Thursday, 25 February 2010

I may have become obsessed...

Anyone out there watch True Blood? Anyone out there read the Charlaine Harris books that inspired the show? I've become obsessed with the Southern Vampire Mystery series. I started them in the summer and I enjoyed them, but didn't really feel the need to read them all one after another but the books just keep getting better and better! I think it might be because 99% of my books are currently packed up so instead of reading the books I already have, I just keep running out and buying a new Sookie Stackhouse book.

I finished Book 7, "All Together Dead" last night and thought I could last a few days before moving on to Book 8. After finishing the book last night, I sat down to read "The Nobody" by Jeff Lemire (which was awesome!) but it wasn't very I started to read "Lenny Bruce is Dead" by Jonathan was good, but not very long either. So there I was, in my chair in my pajamas at 8:00 at night with nothing to read. The only other book I had in the house that wasn't packed up is "Under the Dome" but I haven't felt like starting to read it yet, because that means that I would have to drag it around with me.

So I had to make a decision. Do I leave my cozy little situation at home to run to Chapters and pick up "From Dead to Worse" or do I wait and do it tomorrow and have nothing to read tonight. I'd already blasted through all my magazines that had piled up too...what to do...

Of course, being the rational person I am, I decide to go. So, out in the snow I go. I don't bother to change out of my pajamas because really, why would I? Of course, I can't just hop in my car and whip around the corner. First I have to clean the snow off my car...mildly inconvenient, but I can handle this. So I pull out of the parking lot and head down the block. Oops, it's a little slippery out and I almost skid through a stop sign. It's okay, this book is going to be totally worth it. I continue along down the street until I have to make a left-hand turn at an intersection. While waiting to turn, the light turns yellow. Because there's snow on the ground, the next car goes through the yellow light. I keep waiting for it to be safe (did I mention that I work in traffic court? I'm a pretty cautious driver.) The next car tries to stop for the yellow light but starts to fishtail. So there I am, in the intersection, car careening towards me. I try to evaluate the situation - I know I won't have enough traction to make a quick turn in front of her, so I just sit in the intersection while the light turns red and wait to see how she makes out, figuring I'll be able to advance through the intersection and avoid her if she slides too close to me. Luckily, she manages to bring her car to a stop before she enters the intersection (although she was facing the wrong way) and I can complete my turn.

So now I'm starting to wonder if this is all worth it...should I have stayed home? No, I must stay the course!

I get to Chapters and feel triumphant. I march my jogging pant-clad self back to the Fiction-Fantasy section to get my book. Of course, I can't just go to Chapters for one book, I have to wander a bit. Now, I don't wander at Chapters alone very much anymore. Usually Jagger comes with me, so I have someone to help control my impulse purchases. Not so this time. I wander through the bargain books section, new releases, crafts, cooking, you name it. I wandered dangerously close to the teen vampire book section, but steered myself clear. I was there for the grown-up vampire books in my pajamas after all, I wouldn't want people to think I was crazy!

I make my way to the graphic novel section and grab Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's Wolverine to study up for the graphic novel meeting on March 13th. A quick steer past the super adorable notebooks (don't look directly at them!) and I end up in the magazine section.

Now that I'm totally over the whole wedding thing, house magazines are my new addiction. Last week I got Dwell and Architectural Digest and today it was Fresh Home. Who knew there were so many options?!

Finally, I make my way up to the cashier. I try not to look too conspicuous in my jogging pants as I hand the young man my vampire novel, graphic novel and house magazine.

He starts to ring them in and holds up the Sookie Stackhouse book,

Chapters boy - "Do you watch the show too?"
Jogging pant wearing me - "Oh yeah, it's great."
CB - "Are you obsessed?"
JPWM - "Um, I just left my house in my pajamas to get this book. So I'm going to go with maybe."
CB - "It's okay, I'll bet half the people in here didn't even notice you were in your pajamas. Maybe even more than half. At least you're comfortable."
JPWM - "Um, yeah. I don't know if that makes me feel better."

But, I returned home triumphant and unscathed. I almost bought the ninth book while I was there, but it was only in hardcover and I didn't want to make too many crazy decisions at once.

What about you? Any odd adventures this week? It seems strange that on the day we sign the paperwork to close the deal on the house, I choose instead to blog about a trip to the bookstore. It's the little things, after all.


lisaampraill said...

Ashlie, you make me laugh! This is my typical Chapters trip also!! Except you are missing the part with the family impatiently awaiting in the van as you tell them "i know exactly what i want and where it is, i will be 2 mins TOPS!!"

ashlie said...

There is no such thing as a quick trip to Chapters! Wandering is required!

Falen said...

You should totes check out her other paranormal series - her Grave Sight series - i almost like it a bit more than Sookie. Of course it could be, since i've been with Sookie from the beginning, that i appreciate the new characters.

Dan Brown said...

Which comedian was it who said wearing track pants in public is like saying "I give up?" Unless, of course, you're Italian. Then it's stylish.

Ambivalentman said...

Like you, I love the Sookie Stackhouse books. I don't find them as intense as the "True Blood" series, but they have a better sense of humor. I'm on the fifth book right now. I've been on it, though, for several weeks now, because of some other books that have taken its place. I will say, though, that it's been fun watching some of my students borrow the first books in the series. I keep them in class, and they're usually checked out. Better those than "Twilight." At least Bill and Eric don't glitter.

Thanks for the fun post.

ashlie said...

@Falen - thanks, I'll have to check out her other books! I'm going to run out of Sookie bookies soon!

@Dan - I must have some Italian blood somewhere in my WASPy background then because I assure you, I can make the jogging pant look work!

@Ambivalentman - I love the humour in the Sookie Stackhouse books, I just love her as a narrator. Bill and Eric are totally bad-ass, much better than the Twilight vampires!

Blam said...

I got into True Blood last summer on friends' recommendations. Disc 1 started out kinda fascinating but also kinda frustrating; a few episodes in, though, I was hooked and just devoured the rest. As I don't have HBO (or, thanks to the Devil that is Comcast, just about any other cable channels, either, as of a couple weeks ago — How do I live with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert?), I'm still waiting for Season 2 to come to Netflix. The novels were tempting, but I have so much else on my plate to read, and even though I hear the storylines really diverge I'm just as happy not to have anything spoiled. I'll get to them one day.

Blam said...

Last week I got Dwell and Architectural Digest and today it was Fresh Home. Who knew there were so many options?!
Ooh, Dwell is a nifty name. Fresh Home though, I gotta say, makes me think of a couple of bungalows walking along the beach. Younger Bungalow to Mommy Bungalow: "Do you ever get that not-so-fresh-home feeling?" "Oust, honey. A little potpourri here or there can't hurt, either."

ashlie said...

Oh Blam, you never fail to make me laugh! Now I'm never going to be able to get Fresh Home again! Or look at a bottle of Febreze the same way either! You should try the books if you are ever looking for something quick and fun to read - beware the addiction though! I'm also waiting for Season 2 to come out as well - we don't have HBO either. We have the option, but I haven't talked the husband into paying for it yet.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I love True Blood!! I own season one and two. So much sex and blood, it's my new not-so guilty pleasure! It used to be Nip/Tuck and now I have True Blood. I love the beginning song and CAN NOT WAIT for the new season to start! I love the difference between the books and the show, you can enjoy both and it's not like they're repeating anything. Just wait til you get to Season 2!!

ashlie said...

@Palindrome - yes! The theme song is the best ever! I love it! I'm so excited to see Season 2, I'm sure I'll watch it all in one blood and sex filled marathon!