Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Jagger and I seem to be watching a lot of polygamist TV lately.  It started with TLC's Sister Wives (which is fascinating) then that of course made us want to start watching Big Love.  So, we've been spending a lot of time watching these shows and pondering the polygamist life.  Which of course leads to wonderful conversations like this -

Jagger - "Do you think you would ever want to take another husband?"
Me - "Hell no.  What on earth would I want with another husband?  You're more than enough, dear."
J - "But then you could have a husband who's handy."
M - Suddenly taking a keen interest in this conversation.  "A handy husband?  Hmm...there's a thought."
J - "And I could be your...um...I don't know, I guess I'm a pretty useless husband."
M - "Well..."
J - "Don't worry though, I wouldn't ever be able to handle more than one wife."
M - "Yes, dear.  I know.  I'm not worried."

Ah hypothetical conversations.  While I don't agree with polygamy, the idea of having a husband who is handy, one who cooks, and one who makes lots of money does sound pretty nice.  But only if I don't have to live with them all.


Cassie said...

So I have a question about all of this. Have you ever seen a wife with multiple husbands? Or is it always a husband with multiple wives?

ashlie said...

I've never seen one, but I remember learning in school that it exists in some areas of the world, but it's very rare. Women know better!