Friday, 15 January 2010


Well, the hunt officially begins tomorrow. We met with a realtor last night and he's taking us out tomorrow afternoon to start seeing some homes. It's really exciting, but scary at the same time. We're pretty easy to deal with though, we came to the realtor with a bunch of houses that we were already interested in, so we've done that part of the job for him already!

As usual, I'm being my super-organized crazy self. I've already packed a bag for the day tomorrow. It includes...

- clipboard and notebook
- pens, both black and red
- my binder of house information sheets
- tape measure
- level
- camera
- slippers
- bottle of water

Am I crazy? Or crazy like a fox? Any suggestions on what we should look for in a house or what I should bring to check out these potential homes? Wish us luck!


Joan Crawford said...

My only advice to you is NEVER skip the home inspection. You may love a house and then be told "Well, 4 other couples also want it but the owner wants to sell fast so, if you skip the inspection - you'll win the house."

I totally saw that happen on "Love It Or List It". Turns out - the entire top floor was useless, the guy lied about it and they skipped inspection and so they never knew until they wanted to put more bedrooms in.

Be crazy like a fox! Make sure you at least give the impression of being on the ball...and just a touch loony.

carla said...

go with your instincts. if something tells you not to buy a house as you go thru no matter how little don't buy that house!