Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sweet Little Blair

She's finally here.

My sweet little niece, Blair.

My sister had a really rough time in delivery, and long story short, she ended up getting whisked away to another hospital for some surgery.  The worst part?  They had to send her and leave little Blair at the original hospital.

My heart just broke for my sister, that she wouldn't be able to spend that first night with her new baby.  My mom stayed with Blair until about 11:30 and then I got there for my shift and stayed with her through the night until Courtney returned from surgery the next day.

She was so perfect all night, just happy to cuddle in my arms.  She would only get upset if I put her down or if there was a moderately loud noise.  She's not very fond of noise. 

While I absolutely cherish that I was able to have that time with her and hold her and just talk to her all night (My sister and I sound a lot alike, so I was hoping that would help to sooth her) all I could think about was my poor sister being pulled away from this little 6 pound 14 ounce cuddle monster.

It was definitely a wonderful reunion this morning when Court and Ben came back and could finally sit down and properly meet their new little girl.

She's awesome, and my sister is awesome for making it through her delivery.  I love them both so much!


Aunt Jill said...

Thank goodness Court is doing better and has been re-united with her sweet baby. I couldn't think of a better stand in Mommy for Blair's first ever night on earth. :-)

Joan Crawford said...

What a pretty baby! Oooh! And the little hat :D Glad to hear you sister is going to be all right - poor girl; her hormones are going crazy, she's away from her baby and she has surgery! Thank God she has an awesome mom and sister to help her!

How cool is it you guys are having babies so close together? My sister and I had our babies within 6 months of each other each time - it's nice to have someone to call at 3 AM when the baby decides that only fools go to sleep before 5 in the morning.

ashlie said...

Thanks everyone! Mom and baby are doing much better and are happy to be home. Expect lots more pictures of Blair to come as she gets cuter and cuter! I'm definitely excited that our kids will grow up so close in age, it'll be so much fun as they get older, and a great support system for now!

Blam said...

Aww... Congrats on the niece — and congrats on "growing a person" your own dang self! I've had a tough time getting/staying online the last couple months, so a lot of my blog-reading has fallen by the wayside; lo and behold, I finally check in here to discover that your new home has worked some baby magic. Yay! I just scrolled down your front page to see that we grew up with some of the very same awesomesaucy Fisher-Price toys, so I'll definitely be back to comment on that (it's all about me, see).

VW: reploni — 1. To act as an agent for Burt Reynolds' ex-wife. 2. To answer someone using spiced sausage.