Monday, 31 May 2010

Everything Old is New Again...

It's started already.  I'm only 13 weeks pregnant and I'm already living vicariously through my unborn child.  Poor little thing, never stood a chance!

I've become consumed with tracking down old toys and books from my childhood because obviously, our kid is going to like playing with that stuff more than the flashy new toys.  Not everything old, but there are definitely a few key pieces that I'll be scouring yard sales and Kijiji for.  I've found a few of these items on etsy and eBay already, but the shipping prices can be crippling!

So, if you happen to have any of these hanging around in a back closet somewhere - let me know!

First up, a Fisher Price Playhouse, the circa 1986 version.

I loved this house when I was a kid.  I remember spending hours just poring over the detail in the lithographs around the house - there's little birds in the trees and all kinds of hidden details.  Then it opens up, like so for hours of fun.  I don't remember having all those pieces when I was a kid, although I do remember the family members and the car the most.  I'm sure at one point I had them all, but you know how things go.  There are new models of this house, but they're not the Tudor house and everything's all different, with a ringing phone and all kinds of crazy stuff.  I want this one though!

Also in Fisher Price land, the Chatter Box Phone...

This little guy also has multiple versions over the years with slightly different graphics, but this is the one I remember dragging around on a string.

There's also the Fisher Price Cash Register.  If I remember correctly, this toy lived at my Grandparent's house, so it was extra special because we didn't get to play with it all the time.  I love the "No Sale" button.

And then there's the books.  I had oodles of books when I was a kid.  Actually, I used to have a little baby carriage, but instead of pushing baby dolls around in it, I would push my books around.  I also distinctly remember a canvas Care Bears bag that I would load up with books to bring with me to keep me entertained on car rides.  While I won't be able to track down all of my favourite books from when I was a kid, these are some of my top prizes.

Little Luv Angel - by Toby Bluth

This book is actually the Christmas story, told through the eyes of three little angels (Faith, Hope and Little Luv) who are waiting to be born on earth.  It's so sweet, and the illustrations are beautiful.  I've book looking for a good copy of this book for some time, but it's out of print, so it's been hard to find a good copy at a decent price.

Lovable Furry Old Grover's Resting Places

Okay, here's the thing with this book.  I am now 27 years old and I still quote it.  The whole book has different resting places in it (there's little circles for a thumb resting place, a forehead resting place, an elbow resting get the idea)  So to this day I'll look at one of the cats trying to squeeze into a crazy spot and say, "That's not a Gibson resting place!"  My husband just thinks I'm nuts.

There's another Grover book that I remember fondly...

Grover Sleeps Over

If I remember right, Grover goes to sleep over at Prairie Dawn's house.  My favourite part was the next morning when they eat crazy Sesame Street cereal.  I wanted to try it so badly!

There's a billion other little items (mostly other vintage Fisher Price toys, like the School House and Farm) that I would also love to get my hands on, but these are my top favourites right now.  Let me know if they're lurking around your house!


Stacey said...

awww That cash register reminds me of SK!!! I've bought Brady the Little Miss and Little Mr. series of books because I loved them so much! BTW I can't wait for you're polkaroo to get here!!!

Ms. M said...

If you find that Grover Resting Places book get another copy for me too!! I have been searching for that one too!

Oh and the Fisher Price people have been recalled due to chocking hazards so may be really har to find soon :(

ashlie said...

It's funny how nostalgic you get all of a sudden! I definitely hope we can find some vintage stuff for our Polkaroo! (Ooh, vintage polkaroo toys...hmm...)

@ Ms. M - that's so funny you're looking for the same one! I've found some on eBay, just waiting for one that doesn't have like $14 of shipping on a $1 book! And you must be kidding - all those esophagus shaped people are a choking hazard? Crazy!

Joan Crawford said...

I do this too! I just bought "The Story of Ferdinand" for my son as I remember reading it as a kid. He was luke warm on it - probably because I was overselling it:

"Isn't this book great? You know Mommy used to read this as a kid! Isn't that neat!?"

"Yeah, Mom, you said that already...really great..."

We have my husband's old Drag-Along-Phone! Only, its eyes are frozen downward (which my husband pointed out is a lot less creepy than if they always pointed up)!

You know what my kids love? The Old School wooden drag along helicopter fisher-price used to make. Love it. And you can't choke on it, so there's a plus.

Those damn little chokable people, though! They recalled them again when my first born was like a year old. That was 2005! I mean seriously - you haven't figured out how to not make a windpipe blocking person yet?

I thought of you today because a friend of mine is pregnant too and I have so many Little Randoms to tell you along the way. Today's Little Random: After a baby eats some banana - they will have teeny-tiny black squiggles in their poop. I wish someone had told me that as I thought they were worms. I freaked out and called the nurses line. Man, write the Ontario Health Line number down and put it on the fridge. It's wonderful.

Oh, about poop. The only 4 colors you need to worry about (trust me - you'll see colors of poop you never imagined) are: Black: This is "old" blood from inside. Red: This is new blood - probably from on the outside of the bum, not as big a worry but have it checked out. White: This is white blood cells and means infection and lastly Clay colored: I forget what it means but it isn't good.
Green poop, blue poop, orange poop, multi-colored, spotted - all normal. And pretty ;D

ashlie said...

Oh Joan, thank you so much for the poop chart! Only you! I'll have to post it on the wall somewhere. Through my mom taking care of foster babies, I've seen my share of multi-coloured poop! I'll keep an eye out for bad colours though!

That's hilarious that your drag along phone has eyes that point down - he must always look so sad!

Palindrome said...

If I were having kids (which I'm not...ever), I would do this to the point of insanity. There are so many things I still own that I loved as a child, mostly movies and books, some stuffed animals so I wouldn't have to do too much shopping except for toys.

Congratulations! I've been unplugged for a while and must have missed your baby news.

Falen said...

why is it toy cash registers are so so so awesome?