Friday, 27 November 2009

Is this annoying?

Whenever someone compliments me on something, like say my shoes, I tend to follow it up with "Thanks, I got it at blank for blank amount". I only say this because I don't tend to spend a lot of clothes, so I think it's fun to tell people that the awesome shirt I'm wearing only cost $7. My classic story is when I tell people about these two skirts that I have that were originally $120 each at Club Monaco and I got them on clearance for $20 each. Awesome.

My question is, is it annoying to give people that information? I always like hearing when someone got a good deal on something, but I've always worried that it bothers people. It's not like I ever have anything expensive on to brag about!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

So, how's married life?

This is pretty much the only question I get asked anymore. "So, how's married life?" To which I usually reply, "Pretty much the same as common law life." I apologize to anyone I've ever asked this question to, it's a pretty terrible question.

Yes, what I've discovered is not much has changed from being married, apart from the fact that now our focus has shifted to finding a house and then filling said house with babies.

There is definitely one downside to being married, one glaring flaw in my otherwise perfect husband...he's physically incapable of closing a box of Triscuits. At least, I assume it's a physical disability, why else would someone not close a box of Triscuits every time that you open them?

It's a sad, neglected disorder. I think I'll organize a charity fun run later in 2010 to promote awareness of this devastating condition.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Greater Good

Today is a very special day for my family. My mom does foster care and today we have to say goodbye to our littlest family member, who I'll call J.

J came to live with us when she was a week old and has been with us for her first year of life. In that time, we've had so much fun with her and have watched her grow into the sweetest little girl you could possibly imagine.

Seeing my mom so selflessly love and care for her has been truly awe-inspiring. Just when I think my mom couldn't be any more of my personal hero, she goes and does something like this.

J is lucky enough to have been adopted by a wonderful family, so today is our goodbye day with her. I know it won't be goodbye forever, that we'll get visits with her in the future and will be able to send her gifts and notes, but today definitely marks a change for my family. We just try to focus on the positive, that this is the best possible outcome for J, and that's what's important.

Today we're going to take her to Build-A-Bear so she has something special to take with her and we're going to get her 1 year pictures taken.

I've had my meltdowns and crying sessions over the last few weeks and I think at this point I'm feeling good about the change. As hard as it is to see her go, it's an amazing thought to think that we were able to be there for her for her first year when she needed a family, and that soon we'll have the chance to do the same for another baby.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

This is what will break us...

Less than two months into my marriage, it seems we have encountered a situation so difficult and consuming that it just might spell the end for us...

That's right. New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We got it on Sunday and have since spent a significant amount of time playing it. Sunday's playing time went well, we had fun and got frustrated, but nothing serious. Then last night we played it for a good three hours.
There was yelling.
There was cursing.
There was frustration and almost tears.
Somehow, we managed to make it to World 6. How we'll survive to the end of World 8 is beyond me. Bowser just might have us beat. The problem with the game is also what makes it fun - you can play together, which can be great, but not so great when someone keeps making the same mistake that ends up killing someone else. You can see where this would get dicey.
The game is super fun, and a real challenge. I'd say it's harder than Super Mario Galaxy (except for the swimming...stupid swimming worlds are keeping me from beating the game!).
I just read online that there's a secret World 9...yikes, we're not going to make it.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Licious Arts Photography

Next up, photographers! We just loved our photographers, they did such an amazing job. I met Zara at a bridal show in London before I even got engaged and I knew right away that she was the photographer for me! She is super laid back and easy to get along with and I just loved her work. She was super open to any of my crazy ideas for pictures (Let's share the iPod! Let's do Abbey Road! Let's read comic books!) and was just a blast to work with. Everyone at our wedding was surprised to see our roaming photographers taking pictures of everything and anything. Jagger described what he wanted out of the photographers for the wedding as such, "Imagine you're the FBI and you're at a mob wedding trying to get information." Yeah, great direction.

Anyway, Zara has great prices and an amazing product. We haven't received our wedding pictures yet, but you can check out some of our engagement pictures on her website!

She also does great family portraits and belly pictures for any preggos out there!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Essential Music Service

Continuing with my series on vendors, today I wanted to highlight Scott, our amazing DJ.

There he is, hard at work!
Scott is someone I work with who also has his own DJ service. I talked to him about hiring him straight away and he was so open and easy to talk to, he made my decision easy. He showed me all kinds of references, but was sure to tell me he didn't care if I hired him or not, that I could always ask him his opinion about any other DJs or ask him any questions I had. Of course, I wanted to hire someone I knew, so we went with Scott.
Scott was amazing to work with. We had a meeting before things got rolling with the wedding to tell him what we were looking for and to talk about specific songs. He was so easy to get along with and was more than happy to play whatever we wanted. He took suggestions in stride and knew all the right questions to ask. The result? We ended up with an awesome party with great music, a 90s dance party, just like I wanted!
Seriously, if you're looking for a DJ who is completely professional, knows what he's doing and aims to please, give Scott a call!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Shy Siren

As promised, I'm going to start a little series to highlight some of the awesome vendors that we worked with for our wedding. Everyone was incredibly helpful and provided amazing products, so I want to share the love!

Today, jewellery!

I came across Shy Siren when I was looking for the perfect earrings. After flipping through page after page on etsy I found these little wonders...

I was immediately sold! I purchased the earrings and almost immediately received a confirmation email from Sara at Shy Siren. I told her how excited I was about the earrings and that I was planning on wearing them for my wedding. She was flattered and super helpful, I can't say enough about how easy it was to keep in contact with her! I mentioned I was looking for a bracelet in a similar colour, but didn't see anything on the site, and the next thing I knew I received an email with pictures of a variety of beads and clasps and she was offering to make a custom piece for me for the wedding! It was amazing service, and the jewellery was perfect. They have super fast shipping and the product comes in the sweetest packaging! Cards and stickers and heart-shaped paperclips included! I was in love. I've since been back to their online store to buy a necklace that I wear almost everyday and swoon over their newest pieces daily.
If you're looking for reasonably priced, quality pieces that are excellent for everyday wear or for special occasions, check out Shy Siren!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Today is Remembrance Day, a day to remember deeds that were done long ago and to be thankful. As a child, I always loved Remembrance Day, which is probably a strange thing. There was just something about having those poppies handed out before the assembly, the poems that we would write about the war, the paintings of poppies (or coquelicot for us French immersion students) that made me feel like I was being trusted with something. Remembrance Day always made me feel grown up for some reason. I would wear my poppy proudly and bow my head during the assembly and try to be mindful of sacrifices that were made that I couldn't understand. Even now it's hard to understand, since no one in my family was in any war, it's easy to feel disconnected from it. However, I still get that feeling of being trusted with something on Remembrance Day, being trusted with a memory that must be carried on. I took the time at work today to sit quietly at my desk while the radio played O Canada and Taps before the moment of silence, and am wearing my poppy. I hope you all had a chance to do the same.

Monday, 9 November 2009

An Early New Years Resolution?

I'm not big on resolutions at New Years time...I always figured that if I wanted to do something, I would just do it because I want to, not because I changed the calendar. However, today I did make a change. It's nothing big, but we'll see how it goes. Today I started a food diary. I've never been the type to watch what I eat or anything, I'm usually quite content to eat what I want and just keep active to balance things out. I thought it would be helpful for me to have a better idea of exactly what I'm eating though. I have a terrible habit of grazing, and I know it's because I just lose track of what I'm eating. I'm that person who will cook dinner and eat all the ingredients along the way - some cheese here, a couple of pieces of pasta there (just to see if it's cooked or not, you know how it is) and before you know it, I'm full before I even sit down to dinner. So, I thought it would help to try to keep track and write things down as I'm eating so I have a record of it. We'll see how it goes, it might end up lasting a couple of days before I want to start hiding from it. Don't worry, I won't start blogging about all of meals, not yet at least.