Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Guest Book Time Capsule

Hey there! As promised, here's the guest book time capsule I made. It's a super easy craft, and I'm really excited about it for the wedding. I got the idea from the book DIY Bride, you can check out their blog here.

The basic idea is that you have different coloured cards that say "In One Year..." "In Five Years..." "In Ten Years..." "In Twenty-Five Years..." or whatever years you want. I've made a sign to explain to people that we want them to write a prediction or an anniversary wish for us, then on that anniversary, we'll read the corresponding cards. Super simple craft, all you need to do is print out the cards and trim the to size. For a capsule, I found a wine box from Jysk. It was only $9.99 and I think it looks cool and old-timey. I hope people play along with it and enjoy the idea! I think it would work for a birthday party too, especially for a milestone birthday or something.

Anyway, here's some pictures!
Here's the time capsule when it's open...

And when it's closed... Like I said, it's supposed to be some fancy wine box, but I like that it latches closed, I think it works well as a time capsule.

Here's my multicoloured cards...on my multicoloured coffee table...

And the whole thing all together! A super easy craft that hopefully will go over really well. I'm so excited to see what people write!

Thanks for stopping by - there will be more posts on crafts soon - I've been working on a basket for my 7 year old sister to carry, and you know I couldn't just buy one - gotta craft!

Wedding Envy: Take 2

Well, it's 17 days to go. I have some plans for the blog leading up to the wedding - I have pictures to post of my crafts as they get completed, and I want to feature some of the awesome vendors that I've worked with along the way, so heads up for those.

In other wedding news, we had the chance to go to another wedding on the weekend for some good friends of ours. The wedding ceremony was at the Country Wedding Gardens in Erin, ON. It was a really nice, secluded spot, perfect for the small ceremony.

Here's the tree where they were married:

Isn't that the most awesome tree ever? I thought so. The ceremony was very intimate, only about 20 people there. I was so proud of the two of them for being able to pull off a very personal wedding. I found it far to easy to fold to peer (ahem, family) pressure and invite all kinds of people, so kudos to them.

The lovely couple on their way down the aisle...

Homemade chocolates from the mother of the groom...

Chocolate roses in the centrepiece - also made by the mother of the groom...

And of course our dinners! The reception was held at Ali Baba's Steakhouse in Waterloo, ON and it was just fantastic. I really cannot say enough about the meal and the service. The bartenders did absolutely everything they could for us, even running across the street to the LCBO to get a bottle of Jagermeister when Jagger wanted to buy the wedding party shots of Jager (Jager from Jagger is a tradition).
Here's our meals, I had salmon and Jagger had the steak. It was so awesome. I can't get over the amazingness of those green beans...

It was such a sincere, beautiful wedding. I've never seen a happier groom, he just couldn't stop smiling. Now that their wedding is over with, I'm getting more excited about ours. I'll post more this week about crafts (I finished our time capsule guest book last night!) and about my vendors.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Well, Jagger leaves for a conference on Sunday and will be gone until the following Sunday, which will mark the longest time we've been apart in quite some time. Instead of missing him or freaking out about how much wedding stuff there is to be done while he's gone, I think I'll focus on the good things about him being gone.
  • I don't have to cook when I'm alone. Cereal for dinner is all I need.
  • I'm more productive because I stay up later. With no one to tell me it's bedtime, I just keep working away on projects. This could also be seen as a con, because I'm usually insanely tired while he's gone.
  • There isn't a baseball game on every time I walk into a room.
  • I don't have to pack his lunches.
  • I work out more, and have more time to run.
  • I can watch all my shows on the good TV instead of being nice and watching my shows in the bedroom.
  • No one hogs the blankets.
  • I can watch as many silly wedding shows as I want without being made fun of.
Of course, there are many cons to outweigh this list...
  • I have to wake myself up in the mornings.
  • I have to take care of the cats on my own.
  • I have to take out the garbage.
  • I have to get my own glasses of water.
  • There's no one to tell me to go to bed when it gets too late.
  • There's no one to cuddle with.
Sigh...he's not even gone and I already miss him.

Friday, 11 September 2009

We're under a month now!

Yikes, yesterday was 30 days to go until the wedding. What a crazy thought. On the bright side, we've been getting lots of things done this week. Let's see...
- Jagger got his ring, tungsten carbide. It's nice and he likes it, so it works for me, even though it cost more than mine.
- Jagger ordered his tux. I can't wait to see it!
- I ordered our custom guitar picks for favours, yay!
- We had a meeting with our DJ. It went super well, and I think he has a good idea of who we are and the sort of things that we want to hear, so that's a relief. I know him through work and he's awesome. Check out his website here...
- I ordered the rest of my paper to make my thank you cards, etc. Hooray for more crafting!
- We paid for the rest of the rentals, so that's out of the way
- I found a container thing to use as the time capsule for our guest book, and started working on the cards to go with it (more on that later!)
- I bought a signing mat frame thing for the guest book as well (you know what I mean)
- I had my first dress fitting last night
Whew! I think that's pretty successful! The dress fitting went well, it's getting hemmed and taken in and I decided to add straps to it after much debate. It'll just make everything easier in the end, and it does look nice on the dress, so I'm happy. I don't want to be pulling on the dress all night, so I think this will work out well.
This weekend is set to have even more wedding planning...
- Pay for the rest of our cake and select flavours of cupcakes (I'm soooo excited!)
- Work on writing the ceremony
- Select pictures for the newspaper announcement and frame
I think those are the only goals I'll set for this weekend, unless we can squeeze in a meeting with our photographer. We have a baseball tournament on Sunday, so that takes up that day, and tomorrow is the graphic novel group (and I still have to read the might be a late night tonight!)
Anyway, I'll leave you with some pictures from the lovely wedding we went to last weekend. It really was a nice wedding, not quite my style on some things, but still very nice and classy, and with awesome food!

The cake was really lovely.

Very nice centrepieces. I like when centrepieces aren't so huge that you have to talk around them.

The ice sculpture kept coming out and then getting put away again all night. Now, I want an ice sculpture, but only if it's a Batman one and I get to smash it at the end of the night.

The super adorable couple.

The favours were great! Nice little boxes that looked like little presents. I was scared to open mine because I felt like there was going to be some part of the evening where it was announced, "Now everyone open your favours." I don't know, I just felt weird about opening it.

Inside were shot glasses and jelly beans! Really, really yummy, soft, fresh jelly beans!

The came the food with all the crazy courses....the soup was so good I couldn't take a picture before I ate it all!

That up there was fish, and this down here was chicken. Yes, we got both. I could barely eat any chicken, I was so full by that time.

The dessert was awesome, and came out on platters with sparklers!

Then came the late-night seafood and dessert buffet, here's my plate and then Jagger's plate.

Yum yum! It really was a great wedding, we had so much fun. Next weekend we have another wedding to go to, a very different wedding. I'm super excited to go to it, and I'll be sure to post details afterwards!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Wedding Envy...

This afternoon we're going to a wedding in Cambridge.  The groom is an old friend of Jagger's.  We're really looking forward to celebrating the day with them, and enjoying a wedding that we didn't have to plan.  This is the first of two weddings that we're going to this month, so it should be interesting to see what we notice at someone else's wedding.  I'm a little worried that we (meaning I) will see something that they've done and then up and decide that we just have to that too, which will then lead to more things to do in very little time.  We've recently found out that we have a little more money to play with than we originally thought, which is making us rethink what we do and don't want.  In the grand scheme of things, we don't want to change anything, but there might be a few little details that we'll be able to upgrade.  Jagger just keeps saying we can do whatever I want, but I'm not one to go insanely overboard on spending for something like this, so we'll see what we end up with.

Last night we managed to book Jagger's tux, which is exciting.  He picked out his ring too, so that's two big checks off of the checklist.  He ended up going with a tungsten carbide ring, which looks really interesting.  It's really shiny, but almost like a black shiny, it's different.  As long as he likes it, it doesn't matter to me, he's the one who has to wear it.  The funny thing is that his ring cost more than my wedding band, so there!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Gettin' Things Done

Well, it's September, which means I can officially say that the wedding is next month.

Deep breaths, deep breaths!

The biggest thing right now is that we're waiting on reply cards.  Here's what we've got so far...

The stack on the left is the "Can't Wait!" pile, and the one on the right is the "Can't Make It. Pile.  

Our wedding has been very popular.

Yesterday was our last day for reply cards, which apparently means nothing.  We've gotten two more today and we're still waiting on 23 more.  I'm sure we'll get most of them in by the end of the week, but there will no doubt be some phone calls and emails to be made next week to a few slackers!

As promised, here's a picture of the headpiece I got...

See?  Flowery/feathery thing.  I'm happy with it, it's something without being a huge veil, which was what I was going for.  It doesn't compete with the rest of the dress, and it doesn't look like I'm trying to match it to the flowers on my dress, which I really didn't want to do.  You can't really tell from the picture, but the main flower is the exact champagney colour of my dress - success!  I'm really glad I didn't go DIY on this one, I'm still not happy with how much this cost, but I think it is worth it over the tears and meltdowns that I no doubt would have had if I tried to make something similar on my own.  You can put a price on mental health.  I don't know what to do with my hair yet, I'm having a trial run in a couple of weeks.  I'm pretty much leaving it up to my mom though, as I usually do.  

I've been trying to set up all the appointments and running around that I can for the next couple of weeks.  We just found out that Jagger is going to be going to a conference for a week towards the end of September, which means that I'll be on my own very close to the wedding.  I'm sure the week will go one of two ways.  Either I'll get all kinds of work done and go into hyperdrive getting things done and put into place, or I'll completely meltdown and fall apart and stomp my feet and sit on the couch watching "Mad Men" in my jogging pants.  

Oh wait, I'm sitting on the couch watching "Mad Men" right now...well, it's a likely scenario.

It's strange to think that the wedding is coming up so quickly, it seems like we just got engaged, but it's been almost a year already.  September is so obscenely busy for us, it's definitely going to fly by.  It's exciting though, and I'll be glad to have it over with, as terrible as that sounds.

I just have to keep my to do list close at hand and I'm sure I'll survive.  

My craft projects need some attention for sure though.  I have to finish my thank you cards, guest book time capsule, make more CD envelopes for the favours if I have to, make the insert card for the CD's, and anything else I can think of.

Honestly, I don't know what I did with all my time before this crazy wedding.  Oh right, I probably went to the gym, which is why I'm so squishy now.  I officially have no gym membership until after the wedding, thanks to the fact that I have to pay as a yearly lump sum, and that money can just be better spent on the wedding right now.  Until after the wedding, it's Wii Fit and running for me.  

What about you?  What are you up to?  Any ideas for me for the wedding?  We have two weddings to go to this month, one this weekend.  I'm excited to go to the weddings, but at the same time I'm afraid I'll see some new project that I'll want to try!