Monday, 29 November 2010

All-Time Favourite Episodes

Everyone has them.  Those episodes of those favourite shows that are just a little closer to your heart than other episodes.  Here's some of my all-time favourite episodes of some great shows.

Friends - "The One Where No One Is Ready"

You remember this one.  Ross has a big thing going on at the museum and no one is ready.  He and Rachel get into a big fight and she almost doesn't go.  Monica is freaking out over a message she left on Richard's answering machine and Joey is doing lunges in all of Chandler's clothes while "going commando".  I love this episode so much, it's like a little play.  I love how they're all in the same room for the entire episode, just running in and out of the scene.  Never mind the fact that Rachel has that amazing green dress in her closet, but apparently doesn't think to wear it first.  Weird.

A close second place is "The One With the Embryos" where Rachel and Monica lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler in a trivia game.  Monica's line, "That's not even a word!"  is funny every single time.

The Simpsons - "Homer's Enemy"

I know I'm not the only one who loves this episode. This also happens to be Jagger's favourite Simpsons episode. This is the episode with Frank Grimes, the only character to come in and acknowledge how ridiculous Homer's life is. Best line? Frank Grimes - "Is this you in outer space?" Homer - "Of course, you've never been?" Classic.

Frasier - "Ham Radio"

I'm constantly reminded of just how great a show Frasier was. It was one of those few consistently funny shows. I love this episode - Frasier tries to put on a classic radio play, but of course is just a little too heavy handed in his direction. It all culminates in everyone killing themselves off in the play, to hilarious ends.

Sex and the City - "The Good Fight"

I love, love this episode of Sex and the City. Aidan moves in with Carrie with the intention of taking over the apartment next door, but things don't go as planned and they are a little short on space. I love the fight they have where she challenges him on his "dried up old Speed Stick - what are you, a crazy bag man?" My favourite line? "You can't buy it, it's circa 1996!" I also love the look she gives him when she comes home ready to make up, but he won't acknowledge her. Who hasn't been there? This episode also has the classic Charlotte line, "Don't you bring that flat baby in here, I will kill you!"

I'm sure there's more, but none that I can think of at the moment. What about you, any favourite episodes floating around out there?

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