Friday, 17 September 2010

The Thing About Facebook...

One of the movies coming out this fall that I'm really excited about is David Fincher's The Social Network.  You may know it as "The Facebook Movie".  I'm a big fan of David Fincher and it looks like the movie is going to be great.  I also enjoy Ben Mezrich's books, and The Social Network is based on his book, "The Accidental Billionaires".

I love Facebook just as much as any other junkie out there.  Don't deny it, you know you love it too.  That being said, there are definitely a few things that I can't stand about Facebook and the people that use it.

- The people who threaten to leave Facebook.  This is probably my biggest pet peeve on Facebook.  You know the types - the ones who post in their status "Leaving Facebook in a week, send me your email if you want to stay in touch!"  No, I do not want to stay in touch.  If you can't handle staying in the modern loop, then forget it.  I'm not playing into your little pity party game. 

- People who delete you from Facebook, then magically re-add you.  Seriously?  I didn't even realize we weren't friends anymore, and apparently you had some reason for cutting me out, but now you want to be my friend again?  Ignore.

- People who announce they are trimming down their Facebook friends.  I'm so worried, what if I don't make the cut?!

- Running into someone you haven't seen in a long time and realizing you have nothing to catch up on because of Facebook.  "Oh wow, hi!  I haven't seen you since high school!  So you married so and so, right?  And you just bought a house and have 2 little kids!  That's great!  I love your wedding pictures by the way!  So anyway, see you in another 10 years!"

- Starting sentences with "Well, on Facebook...".  I'm guilty of this one for sure, and a little piece of me dies every time I do it.  It usually involves gossip, to the effect of, "Well, on Facebook they just changed their status to 'it's complicated' so I wonder what's going on there."  Yes, I'm a terrible person.

- Constant updates.  I get it, things happen in your life.  You get lunch, you run into people, you think about the weekend.  I don't necessarily need to know all of this.  However, I can't help but feel like this is my own fault because I'm the one who has to check Facebook 20 times a day.

- Thinking in status updates.  Do you do this?  I must come up with 5 or 6 status updates over the course of a day.  Most of the time, I forget them all by the time I get to a computer, but the simple fact that my interior monologue becomes "Ooh, that would be a good status" is depressing.

- Inappropriate information.  What's this now?  You're airing all of your dirty laundry out for all of us to see?  Yikes.

- Poor grammar and spelling.  I know this one is unavoidable, but I'm truly sorry that the education system has failed you so much that you don't know the difference between "there/they're/their" and "your/you're".  Don't even get me started on "it's/its"

- Vaguebooking.  You know the ones - you see a status somewhere along the lines of "That's okay, don't worry about me, I'll get through it."  Then that person signs off of Facebook for 42 hours and waits while the comments of concern pop up wondering what's going on that's so awful.  I'm not playing your game.

- Sites that you have to "Like" in order to see what it is.  What a scam - "OMG, you won't believe what this guy did to get revenge!" OMG, I think I'll live without finding out.

Of course, there are wonderful things about Facebook.

- House pictures.  My single favourite thing about Facebook.  What's that?  You've renovated your house and have put up 200 before and after pictures?  Yes, please!

- Wedding pictures.  Second to the house pictures, I love me some wedding pictures.  Beware, if you have wedding pictures, I've creeped on them.

- Baby/Pregnancy pictures.  Coming in third.  I do enjoy seeing your pictures of your kids, but I have to admit, I give them a much quicker scan than say, pictures of your new couch. 

- The fact that all of the reasons I don't like Facebook gives way to two of my favourite blogs to check - STFU Parents and Failbook.  They bring me so much joy.

Now excuse me, I have to go post this blog on my Facebook so I can get immediate reaction and validation.


Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

oooh, if you like failbook, you should check out lamebook

Anonymous said...

well looks like my day will be completely and utterly unproductive since I have two new website to check out the archives of.

If you like house pictures check out home sweet home. Anyone can just post random pics of rooms or houses, but it's always just one pic. I'm always left wanting to know more, but there is nothing more, it's always just one pic. I can't get enough


comicbooklady said...

My Facebook philosophy is keep it light, keep it fun! If you are looking for privacy, don't put it on Facebook.
I'm afraid I am guilty of vaguebooking, but only for fun, not for pity parties....I look at it as giving you the punchline, before telling the joke.