Friday, 15 October 2010

Clicky Links

You know how it goes, we're all the same.  You sit down at the computer and run through that familiar list of favourites.  If you're like me, you just can't function until you've checked out all those favourites to read what's what.  Here's what my daily run down of websites looks like.
  • First and foremost - Facebook.  Definitely not the only time I check it over the course of a day either.
  • My favourites list is in alphabetical order (not my choice, the computer's choice) so here we go - 1000 Awesome Things If you haven't checked out this blog before, you should.  It's so great, filled with lots of little things to make you smile.  They also have a book available now, check it out here.
  • Average Cats the opposite site of I Can Haz Cheezburger (more on that later).  It's not updated very often anymore, but it's always worth a look.
  • Daily Alice - this is one of Princess Lasertron's blogs (more on her later too), the one focused on her daughter, Alice.  It's completely adorable and I always love her pictures.
  • Five Blondes - I've mentioned this blog here before.  It's a great blog written by 5 sisters about all kinds of things.  I've gotten some cute ideas from their blog.
  • Freshly Picked - This is a new blog I've picked up.  It's got lots of great ideas, and I'm in love with the baby moccasins she has.
  • Further Dispatches - Jorge Garcia's blog.  I love that it has quick, short posts.  He doesn't update it as often these days as he used to, but it's always entertaining.
  • P.S. - I Made This - I see it.  I like it.  I make it.  That's a philosophy I can get behind.
  • Kent and Michaela - This is an offshoot to the Five Blondes blog.  This one is maintained by one of the blondes (Michaela) and her husband.  It's super cute how they will both post and then run a poll on which blog was more entertaining.
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger - What can I say?  Cats are funny.  I also slip over and check out Failbook, which is endlessly entertaining.
  • Words By Alison - Formerly New Life As New Wife.  A cute Toronto blog about a girl and her rockstar husband.
  • Nik at Nite - I must admit, since Lost has been over, I haven't been commenting as much on this blog.  I'm still a faithful reader though!
  • Princess Lasertron - I am in love with her felt flowers, awesome dresses and amazing photography.  One of my favourite blogs.
  • Redblog - This one's a skimmer, but it's good for movie reviews and news.
  • Service is Central - If you're in Ottawa and want to know the hot places to eat, this is the blog to check out.  A friend from high school maintains it, and it's always a great read.
  • Stamp With Stacey - A friend's blog all about her amazing work with Stampin' Up!  She's got awesome ideas and designed my wedding invitations, so you know she's awesome.
  • Tasty Tangents - Tasty indeed.  This is my friend Amanda's blog and it's awesome.  The pictures always make me hungry though!
  • The Creative Junkie - This blog is hilarious.  The posts can be a bit long, but they're totally, totally worth the read.
Once I get through those links, I have to get serious and check out my news.  Need to be informed on the world.
  • Entertainment Weekly - I check this site pretty constantly throughout the day.  I love reading the recaps of TV shows and all the entertainment news.  Michael Ausiello is leaving soon, so once he's gone I'll have to add whatever website he goes to on my list. 
  • London Free Press - I prefer to read the local paper online rather than checking out the CBC or CNN or something.  We get the paper at home too, so it's a careful balance of reading the paper at home and reading online.  I also have to check out my friend Dan's blog on the Free Press - Cool Blog Name To Come.
At this point, I usually have to go back and check Facebook again because I'm an addict.

After another compulsive visit to Facebook, I check Blogger here and read the blogs I follow.  You can find links to those right over there on the right-hand side of the blog.  This is usually when I'll post my own blog if I have one going up that day.  If I post a blog, I of course have to immediately go back to Facebook to post the link.

The last two sites I check usually happen later on in the day.
  • Young House Love - I am obsessed with this blog.  Just ask poor Jagger, who has to put up with me talking about it like I actually know them.  For example, "Oh my gosh!  Younghouselove are selling their house!"  Because I say it like it's all one word.  They have so many amazing ideas for home improvements and general house prettification.  I can't wait to see what they come up with when they move to their new house! 
  • You Are My Fave - I usually check this blog right after I check in at YHL because when I start typing, it starts to autocorrect to  I love all the little things she posts, and have found lots of great blogs and etsy vendors through her.
So, there you go.  That's what I go through in general on any given morning.  What about you?  Any websites you just can't start your day without?

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