Friday, 12 February 2010

Meet Jeff Lemire

Hey - if any of you are comic fans (and you should be) and you're in the London, Ontario area (and why wouldn't you be) you should come down to L.A. Mood to meet Jeff Lemire. Jeff will be present for the Graphic Novel Group meeting at 11:00 a.m. for a Q&A session. We've been reading his epic Essex County collection for this meeting and it's going to be awesome to get to hear him speak about it. Seating is limited, so get in touch with L.A. Mood to reserve your seat. Jeff will also be sticking around from 12:00 until 3:00 for a signing and will do sketches for $15. Check out the L.A. Mood blog for more info and to find out how to contact them about reserved seats. Also, check out my friend Dan's article about Jeff here. This is a great opportunity to meet an amazing artist - don't miss out!


Jaclyn Goodwillie said...

I saw the article on Jeff's work in the London Free Press. Looks like really cool stuff.... maybe my kind of comics. I wouldn't mind seeing more of his work.
Is this a cover page? Gorgeous.

ashlie said...

Yeah, I think you might like it, Jackie! His work is very unique, I really enjoyed reading it. We have it if you're interested in borrowing it, or let me know if you want to come out to the meeting with us tomorrow!

Dan Brown said...

I think I have a man crush on him!