have some idea of where they live, especially in the city.  I might be making assumptions about people based on their address, and maybe that's not totally right, but if I have to go to someone's house to look at their stuff, I want to make sure they live in a nicer neighbourhood than I do to make sure it's worth my time.  I also tend to look up the neighbourhood on Google Maps to get a clear street view if I'm not familiar with the area.  My general practice is if the house, furniture and car are nicer than my own, then I'm good to shop.
  • Be prompt.  I don't mess around with Kijiji.  If I'm emailing you, odds are that I'm ready to pick up the stuff later that day or the next day.  Nothing drives me crazier than emailing someone about an ad only to have them not respond to you for several days.  Time is money, people!
What about you?  Are you into Kijiji, or are you more of a buy it new kind of person?  I'd love to hear about any deals you've scored!


Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

i don't actually know anything about kijiji... am i lame?

ashlie said...

Actually, I think it's a Canadian thing. It's basically the same as craigslist, only not as sketchy.

Anonymous said...

kijiji is owned by ebay and in the states it's called ebay classified...not as awesome or inspired at all.

my best kijiji tip is use your spam email address, because, since it's a huge multi corp blah blah blah the man, they sell your info. I have an email that I use for these sorts of thing, like if I'm asked at a store for my email or when I make online purchases. I check them both just as often but one has a bazillion unread messages, and the other is relatively clean. I'm also loving gmails "priority inbox" feature as it filters all you "important" stuff to the top awesome.

kids stuff is a total goldmine on kijiji. I bought my nephew over 500$ worth of brio for under 200$. Unfortunately for him I haven't been able to give it up myself yet;)-

way to go with the diapers! Amazing find, and the exact type you had chosen anyways? wicked

ashlie said...

Huh, didn't realize Kijiji was owned by eBay!

Yeah, I have excessive amounts of spam from Kijiji as well. I usually use my work email, since it has a really good spam filter and that way I can respond quickly when I'm at work.

The cloth diapers were a major score. Sure, they're gently used, but you wouldn't know it to look at them and I'm not one to turn down a deal! I always worry that I'm going to come off as a complete Kijiji stalker when I find deals like that though because I tend to send emails like, "I can be there this afternoon, cash in hand!" because I don't want to miss out! I must have been driving that poor woman crazy because she mentioned someone else was interested, but hadn't gotten back to her so I was emailing and calling her to make sure I won! And I did!

I'm sure your nephew will appreciate the goods if you can ever part with them!

Jaclyn Goodwillie said...

I love kijiji too! I'm actually picking up some items for our wedding tonight. Second hand stuff is great, it feels good to reuse or repurpose things and save them from the trash. And old second hand stuff in particular is just better than most new things you can buy these days.

Interesting that you consider the neighbourhood and house in your decision whether or not to purchase. I haven't done that and have ended up in some sketchy-feeling buys a couple times.

Good tip regarding the emails. I haven't noticed spam from kijiji yet, I guess I never read their privacy policy thoroughly. I usually use my work email, thank goodness, and I will stick with that from now on.

Anonymous said...

I've lost respect for Kijiji because they cater to spammers AKA rule breakers. There are many offenders who repost on the hour and Kijiji doesn't mind that even if it boots fair playing sellers to the back pages. Hmm... The abusers are favored over the respectful sellers? Yes. The thing is that other sellers get sick of being booted back by these daily reposters and then they begin reposting in retaliation... I get pushed back even further for not taking part in the idiocy. I can't report them because Kijiji staff already stated that reposting is A-OK. (A high middle finger raised for Kijiji)

Example One: I have regularly reported a maid service company for reposting seven clone ads per day! Guess what? Nothing is done. The maid service gets away scot-free and continues with absurd site. spamming since July. I gave them heck and they must had reported me which resulted in my email address being banned from Kijiji's seller mail service (ppssshhhtt). See for yourself what kind of asshat they are:

Example Two: I have regularly reported some chump for using two accounts to no avail. He uses both accounts to repost everyday which is okay as per Kijiji, but I guess it's also okay to use two accounts.
Account 1:
Account 2:
(Hint #1; the flat deck is the same if you look really close. Hint #2; the childish use of commas as ellipses. Hint #3 the seller of both accounts is the same as per investigative email correspondence, obviously)

The two typical examples above are in Edmonton, but I assume these typical asshats are in every city across Canada.

Their 'volunteer' mods were rude and obnoxious... and obviously didn't do much of a job. The Kijiji forum was a joke, but I'm sure you knew that already. Kijiji's main moderators are obviously a joke too.

Joke spam ads were frowned upon, but are now advertised on Kijiji's blog and FB:

Go figure. Kijiji is in it only for the money. The odd thing is that they cater solely to the sellers who break Kijiji's ToS rules. Hmmm. Decent sellers and shoppers get the shaft. How is that an appropriate business model? I know that Kijiji is part of Ebay and they aren't hurting for money. I simply detest how they forced out www.used(insertyourprovince).com . Craigslist was and always will be a joke... an escort/cheap hooker, stolen goods, and somewhere to score weed. Moderation at Craigslist? Ha-Ha. I'm rooting for another mega site to overtake Kijiji because Kijiji is simply not well enough managed to be user friendly. There's nothing worse checking favorite categories to find the first few pages flooded with reposts versus actual new ads. Etc.

Cheers. :)

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