Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Well, Jagger leaves for a conference on Sunday and will be gone until the following Sunday, which will mark the longest time we've been apart in quite some time. Instead of missing him or freaking out about how much wedding stuff there is to be done while he's gone, I think I'll focus on the good things about him being gone.
  • I don't have to cook when I'm alone. Cereal for dinner is all I need.
  • I'm more productive because I stay up later. With no one to tell me it's bedtime, I just keep working away on projects. This could also be seen as a con, because I'm usually insanely tired while he's gone.
  • There isn't a baseball game on every time I walk into a room.
  • I don't have to pack his lunches.
  • I work out more, and have more time to run.
  • I can watch all my shows on the good TV instead of being nice and watching my shows in the bedroom.
  • No one hogs the blankets.
  • I can watch as many silly wedding shows as I want without being made fun of.
Of course, there are many cons to outweigh this list...
  • I have to wake myself up in the mornings.
  • I have to take care of the cats on my own.
  • I have to take out the garbage.
  • I have to get my own glasses of water.
  • There's no one to tell me to go to bed when it gets too late.
  • There's no one to cuddle with.
Sigh...he's not even gone and I already miss him.


Joan Crawford said...

Aw, cute! New Lovey Dovey stuff! In a few years, your "Good Thing He Is Gone List" will be even longer :) Haha, I kid, I kid! It is nice to have them around but it is good to have some time alone, too. I especially like not having stinky gym clothes and big muddy boots around. I pack my husbands lunches, too. He doesn't ask me to, usually, but if I don't, he takes like a package of hot dogs and some premium plus crackers to work. Gross!
I LOVE wedding shows! "Whose wedding is it, anyway?" - have you seen it? Love it!

ashlie said...

Yeah, it is nice to get some alone time sometimes, but it's always nice to have a cuddle partner too! I know, I'm a sucker for packing his lunch...he'd better appreciate it! I love "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway", and "Rich Bride, Poor Bride", and "Say Yes To The Dress" and "Wedding SOS" and anything else along those lines!