Tuesday, 28 September 2010

So, what have you got for the baby?

It seems like I'm getting this question a lot - What have you got ready for the baby?  The truth is, not a whole lot.  We've been really resisting the urge to buy a whole bunch of stuff that we don't really need until we see what we end up bringing home from the hospital.  Also factoring in hand me downs and upcoming showers, and we knew that we could get by without spending a bunch up front.  It's funny, with my bridal shower, I had such a hard time dealing with the idea of people buying me presents, but I'm much more relaxed about the idea of a baby shower because it's for the kid, not me! 

In case you're interested, here's a breakdown of what we've got so far for when the kid gets here.

Here's the glider rocking chair I scored on Kijiji last week for $20.  Fender obviously enjoys it, and you can see why it's necessary for me to cover it with the blanket to try and avoid cat hair!
We're borrowing my mom's bassinet since the kid will only be using it for a few months - no sense in buying our own.  We'll be getting a crib for later on, but this should do us just fine for the start.
My friend Jackie gave me this high chair that she no longer needed - much appreciated!
These bottles were all freebies from a prenatal fair.  There's another one coming up soon in October, so I'm going to go back to get some more freebies!  I figure we don't need many bottles since I'm planning on nursing, but it's nice to have a few around - especially the nice glass ones!
My mom scored this pram on Kijiji also - it'll be great for taking the kid for a walk in the winter when it's still little.  Bassinet on wheels, coming your way!  I'm hoping to get a jogging stroller for later on, and I think I'm going to borrow my mom's stroller that's just a frame for the carseat to snap into for being out and about.
Here's my freebie car seat!  I won it at the prenatal fair (so worth going!).  It's a really nice car seat, I was super happy with it.  Still need to get it installed in my car (but I have to clean my car first!)
Here are the clothes that I've actually purchased for the kid so far.  Not a whole lot, just a few onesies and jammies to get us home.  I've been told my choices are "neutral, skewed to boy"
This one is my favourite - how could I resist?  And the best part...
...is the back!  I love how the guitar strap wraps around to the back - so cute.

Bin of freebies from the prenatal fair (seriously, check out prenatal fairs).  Lots of samples of wipes, creams, diapers, etc.
My grandma picked up this suit for the baby.  It's nice to have a teeny tiny hoodie to start out with, and Jagger loves that the logo looks like an old Winnipeg Jets logo.
Blankets and towels.  You can't have enough.  My mom has picked up some for me, I picked up some and I bought a bunch at my friend Jackie's yard sale.  Always good to have on hand!
Also from Jackie - baby snowsuit!  Her little girl wore it, and now her little guy won't fit in it by the time he would need it, so I'm very grateful to use it!
These are the other sleepers that I got at Jackie's yard sale.  Lots of little gender neutral onesies to get us through that first part.
I also scored a bathtub from another friend, Tricia's yard sale.  It's great to have friends who are finished having their babies right when I'm getting started!

So, all in all, I think I've only spent like like $50 on stuff for the kid and $20 for the glider.  I think I'm doing pretty good so far.

So, what am I missing?  I have some registries set up for my shower, but I'm much more interested in seeing what people come up with - I love those "I wish someone had gotten me one of these when I had my baby" kind of gifts - experience is a wonderful thing!

I would love to hear your suggestions on what you wish you'd had/found you couldn't live without!


PMAC said...

Sweet score on the car seat Ashlie!!
Just keep in mind that you shouldn't put an infant (<1) in a jogging stroller (for jogging). Nobody told us this until Rylan was over 1... good thing I never actually got my butt out running for a while later! :)

ashlie said...

Thanks, Paula! I hadn't heard that one before! Hopefully I can get one that will go with my carseat so I can snap it in anyway - I can use the extra resistance!

Amanda said...

Amazing deals! I have only one suggestion. Bibs! Bibs, bibs and did I mention bibs? Otherwise the laundry level can get a little insane.

ashlie said...

Yes, good one Amanda! I do need bibs - I think they often get overlooked!

megan maitland said...

Hey ashley!
You defenitly look like your off to a good start! I have to say though even though you plan to nurse I reccomend having a good set of bottles on hand. I planned to nurse and only got 3 weeks of that. And when your bottle feeding you would be surprised how many friggin bottles you are constantly washing! Lol let mom and I know (when you know)what we can get you or if a gift card to a store you like would suffice. But the bassinet is the best idea for the first little while!