Monday, 12 July 2010

Mmm...mashed potatoes...

We had mashed potatoes for dinner tonight, which may seem to be a weird thing to eat in the summer, but I enjoy mashed potatoes any old time.  The problem with mashed potatoes is that I usually start them, then realize I'm missing a vital ingredient - usually butter.  This challenge, however, leads to lots of fun improvisation, like tonight.

Normally, I'm all over the buttery mashed potatoes - delicious, buttery goodness.  But it is nice to mix it up sometimes.  One of my favourite butter substitutes is throwing in some cream cheese.  Tonight we had no cream cheese though, so I had to reach for something else.

Today's butter substitute - hummus.  It turned out really nicely and added that yummy garlicky flavour that I always enjoy in my mashed potatoes.  I think it would be better if you had butter and hummus though...they were still a little bit dry, but still yummy.

So there you go, my quick public service announcement about potatoes.  What do you like to add to your mashed potatoes?  I love that everyone has their own particular way of making them.

There should be more blog posts to come this week - the living room and baby's room are getting painted on Wednesday!


lisaampraill said...

A good substitute is chicken broth. Its a lot less fat then good ol' butter!

But usually its milk and butter for me too! Oh, and sometimes chopped green onions.

My mom likes to add bacon bits to hers.

Falen (Sarah) said...

for me, it's less about the addition and more about the potatoe.
give me mashed yukon golds over any others.

ashlie said...

I actually meant to throw in some chicken stock, but then the pregnancy brain made me forget it! I'll have to use some next time...I heart mashed potatoes.