Wednesday, 23 June 2010

So, I bought a desk...

You might remember awhile back I blogged about my desk hunt 2010.  That problem still hasn't been solved, although Young House Love is giving me lots and lots of ideas to try out.  I'll be scavenging things from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore soon!  In the meantime, I've bought another desk.  I just don't know what to do with it.

Here it is...

Not bad for $15, huh?  It's a really good piece - it weighs a tonne (that's how you know it's good!) and it's really well made.  I love the deco lines on it, and all the drawers still lock, which I find charming.

I just don't know what to do with it.  Right now, it's been banished to the basement of misfit furniture (seriously, our basement is a disaster area of discarded furniture).  I don't think I can use it as an actual working desk, because it doesn't have a large enough work surface, but maybe I'm wrong.  Although, if I wanted to use it as an actual desk, that would mean Jagger would have to help me drag it back up the stairs and he wouldn't be thrilled about that.

I thought about using it in the kid's future room, but that would mean I would have to move my other desk (why do I have so many desks all of a sudden?) out.  The other desk is bigger and has a hutch, so it has more storage.  I'd rather have it in the baby's room because then I can use it as a bookcase and a dresser.  If I had this desk in there, then I wouldn't have as much drawer space to use, but I could use it as a change table.  Only problem is, I really don't want a change table.

It might be good in our room as a TV stand, but it seems like a waste of a good piece of furniture to do that.  Also, we're already wasting a good piece of furniture (my hope chest) by plunking a TV on top of it (it also renders the hope chest very difficult to use because of the TV on top of needs to find a new home as well).

I would really like it in a hallway, like near the front door to drop your keys and stuff on, but we already have a buffet thing in the front hallway that works really well because it gives us storage for our DVDs and video games.

So, that puts it back in the unfinished basement.  One day, the basement will be finished, and then it's a whole different story, but for now, it seems like a waste.

Also, the desk is in kind of rough shape.  The top is pretty roughed up and could use some TLC, observe.

So the question is - to paint or not to paint?  Should I try to stain it?  The idea of sanding and staining all those grooves down the front scares me - I would hate to ruin my $15 desk!  I have a bunch of furniture I want to paint soon, just to clean it up.  And since my mom and grandma have offered to pay to have someone paint my living room and the baby's room as a gift to me and the baby (thanks mom and grandma!) I'll be able to get things done in here soon!  Lots of news to come!

So, what do you think?  Right now, just from writing this, I'm leaning more towards dragging it upstairs and putting it to use as my actual work desk.  Maybe if I got a decent office chair, I could make it work.  I'd be interested to hear your opinions though!


PMAC said...

Love the desk Ashlie! I would paint it... staining intimidates me! Just curious... why no changing table?

ashlie said...

Staining intimidates me too! Painting covers all mistakes! I'm not big on changing tables - I never end up using them. I find there's always a couch or a floor somewhere that works just as well! I find changing tables awkward, just the angle that the kid ends up at. I'm keeping the single bed in the kid's room, so I figure I can use that as a changing table. My mom used that set up for the foster kids for a while, and I found it was always easier that way!

Jaclyn Goodwillie said...

I agree, paint it.

If it is too small for use as a working desk then I see it used as a sofa table would be.

Wouldn't hurt to keep it in the basement as a sofa table behind a couch or against a wall. Or maybe make it a work station down there and store some useful things that don't have another place inside - it could be your non-work, home crafty desk.

And I love those drawers.

Debbie Dudman said...

make-up table ??? and yes I would paint it. TV table in your bedroom - drawers for jewellery, scarves etc ???? I love it !