Wednesday, 25 November 2009

So, how's married life?

This is pretty much the only question I get asked anymore. "So, how's married life?" To which I usually reply, "Pretty much the same as common law life." I apologize to anyone I've ever asked this question to, it's a pretty terrible question.

Yes, what I've discovered is not much has changed from being married, apart from the fact that now our focus has shifted to finding a house and then filling said house with babies.

There is definitely one downside to being married, one glaring flaw in my otherwise perfect husband...he's physically incapable of closing a box of Triscuits. At least, I assume it's a physical disability, why else would someone not close a box of Triscuits every time that you open them?

It's a sad, neglected disorder. I think I'll organize a charity fun run later in 2010 to promote awareness of this devastating condition.


PMAC said...

Haha! Love it! Where are you looking for a house Ashlie?

ashlie said...

Well, because Jagger works in Wyoming/Sarnia and I work in London, we're really looking anywhere in between Point A and Point B...Strathroy, Parkhill, Poplar Hill, Thedford, Watford, Arkona...somewhere in there.

Sunny J said...

I was going to mention the Triscuit thing at the wedding, but it seemed in poor taste.

jill said...

If that's the only disorder he has, you are one lucky woman! lol

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you're prego! People will be asking you if you're expecting when it's very clear you are!