Sunday, 6 December 2009


We went to a London Knights game tonight thanks to our friends Kyle and Lisa who gave us some tickets - thanks guys! It was a great game with the Knights winning in a shoot-out. There was a family sitting behind us with some kids who has some hilarious insights on the game...

Kid 1 - "How do they know when to go after the puck at the face-off?"
Kid 2 - "Instinct."
Dad - "They watch the ref's hand."
Kid 2 - "Oh, right."

Then there was...

Kid 1 - "I'll be happy if the Knights win or tie, but not if they lose."

Good point, Kid 1.

It was also a McDonald's sponsored night, so there were special appearances by all the McDonaldland characters - check me out with Grimace!
The best part was when I explained to the guy over my shoulder who Grimace was. Great night. Hope you all had a great weekend!


PMAC said...

You met Grimace!? Awesome!

ashlie said...

I was pretty excited! Ronald, Birdie and the Hamburgler were there too!

Anonymous said...

Finally getting around to reading your december posts..... im a horrible follower!!!
Your very welcome for the tickets, I'm glad you had so much fun!