Sunday, 21 February 2010


Well, it's quite an honour! The always entertaining Friendly Neighbourhood Palindrome has chosen to present me with the Honest Scrap Award!

How lovely! Now, apparently with this award I'm to share 10 embarassing facts about myself and then pass it along. Here goes.
1. I can be shockingly clumsy. Just a few weeks ago while trying to put on my shoes, I clunked my head on the wall. This is why I don't play on my husband's dodgeball league.
2. Probably my most embarassing moment was when I had to ask what "aka" stood for. "Also known as," my mom told me. "Yeah, but what does the 'k' stand for?" Yeah...
3. I have been reading V.C. Andrews books since I was about 9 years old. It's gotten to the point that every book basically follows the same formula, but I just can't walk away from them.
4. I am and always have been an obsessive list maker. When I was a kid I would make a list with things to do just so I would have things to cross off. Things like, "Wake up, get dressed, brush teeth,"... you get the idea.
5. I'm a court reporter, so my work is either being in court and typing what's going on, or typing transcripts afterward of what has happened. Because of this, I sometimes think as though I'm typing a transcript and visualize myself typing words that people are saying.
6. I also sometimes narrate to myself in my head.
7. I have learned that I can't listen to any of Kevin Smith's SModcasts in public or else I end up being that crazy person who is walking around laughing.
8. I always talk to my cats when I get home from work.
9. I have probably read the book "Gymnasts Go For The Gold!" more times than any other book in my life. (I tried to find a link or a picture of the cover of this book, but couldn't find one. Basically, it's a series of books about gymnasts kind of like The Babysitters Club. This is the final book when they go to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992).
10. On the weekends and after work I basically dress like a six year old boy - jogging pants and comic book tee-shirts are what I live in.
There you go! That's all the embarassment I can handle for one day! Thank you again to Palindrome for thinking of me!
Without further ado, I present the Honest Scrap award to the following...
Things I Yell At You - Joan Crawford
Sonshine Thoughts - Sonshine Music


Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

You're very welcome!!

I also narrate in my head and have pretend conversations. Hmm, I'm sure there's a drug for that.

I attract suspicious "she's crazy" stares all the time when I'm reading texts or listening to Podcasts or Dane Cook on iChabod. A "happy" crazy person.

ashlie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! We crazies can take over the world!

Joan Crawford said...

Congratulations on the award! Aw, cute! I too am a List Freak. When I do any mundane task, like cleaning the house, I make a ridiculously specific list: 1)Bathroom - sink, counter, mirrors, toilet, shower... just so I can cross them off.
I am so glad you mention that you do this - I keep hearing "But you know what goes into cleaning the bathroom; why not just write 'Bathroom'?" Not the same thing!
It must be very interesting to be a court reporter - I imagine it would be quite exciting to hear all about someone's private life!

OK, that made me sound like a creep - but I mean it in the most normal way possible!

Blam said...

Congrats and thanks (I think)! The laptop is acting really weird, though, so it might take me a while to get around to fulfilling the terms. Honest!

Falen said...

hmmmm - it sounds like you might like the "fantastic" show that is Make it or Break it...

Sherry Mauro said...

Cute! And I'm clumsy too. And shamelessly love V.C. Andrews books, too! ;-)

You are not alone!

Sylvia Lewis-Havard said...

Is that the series with the pine trees (or some tree-name for their gymnastics club)? I think I read that series too, but I think only once. Amazing.

ashlie said...

Ah, yes Sylvia! The Pinecones! I'm glad I'm not the only one!