Friday, 4 June 2010

Go To Your Room!

So I've been asked by a few people about what our plans are for the baby's room (I'm refusing to call it a nursery, because I think that word is silly).  Truth be told, I'm not overly excited about the kid's room.  I figure the baby doesn't care what the room looks like, just as long as they have somewhere to live, right?  I'm trying to keep things simple, but still adorable.  My plan is to keep the walls neutral, probably by painting them grey (they're lime green right now) and then just punching things up with colourful and fun accessories.  That way, it's easy to change things later when we a) Know what we ended up with and b) Know what the kid wants.  It seems like people put so much effort into some rooms and then turn around and change them completely when the kid's like 3 and madly in love with trains or something.  Not that there's anything wrong with doing something like that, I'm just too lazy to go to that kind of effort.  I would much rather paint my living room, kitchen and own bedroom before the kid's room!

My original plan was quite a bit more complicated - painting the walls Super Mario Bros. sky blue and using these Blik wall graphics like this...

But...I've since decided that it would probably cost a fortune to do this to this degree, which is of course what I would want.  Maybe we'll just brainwash the kid into wanting this when they're a bit older instead of Thomas the Tank Engine or something...something to think about.

Anyway, here's what I've been thinking for the kid's eventual hangout.

As a reminder, here's what we have to work with now...

Domo definitely gets to stay in the room, and I want to keep the bed in there as well.  I don't want a change table, because I think they're awkward to use.  My mom used a single bed as a change/dressing area for the foster babies, and it seemed to work much better.  I'd like to paint the headboard and footboard white to give this a cleaner look as well.

Obviously, we'll need some actual sheets on the bed. Drawing on my Sarah Richardson obsession, I've found a jumping off point in fabric.

(Michael Miller fabric)

That's what I'm thinking for the general scheme in the room. I'd like to paint the walls that grey colour, then use bright colours like that in ways that's easy to change. I think the colour scheme is gender-neutral and playful and I love the guitars! I could use some of the fabric to recover that gossip bench too, it desperately needs it.

The opposite wall is the one that has my desk...

Which I think I've decided to paint white as well.  I haven't completely come to that conclusion yet, but it's what I'm thinking now.  Now that I know it's going to be in the kid's room and is going to house books and toys and the drawers will be used as a dresser, I think a nice glossy coat of white paint will be the easiest to maintain with sticky fingers.  Maybe one day down the road I'll strip it down and stain it darker or something. 

I think that corner shelf will have to come out - if only to be able to paint.  It's nice having it there for now (see my Dr. Seuss figures on the shelf?  They definitely get to hang out in there) but I think it robs us of space in that corner.

The other two walls on either side of the bed have the window and the closet.  The closet has mirrored doors, so that'll be nice to get some light in the room.  The light fixture leaves something to be desired, and I'd like to switch it out with a ceiling fan for the white noise factor.

As far as the walls, I've been swooning over fun accessories like these...

(this etsy store seems to have disappeared, which is a shame!)

(from threescoopsoflove - I know, it's not colourful, but it's so cute!)

So that's basically what I've thought of so far.  What do you think?  Too much, too little?  Is there anything life-changing that I'm not thinking of to put in this room?  (Besides a crib, I know I need one of those!)

I'll post more down the line on what we actually accomplish - but hopefully first there will be posts on the living room, kitchen and our bedroom being painted - and coming soon - stuff actually hanging on the walls!  Can't wait - we'll be moved into this house yet!


lisaampraill said...

This is my story, take from it what you can:
When it came time to decorate Alex's "nursery" (I too hate that word) I wanted something simple. We rent and the older kids were not getting their rooms decorated but I still wanted a little something to "spice" the place up. I am a big fan of second hand. So I bought a used crib (of course got a new mattress) and that was my starting point. I found a simple dresser to match, one that I knew the little one could use for years to come. I was not accepting the fact of having to buy a new dresser in 2 years when his/her clothes were too big for the baby dresser. Then I found a simple, slim shelf that also matched to put beside the crib. I stuck a couple baskets in it and that is where I hid all his "necessities". Out of sight, out of mind!. On a couple of the shelves I also have stuffed animals etc. Then I found a bedding set I liked. Believe it or not, that was the hardest part. There are so many "animal" or "winnie the pooh" themes, I hate those, too over done. The one I liked had squares on it. So I painted a small section above his crib and on the small wall beside the window and the one between the door and closet with some random squares. It looked really cute! I liked it.
Simple, yet pleasing..... Now that we bought the house I get to do it all over again.... will I stay with the square theme? Who knows!

ashlie said...

That's what I'm thinking - keep things simple and easy to change and adapt over the years. So far, those prints that I have in there are items I would definitely hang anywhere in my house so that should be okay! We'll see what we end up with, but I definitely don't want to go overboard on some crazy theme. Simply done with lots of storage is definitely the name of the game!

Dan Brown said...

You would rather paint rooms other than the child's room? You, madam, are the worst mother in human history.

ashlie said...

I am, I am - a terrible mother already! But let's be honest, this kid is going to spend way more time in the living room than their room, so really I'm thinking of the kid's best interests!

ashlie said...
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Joan Crawford said...

@Dan - Haha! The sad thing is, many moms actually do base their parenting ability on how well decorated/dressed their baby is.

I agree - and I love grey paint. It's so pretty and much more interesting than the usual neutrals. You can find good, cheap wall decals, too. The baby was all about dinosaurs for awhile and so we picked up some of those and then peeled them off when she became obsessed with elephants. Always with the elephants that one.
Same thing in the Kid's room - I was going to paint it red with train tracks and all that jazz but then he was like "Trains are for babies, I like the Earth. And I don't like red anymore, my favorite color is blue." This is from a kid who was train crazy and only liked blue for two years. So now his room has maps all around it and planet decals.
Next tip: you will soon be going through a ton of dipey wipes and they are expensive. A great home recipe (cheaper and they work better!) Take good paper towel pieces and cut them into dipey wipe size. Put them in an old dipey wipe box and pour over a mixture of 1 cup warm water, a squirt of baby oil and a squirt of baby shampoo. Bam - dipey wipes!

ashlie said...

Wow, what a great idea, Joan! You're so crafty! I love that your kid has maps all over his room - I love maps! I've been looking for a good one for our living room. I've been all about the wall clings too - I love Blik for them and etsy has all kinds of great ones - such simple decorating. That's the way I like things, idiot-proof!