Thursday, 27 May 2010

Douchebags in Action on HGTV

You know what's awesome? House Hunters. Ever watch that show on HGTV? It's great. People with various budgets tour three houses trying find their dream home. They complain about countertops and the size of the master bedroom, but ultimately decide on the one that's right for them. It takes place in various cities around the US and is always an enjoyable way to kill a half hour.

You know what's not awesome? House Hunters: International. In this one, it's the same basic premise as House Hunters, only it takes place internationally. Meaning, of course, that it's full of a bunch of douchebags who are seeking the perfect summer villa in the south of France or are deciding to drop their lives in the hum-drum US and move to Bali, just to say they've done it. Seriously, I've seen the Bali episode. It made me want to vomit all over their tanned faces. The only decent episode of House Hunters: International that I've seen is one where it was an American couple looking for a place in Toronto, so for me it wasn't really international.

You know what trumps them both though? Property Virgins. This one is Canadian, and mostly takes place in the Toronto area, but sometimes ventures out to the States. My favourite part? When Sandy Rinomato asks them what neighbourhood they like, and they obviously ask people what their dream neighbourhood is. Then she takes them there, strolls around with them and then tells them there's no way in hell they'll ever be able to afford a place there. Awesome.


Falen said...

oh god, house hunter's international pisses me off.

EXCEPT when you get the occasional person who actually lives in said foreign country and is just looking for a home to buy. Then it's fun because they're not flaunting their wealth.


I love how the property virgins clearly have no idea about the cost of owning a home.
Before i bought my house, i read a book and actually LEARNED stuff. Therefore, i was not disapointed and did not buy a house out of my means.


ashlie said...

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't stand House Hunters: International!

Joan Crawford said...

Then she takes them there, strolls around with them and then tells them there's no way in hell they'll ever be able to afford a place there. Awesome.

Ha! It's so true. I was in for a real wake-up call with housing prices in the city, "200,000 gets us what? Oh, that's right, nothing!"
It drives me crazy! You'll see a place here that is a 1950's bungalow, not worth more than 145,000, and it is going for 325,000! Then I start looking in other locations, like Nova Scotia (too bad there aren't any jobs for us there) and I see great 3 bedrooms going for 90k :(
I love the show Love it or List it. It's great - people are insane with what they think they can get for 25,000 worth of reno!
It's tough; move to the country for a bigger house and a huge commute or live in the city for the convenience. I want to move to the country but my husband says to me the other night: "No, I don't want to" To which I'm like "What the hell does that mean? I was raised in the country." To this his raises his eyebrows and nods his head slowly.


p.s. How are you feeling Preggo Lady? The heat wave! Here's a tip: don't drink a large Iced Capp every day - they're made with 18 percent cream. Which I didn't find out until after I gained 45 pounds :( I, for some reason, was under the impression that I could eat whatever I wanted (seriously, a stack of pancakes was an appetizer) and it would magically fall off when I had the baby. It took 10 months of me crying on a stationery bike to get back to normal. And then I got knocked up again like a year later. But I'm not bitter! :D

Joan Crawford said...

Ha! Stationery bike. Yes, you see, I simply drew pictures of stationary bikes for 10 months.

ashlie said...

Hahaha, oh Joan. Now I'll picture you sending out crazy hate mail on stationery with bikes on it. I know, I can't get over the prices in Toronto - we moved out of London and got a lot more house for our money, but it worked for us because we work in different cities, so now we both commute. I'm feeling good - into the second trimester now. No iced caps for me, so that's good! Although my car is full of Tim Horton's garbage...damn you Boston Cream far, I've been okay on not going crazy "bingeing for two". I'm not eating in big quantities, I just wnat to eat all the time! A bag of animal crackers on my desk is my new best friend.