Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Garden of Mystery

Well, as the lovely weather continues (even with all the rain we've been getting this week) things are starting to spring up in my gardens.  Because this is the first spring at our new house, there's been lots of mysteries.  Some happy (yay peonies!) some just downright baffling.  Here's some pictures of some of my mystery plants - put on your deerstalker cap and help me figure things out!

This ornamental tree is in the backyard.  Some people at work have seen it as a bush, but few have seen it as a tree like this.  This one is doing so well, it's such a shame that it's hidden in the backyard.

Here's the same variety of tree in the front yard...

It isn't doing nearly as well, but I'm hoping it comes around.  I wish I could switch them around and have the nice one out front, but I'm worried I would just end up killing them both.

This little beauty also lives in the backyard.  I call it a furry umbrella tree.  People seem to really like it, but no one seems to know what it is.

This is the real tree of mystery in our yard.  It's a young tree, but it's some form of hardwood and no one can figure out what it is.  Even my dad, who worked at the family lumber yard his whole life has no idea what it is.  See those little dried bits on there?  They almost look like flowers or seeds that dried and were never dropped in the fall.  My dad thinks it's some form of an elm, but he's not sure what.  Guesses are appreciated!

Bush of mystery.  Ignore the giant weeds growing in it (I haven't gotten around to much of the backyard yet.  No one seems to be able to identify this bad boy either.  It's in kind of an awkward place, I may have to extend the back garden to enclose it, right now it's on the corner in a bit of a no man's land.

It has these little flowers on it too, but they're pretty sparse, not over the whole thing.

Out front we have this lovely tree.  It's pretty spectacular in person, and it gives nice shade on the back bedroom (where the kid will hang out) so that's nice.  We just can't figure out what it is.

It's a real feathery looking thing.

The leaves are pretty - kind of star shaped and there's green leaves and then these white leaves that have almost paint speckled green on them. 

My friend Jaclyn thinks it's some sort of hybrid thing - that they grafted something onto the trunk - see how the bark changes there?  It has some shoots coming off near the base, and those leaves are totally different from the ones on top - you can see that shoot on the right of that picture.

Well, let me know if you can figure anything out, because I'm stumped!  (That's some plant humour for you.)


Jenn said...

Ok, woah…you're pregnant? CONGRATULATIONS!

Your blog made me laugh. I also like the "look" of plants and trees and flowers—and I have no idea what they are. I just make up names based on how they look, too.

I have learned a bit over the past few years, but I still only know a handful of plant names:)

ashlie said...

Ah, Jenn - I was just thinking about you this morning! I'll be sending off an email to you today! Thanks for the congrats - and I feel the same as you do about the plants - I would much rather give them my own made-up names! People just keep asking me what everything is!