Thursday, 7 October 2010

In (Almost) A Year...

I have...
  • Put some wedding pictures into frames.  Admittedly, this only happened in the last couple of weeks.
  • Put some honeymoon pictures into frames.  See above for further clarification.
  • Spent all of our generous wedding gift cards (more on that to come)
  • Successfully sent out the thank you cards (in record time - I think I had them in the mail in under a month)
  • Tucked away all of my wedding planning books, binders, notes, cards and random bits of things in my hope chest
  • Looked at our coffee table book of wedding pictures approximately 59,803 times
  • Re-worn my wedding shoes

I have not...
  • Scrapbooked a single picture.
  • Legally changed my name
  • Watched our entire wedding video (but I've watched some of it, that has to count for something!)
  • Received and framed our photo enlargement from the photographer (but I didn't decide which picture I wanted until fairly recently, so this is all on me)
  • Received and hung our shadowbox keepsake from my mom (also because of me, I just picked out and printed off wedding pictures to go in it like 2 weeks ago)
  • Dry cleaned my wedding dress
  • Missed the wedding planning process
  • Used all of the candles I bought for the centrepieces
  • Worn my hair extensions again
  • Peeked at our time capsule guest book
  • Changed the picture on our signing mat from one of our engagement pictures to one of our wedding pictures
  • Gotten back my "something old" from my mom, who held it for safe keeping after the wedding
  • Stored any wedding cake in our freezer
 A year goes by pretty quickly.

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