Tuesday, 21 September 2010

30 weeks down, 10ish to go

Well, here we are at 30 weeks.  It's hard to believe it's been that long already!  Here's where I'm at for right now, in case you were wondering.

I'm still really indecisive about food.  I'm finding I have to eat smaller and smaller meals (the baby is really high, so I get full and uncomfortable really easily) so I have to choose wisely!  It's not uncommon for me to try to order something, and then completely change my mind at the last minute.  I'm super fun to go out to dinner with right now.

I've been sleeping pretty well, can't complain too much.  My hips are starting ot hurt more at night though, so hopefully it doesn't get too bad.  I'm planning on working until November 26th, so I've got a long way to go.

The baby moves constantly.  Like constantly.  At our last ultrasound the tech even commented on how much it moves.  We went to a concert on the weekend (Mastodon, Deftones and Alice in Chains) and it was moving a lot for that.  We figure the kid will find the fact that we went to this concert hella lame in about 15 years and maybe find it kind of cool in about 25 years.  The kid is also getting really demanding - it hates it when I sit leaning forward, which is all the time at work.  Guess space is becoming a premium in there!

I'm so relieved that it's nice, cool fall weather now.  It's supposed to be a bit warmer this week, but I can't complain.  It's so nice to have windows open and have a breeze, it's made it super nice for sleeping and for going for walks.

We're trying to get things ready for the kid, but I'm finding myself unmotivated.  I've been nesting like crazy (which is made much for difficult by the fact that I'm still really forgetful, and will end up with half a dozen half-finished jobs all over the house.) but I haven't gotten too much for the kid yet.  Bought a few sleepers last week because they were on sale, but other than that, not too much.  I'll have showers and stuff coming up soon, so we'll see how we make out at that!

I am much more comfortable now that I'm in maternity clothes full time.  I can still fit into some T-shirts, but they're all pretty short now.  It makes a huge difference having clothes that fit.

I'm on to biweekly doctor's appointments now, which are a monstrous pain in my ass.  The baby clinic is only on Mondays, which is the absolute worst day of the week for me to go to the doctor's.  So much for my wonderful plan of taking Fridays off for appointments and relaxing.  Hopefully I'll be able to use all of my stockpiled vacation time to be able to be off work for 13 months and therefore not come back to work until January 2012 instead of coming back before Christmas.  Fingers crossed!

I've managed to dodge the heartburn bullet pretty well so far.  I haven't really had any traditional heartburn, just this weird kind of pressure in my throat.  Again, can't complain.

Really, this thing has been a breeze so far.  I had a little "I've gained so much weight!" meltdown last week, but I'm feeling okay about it now.  I've done that whole gaining a bit everywhere, so it's hard to see, but I can feel it.  I told the doctor at my last appointment that this pregnancy thing was easy so far.  He told me not to get cocky.  We'll see.  I'm sure I will get much more uncomfortable, but I really can't complain so far when there's so many other girls who are super sick through their whole pregnancy.

So there you go, there's where I'm at after 30 weeks of this.  I'll probably do one more post like this before the end, but I promise not to go overboard on preggo posts!


Joan Crawford said...

Yay! You look so pretty! Good on you for documenting it - I didn't take nearly enough belly pics. Eee! This is so exciting! A baby! Your baby will be my Internet Baby to Watch and my sister in law is having a baby any day now so I have a Real Life Baby to watch too! I am all done with having babies so I needs my baby fix! I seriously was thinking of buying a kitten the other day. Multiple kittens really. I'll have to sneak them in the house - my husband is not all about it. But I am determined to have a bunch of Cat-Babies :D

Hooray for you having a baby! And I'll tell you about gender prediction - in my experience, the only person who could tell by looking was this awesome Super Old Lady (her name was Gwen and she was from Scotland and I'm pretty sure she was magic) who lived in my old apartment building. I was in the elevator with my cousin who was also knocked up and Gwen walked in and says "Oh! A couple of boys-to-be!" We were surprised as we already knew the gender and we asked how she knew and she said "Boys make a pointed stomach - girls make a nice round stomach."

So...do you have a pointy or roundy tummy?

ashlie said...

I have neither! I have a flat tummy - the baby is always facing in with their back facing out, so I have one of theose tummies with a big flat spot. Who knows what we'll end up with!

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the baby-related posts - I'm trying not to go overboard!