Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ta Da!

Well, as promised, here's a picture of the cake topper I made, starring Link and Zelda...

Aren't they cute? I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I got the figures on eBay ages ago and finally put it all together over the weekend. No burns from the hot glue gun either! Yay me!

My original plan was to have Princess Peach and Mario as a cake topper, but Jagger was more excited about Link and Zelda. It's not an easy task getting a man excited about a cake topper, so I figured I would run with it. We're having cupcakes and then we ordered a 6 inch cake for the top of the cupcake tower just so we would have a place for Link and Zelda - plus, you can't have enough cake, right?

So, that's another craft off the list - coming up are headpiece (maybe), guest book (it's a time capsule!) and thank you cards. Things are happening quickly, there's 66 days to go! Hard to believe.

Yesterday I posted about my invitations and my friend Dan commented wondering why girls make such a big deal about the invitations when most people toss them out anyway. I'm one of those people who never throws away wedding invitations (which was quite helpful when I was trying to decide what to put on our invitation, I had a whole little collection to draw information from!). The invitations were important to me, and all the books and magazines tell you that they're important to set the scene for the wedding. An invitation is supposed to not only provide you the pertinent information about the wedding, but also give you an idea of the theme and feel of the wedding. You should be able to tell just by looking at the invitation if the wedding is super fancy, casual and laid back, a themed wedding or whatever other kind of feeling you want to convey. My goal with the invitations was to give the idea of a rustic, elegant wedding. Something in the middle that takes place in the fall, but isn't a "fall" themed wedding - no gourds and hay bales, thanks. I also wanted to introduce the paisley theme into the invitations, which will be repeated in other places at the wedding. So there you go. I've no doubt that most of these invitations will end up in the trash (or recycling) but I can't worry about that. I just hope that when people open them up, they'll see that I put some real effort into the invitations and they'll get excited to see what else we're doing that's personal, unique and crafty!

In non-wedding related news, we went to see "Funny People" last night. I was a little wary about the movie after having read some lukewarm reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. I quite enjoyed it, it had lots of laugh out loud moments (not LOL moments). I love awkward humour. The biggest drawback of the movie would definitely be the length though. It was super long. I would definitely recommend that you skip on the litre of cola for this movie.

Well, the whole blog thing is still a little new to me, but I'm interested to see who's reading. Leave me a comment, let me know what else you want to read about. We're going to see Tool tonight in Toronto - do you want to hear about that? Do you want to hear about how I'm suddenly a coffee drinker after years of resisting? About my new love of comic books? What other books I'm reading? Shows I'm watching? (Hello, True Blood!) I'm trying to avoid posting every time something pops into my head, for fear of becoming Courtney Love (I heard somewhere that she posted like 91 times in one day on her blog...yeah, I'm definitely trying not to be that) so let me know what you're interested in reading!


Dan Brown said...

Invitations aside, don't forget that as bride and groom you will be the focus of the day. People will be looking to you and Jagger for cues about how to act. I remember being at one wedding where the bride was quipping to guests as she walked down the aisle, things like "I can't wait to get out of this dress." It was a signal for everyone to relax and have fun, to not be so solemn. I'm not suggesting you do a comedy routine, but just keep in mind that you and Jagger are the ones who set the tone for the occasion (even more than the invitation). As if you didn't know that already.

As for blog topics, I say throw everything at the wall. My experience is that your readers will let you know what sticks! So far so good!

Stacey said...

have I told you you're awesome! You are such a brave bride! The less work I had to do for my wedding the happier I was lol