Monday, 31 May 2010

Everything Old is New Again...

It's started already.  I'm only 13 weeks pregnant and I'm already living vicariously through my unborn child.  Poor little thing, never stood a chance!

I've become consumed with tracking down old toys and books from my childhood because obviously, our kid is going to like playing with that stuff more than the flashy new toys.  Not everything old, but there are definitely a few key pieces that I'll be scouring yard sales and Kijiji for.  I've found a few of these items on etsy and eBay already, but the shipping prices can be crippling!

So, if you happen to have any of these hanging around in a back closet somewhere - let me know!

First up, a Fisher Price Playhouse, the circa 1986 version.

I loved this house when I was a kid.  I remember spending hours just poring over the detail in the lithographs around the house - there's little birds in the trees and all kinds of hidden details.  Then it opens up, like so for hours of fun.  I don't remember having all those pieces when I was a kid, although I do remember the family members and the car the most.  I'm sure at one point I had them all, but you know how things go.  There are new models of this house, but they're not the Tudor house and everything's all different, with a ringing phone and all kinds of crazy stuff.  I want this one though!

Also in Fisher Price land, the Chatter Box Phone...

This little guy also has multiple versions over the years with slightly different graphics, but this is the one I remember dragging around on a string.

There's also the Fisher Price Cash Register.  If I remember correctly, this toy lived at my Grandparent's house, so it was extra special because we didn't get to play with it all the time.  I love the "No Sale" button.

And then there's the books.  I had oodles of books when I was a kid.  Actually, I used to have a little baby carriage, but instead of pushing baby dolls around in it, I would push my books around.  I also distinctly remember a canvas Care Bears bag that I would load up with books to bring with me to keep me entertained on car rides.  While I won't be able to track down all of my favourite books from when I was a kid, these are some of my top prizes.

Little Luv Angel - by Toby Bluth

This book is actually the Christmas story, told through the eyes of three little angels (Faith, Hope and Little Luv) who are waiting to be born on earth.  It's so sweet, and the illustrations are beautiful.  I've book looking for a good copy of this book for some time, but it's out of print, so it's been hard to find a good copy at a decent price.

Lovable Furry Old Grover's Resting Places

Okay, here's the thing with this book.  I am now 27 years old and I still quote it.  The whole book has different resting places in it (there's little circles for a thumb resting place, a forehead resting place, an elbow resting get the idea)  So to this day I'll look at one of the cats trying to squeeze into a crazy spot and say, "That's not a Gibson resting place!"  My husband just thinks I'm nuts.

There's another Grover book that I remember fondly...

Grover Sleeps Over

If I remember right, Grover goes to sleep over at Prairie Dawn's house.  My favourite part was the next morning when they eat crazy Sesame Street cereal.  I wanted to try it so badly!

There's a billion other little items (mostly other vintage Fisher Price toys, like the School House and Farm) that I would also love to get my hands on, but these are my top favourites right now.  Let me know if they're lurking around your house!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The King of Summer Reading

I've been buried in "Under the Dome" for the better part of the weekend.  Only 300 pages to go!  What is it about summer weather (it's been unseasonably warm here for about 2 weeks now) that just makes me want to lay around and read Stephen King books?

I can remember being in high school and spending an entire day sitting out on the deck reading "Carrie", then an entire day reading "Cujo".  There just always seems to be a connection for me with warm weather and Stephen King.  I got "Under the Dome" for Christmas, but didn't get around to starting it until sometime in late March, when our super-early spring started.  Maybe it has something to do with all the flea markets and yard sales that pop up in the warm weather where you can find stacks of his books for next to nothing that gives me the bug, or maybe it's just remembering those hot summer high school days of reading, but to me, nothing quite says summer like a Stephen King novel.

This summer I'm planning on tackling The Stand (long overdue, I know!) and I would love to get started on the Dark Tower series as well (also long overdue!).  That's the great part about reading Stephen King, there's never a shortage of material to reach for!

What about you?  Any authors that just scream summer to you?  Or any reading projects for this summer?

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Douchebags in Action on HGTV

You know what's awesome? House Hunters. Ever watch that show on HGTV? It's great. People with various budgets tour three houses trying find their dream home. They complain about countertops and the size of the master bedroom, but ultimately decide on the one that's right for them. It takes place in various cities around the US and is always an enjoyable way to kill a half hour.

You know what's not awesome? House Hunters: International. In this one, it's the same basic premise as House Hunters, only it takes place internationally. Meaning, of course, that it's full of a bunch of douchebags who are seeking the perfect summer villa in the south of France or are deciding to drop their lives in the hum-drum US and move to Bali, just to say they've done it. Seriously, I've seen the Bali episode. It made me want to vomit all over their tanned faces. The only decent episode of House Hunters: International that I've seen is one where it was an American couple looking for a place in Toronto, so for me it wasn't really international.

You know what trumps them both though? Property Virgins. This one is Canadian, and mostly takes place in the Toronto area, but sometimes ventures out to the States. My favourite part? When Sandy Rinomato asks them what neighbourhood they like, and they obviously ask people what their dream neighbourhood is. Then she takes them there, strolls around with them and then tells them there's no way in hell they'll ever be able to afford a place there. Awesome.

Monday, 24 May 2010

The End.

Well, as many of you watched last night, LOST has come to its conclusion. I, for one, enjoyed the finale and thought that it held true to the series as a whole. I know that there's many people out there who don't feel the same way, but that's okay. The whole point of the show all along has been to get us talking and debating, not to make everyone happy and tie things up into happy little bows.

I'm not going to give my detailed thoughts on the finale, partly because I still have to watch it again, and partly because there's already so many other blogs with their thoughts out there that are far better thought out and more comprehensive.

What I wanted to write about is what LOST has meant to me, and my journey with the show.

I wasn't one of those people who started watching from the Pilot episode. In 2004 when the show started, I was in my fourth year of university and had a night class every Wednesday night from 7-10, so I never got a chance to see this great show that everyone was talking about. When the school year ended, my boyfriend at the time and I watched the "catch-up" episode of LOST that they aired a couple of episodes before the end of the season to lure in new viewers. Consider me lured.

I was instantly in love with the show. I watched the end of season 1, and got the Season 1 DVDs for my birthday to catch up for Season 2. Through the summer between Season 1 and 2 I started discovering the online community that goes hand in hand with the show. I found The Fuselage and the Lost Experience and was hooked.

See, that was what made this show so special and so different. I watch a lot of TV shows - a lot, but none of them have the same sense of community that LOST does for me. The creative team behind LOST goes out of their way to give us things to discuss and work on together. From ARGs to Easter Eggs, there was never an end of things to figure out on this show. How many other shows have experts online analyzing timetravel theories and hieroglyphic translations?

As the seasons rolled on, I became more and more rooted in my fandom. There was no other show quite like LOST, no other show that I could talk about for hours on end without getting bored, although I'm sure I bored lots of other people with my chatter.

LOST has absolutely changed the way I watch TV, the way I think about TV and what a good show is. I have yet to find anything that matches the level of committment from both fans and the creative team. You can call me a nerd, but I'll wear that badge proudly. I'm a Lostie through and through.

Today, as we exist in this "Post-LOST" time, I'm excited to see what's coming. I'm not sad about the show ending - the greastest thing this show ever did was to set and end date. I hope that more and more shows will take their example and decide on a set end date early in the series production (V, I'm looking at you!). I truly hope that LOST will change the way new series are produced, that there will be a focus on the community that goes beyond the designated time slot. I'm excited to see what new shows are coming out next season, and can't wait to find that new show that will be my "LOST", although nothing will quite take its place.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

To Answer Your Questions...

Well, I have a secret. It's not so much of a secret anymore, but it was for awhile.

What could the secret be? Well...I'm growing a person.

That's right, this December, coming your way a new little one in our household!

We're very excited, it's been so nice to finally be able to tell everyone. We found out at the end of March (which would explain why I've been so lazy) but didn't want to tell anyone until we had our first ultrasound, which happened last Friday. Now, things are starting to feel much more real, seeing it on that little screen and all.

So, without further ado, I thought I would answer all those questions that I've been asked lately. Hopefully it covers everything!

1. Are you going to find out what you're having?

- No. We want to keep it a surprise. We figure there's very few good surprises in life, and this is one of the best. For the record though, we both are hoping it's a boy, and we both think it's a boy (but that's probably just because we're both willing it to grow a penis). When I talk about the baby, I refer to it as "him". I certainly hope if it ends up being a girl, she won't hold my use of pronouns against me one day.

2. When are you due?

- So far, they're saying December 2nd. I'm sure that will change a dozen times before everything is said and done, but that's the date I have to go on so far. As long as it's before Christmas, I'm happy.

3. How have you been feeling/Have been having morning sickness?

- I have yet to throw up, but had lots of dizzy spells, headaches and general gagginess. For a few weeks I couldn't even open the fridge without gagging - the smell of the fridge really bothered me. Other than that, it hasn't been too bad. I know lots of girls who have been really, really sick, so I'm considering myself lucky. (And I hear this is another sign it's a boy!)

4. Have you been very tired?

- At first it was really just Mondays and Fridays that got to me, when I would really want a nap after work. Right now, it's just that when I'm tired, I'm tired now. I am in bed, asleep by 10:00 p.m. most nights, if not earlier. On the weekend, if Jagger's not home, it's not unusual for me to be asleep before 9:00 o'clock. One night, we tried to watch Lord of the Rings and made the mistake of starting it at 8:00 o'clock. I think I made the journey with them as far as the mines, then I was asleep in my chair.

5. Are you going to take the whole year off?

- You know, I never thought that I would want to take a whole year off work, but right now, I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's going to be tight financially, but it would cost just as much for daycare and everything else. Right now, the idea of being off with no winter commute for this year and all of next summer off sounds delightful, I'm really looking forward to it.

6. Do you have any names picked out?

- Yes, we do have some names in mind. We've had a few names that we like for years. We're not telling them though, not because I want it to be a big secret, but because I don't want my opinion to change with people's reactions. It's more the boy's name that I'm worried about - it's a bit different (but not crazy and made up) and I'm really, really attached to it. If I told people now and they cringed at it, I think it would break my heart. Also, we want to wait and see what we end up with and what they look like before we decide on a name for sure.

7. Have you gained much weight?

- I definitely feel like I have, but I think a lot of it is just me losing muscle mass. I've had to stop running and am not playing baseball this year, so I feel super lazy and squishy. No one else seems to see the belly yet but me, but I think that's going to change very, very quickly over the next couple of weeks. My jeans are starting to get uncomfortable, and I am wearing lots of dresses to work and living in my jogging pants on the weekends.

8. Any weird cravings?

- You know, I read somewhere that a lot of cravings come from more of a craving for attention than anything else. That may not be the case for everyone, but I definitely haven't had any "gotta have it" cravings, where I send poor Jagger out in the middle of the night to find me a specific brand of ice cream or anything. Mostly, it's things like I'm more aware of when I haven't had enough fruits or vegetables in a day, and I'm much more likely to want milk with a meal. I've been really thirsty too, so lots and lots of water. I have noticed more and more that I think about food a lot. It's really random, I'll just be sitting somewhere and all of a sudden I'll think, "Hmm, mashed potatoes are good. Lime jello is good too..." Just weird things like that. I don't feel the need to rush out right away and consume those things, but I'll think about it more. I have been eating lots of ice cream sandwiches and Boston cream doughnuts though!

9. Are you redecorating for the nursery?

- I am planning on painting the spare room to make it the baby's room (I don't like the word "nursery" for some reason, it just bothers me). I'm not going to do a big theme room or anything dramatic though. I want the walls to be pretty neutral and just punch it up with colourful accessories to keep it gender-neutral and easy to change in the future. I'll post more on this as we go along.

10. What do the cats think of all this?

- I'm quite sure they don't understand what's going on, even though we keep telling them they're getting a brother or sister. They haven't been too impressed that I won't let them walk all over my stomach anymore though, silly things.

Well, that's all the questions I can think of now...of course, I've been completely brain dead from this whole baby thing, so if there are more questions, let me know! I promise you now, this will not become an "all about baby" blog. I promise to keep the randomness coming! There will no doubt be preggo-related posts, but it won't be strictly about that.

I'll leave you with a video which has pretty much become my list of things not to do while pregnant, enjoy!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Hey, Pal - Shut up.

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like Larry David? I love, love, love Larry David because he's always right. He always ends up in these insane social situations where someone does something completely uncouth and he's the only one who seems to notice. Ever had a moment like that? Where someone just gets under your skin for one reason or another?

Well, I had a moment like that on Friday.

We'd gone to the movies to see Iron Man 2 (for the second time, still great!). Of course, the theatre was busy, but we were there early enough to get good seats. Of course, there's those people who show up late and seem to be amazed by the fact that a popular movie is busy on a Friday night. The guy in front of us starts asking everyone in the aisle if they would mind sliding down a seat so that he and his wife-type person could sit together.

Strike one.

Okay, pal. If you show up late at a theatre, you do not get the privilege to ask people to rearrange themselves when they got there early. You either sit separately or you sit in the crappy seats way up front. That's the way it goes, deal with it. There have been lots of times when I've walked into a busy theatre, realized I wouldn't get a decent seat and changed my mind and went to see another movie.

Then as we waited for the movie to start, we decided to check out the score of the hockey game. Our friend David checked it on his Blackberry and reported it to us. This part is important, he just checked it and said, "Oh, it's 3-3". He didn't stand up and yell it, didn't offer this information to anyone around us, he just told us.

What does rude buddy in front of us do? He turns around and says, "Excuse me, could you not tell me the score of the game? I'm taping it. I already knew it was tied, but I don't want to ruin the end."

Oh, hell no.

Um, was anyone talking to you, rude man? No. We didn't tap you on the shoulder and inform you of this vital information, we were talking amongst ourselves and you decided to force yourself into our conversation. Turn around and go about your business. Maybe if the hockey game was that important to you, you should be at home watching it instead of watching Iron Man 2.


All I wanted to do for the rest of the movie was kick the back of his seat. What a jerk-face.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Big Bang Theory

Can someone please explain The Big Bang Theory to me? The show, not the actual theory. Lately I've been watching this show, because there's nothing else on on Monday nights it seems. I've heard so many good things about the show, but for some reason, I just can't get invested. I like the idea, but something about it just seems so forced.

Am I just out of habit from watching so many single-camera style shows that I can't appreciate a traditional style sitcom anymore?

Do I need to watch more episodes to really invest in the characters?

I read constantly, and they're always talking about this show and how great it is, and I just don't get it. I want to like it, but it's just not grabbing me.

Do you watch this show? Should I be watching it too?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tee Furious!

I find it hard to believe, but I haven't yet posted about TeeFury and the love affair I have with them.

TeeFury is the brilliant website that features limited edition T-shirts. Every day, there's a new shirt. Now if that isn't enough to kick your collector-OCD tendencies into overdrive, this should push you over the edge - the shirts are only $9 a pop. That's right, $9. Mind you, it's $9 US, plus shipping ($5 for international), but still, that works out to $14 for a killer T-shirt.

The shirts are good quality and hold up pretty well so far - they don't shrink too much and the screening doesn't seem to fade too quickly.

Unfortunately for my bank account, they've made quite the habit of featuring LOST-themed shirts as we drive through the final season, which means I've been buying a lot of T-shirts.

Here's my first TeeFury purchase - WWJLD.

This one was released to coincide with the Season 6 premiere of LOST. My love affair begins.

The rest of the shirts I'm showing in no particular order, because I don't have the patience to organize them all. Sorry!

Here's Wrong Island. I almost didn't get this one, but I'm glad I did. It just makes me giggle, Gilligan and the Skipper with Smokey behind them. Love it.

This was my second shirt, Smokey the Bear. Again, I wasn't sold on this one right away, because it's not overtly LOST-themed, but I like that it's kid of subtle. You can't tell from this picture, but the scrap on the tip of his shovel has a Dharma symbol on it, which is a nice touch.

This shirt was a no-brainer. Flight of the Conchords is an amazing show, and I love this shirt. Unfortunately, I don't wear it often because Jagger got one too, and I picked one up as a gift. Also, the silhouettes sit right on my boobs, which gives it a weird effect. Still an awesome shirt though!

I love this shirt, it's probably one of my favourite ones. It's called Mr. Morgan's Laboratory. Do you get it? It's Dexter Morgan from Dexter drawn as Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory! Things don't get more awesome than that, my friends.

This one is called Desmond's Replacement, and it's adorable. I wish the girl shirt had come on the slate colour like the guy shirt (a common complaint on TeeFury is the colour of the shirt) but I still love it. The polar bear is so cute!

This one is great too - this was a bad week, this shirt came out the day before the Dexter shirt. Our mail carrier must think that we're crazy because there's constantly a black bag from TeeFury being delivered to our house! (Jagger is also a fan, but hasn't bought nearly as many shirts as I have.) This one is called Bat and Robin, and I love the dot detail so it looks like it's from an old comic. I wore this shirt for Free Comic Book Day (which I should blog about, but haven't gotten around to it yet) and saw a guy wearing it too! I was torn between being embarrasses and being excited about finding another TeeFurian. I went with embarrassed and stayed away from him.

And finally, we come to today's bit of awesomeness. This is the Ab Aeterno, and a complete no-brainer for purchase today. This design is amazing, I want to buy a print of it from the artist (which you can do here!)

What I love about TeeFury too is that the artist gets $1 from every shirt purchased, so you know you're supporting someone out there.
Also, every few months they do a grab bag day, where you don't know what you're buying, but you can buy shirts for $5 and then wait for the surprise! I haven't participated in a grab bag yet, because I always buy the ones I want, but I just might in the future.
Well, there you go - get out there and get furious - but act fast, the shirt changes at midnight!

Five Questions - 25 Answers

Jenn over at Pirates Dig Chicks Who Blog tagged me in the Five Questions/25 Answers game. Seeing as how I've been so devoid of inspiration lately, how could I not accept?

1. Where were you five years ago?
  • Just graduated university
  • Desperately seeking employment
  • Living at home
  • Completely lost
2. Where would you like to be five years from now?
  • Out of debt (except for the mortgage)
  • Still happily married
  • Surviving in the role as a mom
  • In our current house with the basement finished
  • In as good of shape as I've ever been
3. What was on your list of things to do today? (Since it's only 8:58 a.m., I'll go with what's on my list of things for today)
  • Proof read transcript at work
  • Start typing transcript at home
  • Buy cereal
  • Decide on which of the 11 collectible EW covers to buy this week
  • Buy today's TeeFury shirt (done!)
4. What sort of snacks do you enjoy?
  • Baked crunchy Cheetos
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Nacho dip
  • Cookies
  • Polish sausage, cheese and crackers
5. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
  • Invest and live off the interest
  • Try to maintain a normal life
  • Travel
  • Be charitable
  • Buy lots of books!
There, done! This was actually harder than I thought it would be. Instead of tagging specific people for this, I'll leave it open - pass it along!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lazy, lazy, lazy

So, guess what? I'm lazy. Like, really lazy lately. Embarrassingly lazy. We've been in the house for what will very, very soon be two months and there are still no pictures on the walls. Seriously, not even a calendar. I literally have had the calendar laying on the kitchen counter because I've been too lazy to track down a thumb tack.

See? Embarrassing.

My problem right now is that everything that I want to do seems to hinge on something else. Case in point, the bedroom. I really want to paint our bedroom because it's all bright and lime green and gross...but the problem is that I want to get a new bedspread, so I can't paint until I find the bedspread that I want so I can paint to match it...


You know what else I've learned from that little dilemma? I'm cheap. Like, really cheap. I was looking for a bedspread and couldn't find anything that I would spend the money (or leftover wedding gift cards) on. Anything I did like seemed to be duvet covers, and we don't have a duvet because I refuse to spend $100 + on a duvet, just to spend another $100 + on a duvet cover. It makes no sense to me.

I must be getting old.

So there you go, no progress in our bedroom because I can't decide on anything. Even though I was at Zellers today and the bedset I like is on sale for $119 (for a whole bed in a bad dealio with throw pillows and stuff) but I can't decide if I $119 like it. I have a problem.

So if I forget about the bedroom, the next problem I'm facing is the living room. I also want to paint the living room because it's all yellow and blah...but all of our furniture is hand-me-down, unmatched stuff, so I don't want to paint to try and match the unmatched furniture when hopefully down the line we'll get new furniture. So I can't decide if I should just leave it yellow, or should I paint it pretty much the same colour I painted the living room at the apartment, which seemed to match all the unmatched stuff there. So, once again, no progress.

Then I start to think - "Maybe the bedroom and living room are too big to tackle. Maybe I should work on something smaller, like the kitchen or the bathroom or the spare room." But that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? To spend time and money painting those rooms when our primary rooms are being ignored?

I did, however, start some work on the yard. My mom and brother came over last weekend and helped us turn the non-garden out front into something more respectable. I'll post pictures later once things start to take and flourish a bit more. So that's progress.

That progress is overshadowed by the growing collection of random furniture in our garage though. The garage has already become dangerously cluttered with a dresser, coffee table, and end table. I have plans for all these things of course, but for right now, they live in the garage.


What I need is a weekend. One good, solid weekend of nothing going on where I can get things done around here. That and some money. Money would be helpful.

You know what sounds like more fun that figuring out all that? Sitting here in my jogging pants and watching America's Next Top Model, that's what.

What about you? Any projects sitting around just begging to be completed at your house? I didn't even mention the pile of cookbooks sitting in the middle of my office because I have been too lazy to carry them to the kitchen.

I have a problem. This problem is made even worse by the fact that I was far too lazy to enhance this blog post with any pictures. Weep for me.