Monday, 19 July 2010

Two Kinds of People: DVD bonus features v. Film only

I've come to realize that there are many different kinds of people in this world.  Two such sorts - the kind who enjoy DVD bonus features and the kind that are only interested in the movie.

Over the weekend, we randomly watched "Tron" at a friend's place.  Once it was over, we mulled over viewing the bonus features.  I would have been all over it, except that it was past midnight - way past my usual bedtime!  But, on the whole, I am one of those people who loves special features.  What's that?  A 90 minute behind the scenes making of documentary?  Yes, please.  Thirty minutes of bloopers and out takes?  Don't mind if I do.  It's definitely one of the reasons why I was so easily won over in the BluRay argument - you get better bonus features!  The fact that a BluRay is capable of holding five times the information of a DVD makes for all kinds of fun and interactive features.  I loved playing the Lost University game with the Season 5 BluRays, and can't wait for all the special bonuses on the Season 6 set (hello 12 minutes of Ben and Hurley as island guardians!)  They really do enhance the viewing experience for me.

My favourite bonus features are probably the ones on the animated features from DC and Marvel.  We've collected them all, (the newest one - Batman Under the Red Hood comes out July 27th) and they all have the best bonus features.  Lots and lots of special featurettes about the history of the characters and comic books in general.  The perfect way to laze away an afternoon.

Commentary tracks are a difficult thing to buy into, but they can be so, so enjoyable.  My favourites are on the Seinfeld DVD's when Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld try to do one, but end up watching the episode instead and make hardly any comments.

On the other hand, there are the other kind of people.  The ones who are content to just watch a movie or TV series and shut off the TV after.  They don't need to delve into what inspired the director when they were plotting out a certain scene, they don't need to see how a stunt sequence was filmed.  They're happy to just enjoy the movie at face value, and then be done with it.

So, what kind of person are you?


Dan Brown said...

It depends on the movie for me. A movie has to be pretty special for me to want to spend the time exploring the extras. Most of the time, I'm the type who's happy just to watch the film and leave it at that. But for some films, I can't get enough of the extras. For example, when I watched Shattered Glass, I immediately turned around and watched the movie again with the director's commentary track. So for a few rare films, I love the extras. On Tron, Amanda and I watched the deleted scenes. Usually I think "Yup, there's a reason why these scenes were deleted. They made the right decision" but there's actually a love scene in Tron that SHOULD have been included. That doesn't happen often.

ashlie said...

I love behind the scenes stuff on extras - it makes it more fun! I also read somewhere once that bonus features on DVDs are good for kids because it helps to break down that wall and let them know that what they see isn't real. Interesting concept!