Friday, 11 September 2009

We're under a month now!

Yikes, yesterday was 30 days to go until the wedding. What a crazy thought. On the bright side, we've been getting lots of things done this week. Let's see...
- Jagger got his ring, tungsten carbide. It's nice and he likes it, so it works for me, even though it cost more than mine.
- Jagger ordered his tux. I can't wait to see it!
- I ordered our custom guitar picks for favours, yay!
- We had a meeting with our DJ. It went super well, and I think he has a good idea of who we are and the sort of things that we want to hear, so that's a relief. I know him through work and he's awesome. Check out his website here...
- I ordered the rest of my paper to make my thank you cards, etc. Hooray for more crafting!
- We paid for the rest of the rentals, so that's out of the way
- I found a container thing to use as the time capsule for our guest book, and started working on the cards to go with it (more on that later!)
- I bought a signing mat frame thing for the guest book as well (you know what I mean)
- I had my first dress fitting last night
Whew! I think that's pretty successful! The dress fitting went well, it's getting hemmed and taken in and I decided to add straps to it after much debate. It'll just make everything easier in the end, and it does look nice on the dress, so I'm happy. I don't want to be pulling on the dress all night, so I think this will work out well.
This weekend is set to have even more wedding planning...
- Pay for the rest of our cake and select flavours of cupcakes (I'm soooo excited!)
- Work on writing the ceremony
- Select pictures for the newspaper announcement and frame
I think those are the only goals I'll set for this weekend, unless we can squeeze in a meeting with our photographer. We have a baseball tournament on Sunday, so that takes up that day, and tomorrow is the graphic novel group (and I still have to read the might be a late night tonight!)
Anyway, I'll leave you with some pictures from the lovely wedding we went to last weekend. It really was a nice wedding, not quite my style on some things, but still very nice and classy, and with awesome food!

The cake was really lovely.

Very nice centrepieces. I like when centrepieces aren't so huge that you have to talk around them.

The ice sculpture kept coming out and then getting put away again all night. Now, I want an ice sculpture, but only if it's a Batman one and I get to smash it at the end of the night.

The super adorable couple.

The favours were great! Nice little boxes that looked like little presents. I was scared to open mine because I felt like there was going to be some part of the evening where it was announced, "Now everyone open your favours." I don't know, I just felt weird about opening it.

Inside were shot glasses and jelly beans! Really, really yummy, soft, fresh jelly beans!

The came the food with all the crazy courses....the soup was so good I couldn't take a picture before I ate it all!

That up there was fish, and this down here was chicken. Yes, we got both. I could barely eat any chicken, I was so full by that time.

The dessert was awesome, and came out on platters with sparklers!

Then came the late-night seafood and dessert buffet, here's my plate and then Jagger's plate.

Yum yum! It really was a great wedding, we had so much fun. Next weekend we have another wedding to go to, a very different wedding. I'm super excited to go to it, and I'll be sure to post details afterwards!

Have a great weekend!


Joan Crawford said...

Haha! I know, I always feel weird about opening the favors too! (but I get over it and eat them all in like 30 seconds and then steal my husband's once we get home :) He knew what he was getting into.) "And now, everyone, open your favors!" Cute!
A time capsule - cool idea! I have never heard of that before but what a neat way to show each other you "really, really, mean it" but also a fun way to include your guests. Post more pics of your crafty stuff - I have no talent that way and so I love to see other people's stuff!

ashlie said...

Thanks, Joan! The craftiness came out of more of a necessity of "Huh, weddings are expensive, I bet I can make that!" more than anything else! I'll be sure to post more as I go - it's getting close!