Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Why must I make things so difficult?

In honour of the wedding countdown now being at less than 2 months to go, I present you with my current wedding problem. The most exciting thing wedding-related that's happening this month is my dress comes in! Squee! I'm so excited, I think that's when it will be real for me, when I get to pay a large sum of money as the balance of payment for my dress, and another to get the thing altered. Ahem. Anyway, I'm definitely excited for it to come in, it should be here next week. I have pretty much everything to go with it - shoes (4 1/2 inches in dark turquoise blue satin, baby. On sale!), jewellery (earring from Shy Siren, see below, and a custom bracelet to match it)

But...I don't have a headpiece yet. I've been totally stressing over it. Every headpiece that I find that I like is too expensive ($125 for flowers hot glued to a barrette? I don't think so.) or it's ugly. My dress is a weird colour, "ivory and champagne over light gold", here's a link to it, but it's not in the same colour. I would post a direct picture, but Jagger doesn't want to see the dress (I don't care if he does or not) and I wouldn't want him to wander over here and see it by accident.

So as you can see from the dress, it has those flowers on it, then I've got the coloured jewellery and coloured shoes, so I don't want some big crazy headpiece to go with all this other stuff, or I think it will be too much of "Look at my dress! Look at my earrings! Look at my shoes! Look at my headpiece! Look at me, dammit!" I'm not really that kind of bride.

I like this headband the best so far, but can't find it anywhere...plus I kind of feel like I could make it, but I'm probably wrong.

I don't want a big veil, that would drive me crazy, but I want something in my hair. I don't know what I'm doing with my hair yet either, Mom and I are waiting to see what kind of headpiece I end up with before deciding.

This really shouldn't be this difficult, and mom found a hair thing at the bridal shop that she liked, but I think it's ridiculously over priced. I'm hoping that when I go to get the dress when it comes in that I'll just find the perfect headpiece and it'll be all over and done with. My next idea is to save some scraps of the lace from the dress when it gets altered and try to turn that into some sort of a headband. Sound crazy? I kind of think it does, but I'm still leaning towards the idea.

Any suggestions? I feel like the flowers on the dress are really holding me back from having anything else really distracting...this problem is driving me crazy!


Dan Brown said...

I hate to break this to you, but everyone IS going to be looking at you. You may not be that type of bride, but you will be the focus. It's your show. As soon as I realized it's the bride's show and the groom is just a well-dressed accessory, I was able to relax last year. So that headdress? Everyone is going to be staring at it, yup.

ashlie said...

Sigh, stupid weddings and all the attention!

Anonymous said...

I think either way you need to keep the extra lace from your dress. After the wedding is done a nice memory keeper is a shadow box. You can use one of your invites, the extra lace, one of the flowers. Any little piece of "memory" from the wedding and put it in the shadow box to hang up in your living room.
That was completely off topic! For the headpiece, you can take some of the extra lace and try to make one but keep looking in case you dont like the way it turns out.
Have fun. :)


ashlie said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa! You're right, the lace would be good in a shadow box, I'll have to remember that!