Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lazy, lazy, lazy

So, guess what? I'm lazy. Like, really lazy lately. Embarrassingly lazy. We've been in the house for what will very, very soon be two months and there are still no pictures on the walls. Seriously, not even a calendar. I literally have had the calendar laying on the kitchen counter because I've been too lazy to track down a thumb tack.

See? Embarrassing.

My problem right now is that everything that I want to do seems to hinge on something else. Case in point, the bedroom. I really want to paint our bedroom because it's all bright and lime green and gross...but the problem is that I want to get a new bedspread, so I can't paint until I find the bedspread that I want so I can paint to match it...


You know what else I've learned from that little dilemma? I'm cheap. Like, really cheap. I was looking for a bedspread and couldn't find anything that I would spend the money (or leftover wedding gift cards) on. Anything I did like seemed to be duvet covers, and we don't have a duvet because I refuse to spend $100 + on a duvet, just to spend another $100 + on a duvet cover. It makes no sense to me.

I must be getting old.

So there you go, no progress in our bedroom because I can't decide on anything. Even though I was at Zellers today and the bedset I like is on sale for $119 (for a whole bed in a bad dealio with throw pillows and stuff) but I can't decide if I $119 like it. I have a problem.

So if I forget about the bedroom, the next problem I'm facing is the living room. I also want to paint the living room because it's all yellow and blah...but all of our furniture is hand-me-down, unmatched stuff, so I don't want to paint to try and match the unmatched furniture when hopefully down the line we'll get new furniture. So I can't decide if I should just leave it yellow, or should I paint it pretty much the same colour I painted the living room at the apartment, which seemed to match all the unmatched stuff there. So, once again, no progress.

Then I start to think - "Maybe the bedroom and living room are too big to tackle. Maybe I should work on something smaller, like the kitchen or the bathroom or the spare room." But that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? To spend time and money painting those rooms when our primary rooms are being ignored?

I did, however, start some work on the yard. My mom and brother came over last weekend and helped us turn the non-garden out front into something more respectable. I'll post pictures later once things start to take and flourish a bit more. So that's progress.

That progress is overshadowed by the growing collection of random furniture in our garage though. The garage has already become dangerously cluttered with a dresser, coffee table, and end table. I have plans for all these things of course, but for right now, they live in the garage.


What I need is a weekend. One good, solid weekend of nothing going on where I can get things done around here. That and some money. Money would be helpful.

You know what sounds like more fun that figuring out all that? Sitting here in my jogging pants and watching America's Next Top Model, that's what.

What about you? Any projects sitting around just begging to be completed at your house? I didn't even mention the pile of cookbooks sitting in the middle of my office because I have been too lazy to carry them to the kitchen.

I have a problem. This problem is made even worse by the fact that I was far too lazy to enhance this blog post with any pictures. Weep for me.


lisaampraill said...

you are freaking hilarious!!! I say JUST DO IT!! Paint the livingroom a neutral colour, or the colour you had at the old apt. It will be a one day event and then you will feel better having it done. It will get you motivated to attack the other spaces. But at the very least your main living area will feel more comfortable. My rule of thumb is to always at least have my livingroom together when we move to a new place. Makes you feel more at home.

Just a thought :)

Call if you want my help, I owe you :)

Sylvia Lewis-Havard said...

you could just buy a duvet cover that you like and put it over the comforter that you already have on your bed. It probably won't stay exactly right inside the cover all the time but you can just hold the corners and shake it out if it gets twisted, I have a duvet and I have to do that sometimes anyways

ashlie said...

I know, I'm terrible! Jagger's away at a conference for a couple of days next week, maybe I'll get something done then! That's a great idea, Sylvia! Maybe I'll finally cave and get a duvet cover!

Falen said...

i would say just paint. I painted my room and then had no problem finding a bedspread i liked to match.
And, worse comes to worse, you can just repaing later if you really feel the need.

Jenn said...

All I have to say is: I hear ya, my sister. I really, really do.

Dan Brown said...

All you can do is do your best. If you paint and you don't like the colour later, you can always paint again. Start with a small project, this will give you momentum. Right now our office is a mess. I have two weeks off coming up and I'm going to tackle it then. Make believe you are a mouse with a huge block of cheese. Just nibble a little bit of the cheese each day. Eventually, it will all be gone, but don't try to consume the whole thing all at once.

ashlie said...

Yes, I just need to take things one step at a time. That's my problem now, I'm getting overwhelmed! I was at my sister's new house on the weekend and she's way more moved in than I am - they've only been there a week! I need to get on track and at least get some stuff on the walls!