Thursday, 17 June 2010

In The Mood.

Every good comic book nerd has their source.  For us, it's L.A. Mood in London.  I still remember that April day last year when Jagger decided that on a walk downtown to get some greasy spoon dinner from The Mascot, one of our favourite restaurants, we would finally stop in to L.A. Mood. 

We'd been talking about getting more into comics for some time by that point - in the summer of 2008, seeing The Dark Knight made us want to read some Batman stuff.  Also, seeing the trailer for Watchmen made us extremely curious.  For my birthday in October, Jagger bought some graphic novels (for me and him I suppose) and our curiosity grew.  Getting Watchmen for Christmas made us that much more pumped for more and by the time we saw Watchmen in March, we were sold.

So, one muggy April day, we took a stroll downtown and finally went into L.A. Mood.

Comic book stores are a funny thing - they are very intimidating until you actually go inside.  Once inside, people are so friendly and helpful, you couldn't ask for more.  We met Tom, who was working the counter at the time, and he helped us navigate our way through some books and offered recommendations.  While we were browsing, the skies opened up and it began to pour.

Now we were trapped.

Getting trapped in a comic book store while you have money is a terrible, terrible thing.  We spent about a half hour in there waiting for the rain to stop, and just kept spending more and more money.  By the time the rain let up, we walked out with significantly less funds and plenty more comic books.  I got myself started on the Batman: Battle for the Cowl storyline and Jagger grabbed a bunch of stuff too.  We also had information for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day and the forthcoming Graphic Novel Group.

Things got serious from there.  Once you start knowing the people who work at a comic book store by name, you're in deep.  We started stopping in more and more frequently to pick up our new books.  Free Comic Book Day was a blast, and between the two of us, we came home with the true beginning of a collection.

Going to that first Graphic Novel Group meeting in June was when we really got sealed in.  We met new friends and haven't looked back since.  After over a year now of attending events and gatherings at L.A. Mood, we're customers for life.  We're already looking forward to taking the kid out to Free Comic Book Day in the future and always look forward to stopping in to check our bags.  It's nice to have a place like that, a place we can browse, order stuff, and just visit friends.  They just seem to do so much for the customers - special events with prizes and giveaways, the graphic novel group, special movie screenings, even a wedding cake to celebrate Archie's wedding.

Sure, we like other comic book stores in London (shh) but none of them are quite like L.A. Mood.  My second favourite is probably The Comic Book Collector, because it's close to my work, so I can pop in at lunch and grab a book or two.  It always ends up like I'm cheating on L.A. Mood a little bit though.


Palindrome said...

I have a comic book store near me called The Source. It is awesome. I haven't been in a while though and I miss it terribly. Terribly. I may have to make a visit tomorrow after I get paid. Yay! Thanks for reminded me of my love of comics. So much awesome. :)

comicbooklady said...

Thanks Ashlie for the wonderful compliments! And don't worry, we don't think of it as cheating! We love and appreciate your loyalty, but we acknowledge that the competition exists and when there is more than one store in one city, that people will shop around, it's only natural. It keeps us on our toes!