Thursday, 20 August 2009

Stupid Wedding.

I seem to be at a standstill with the whole wedding thing right now. People keep asking me how the plans are coming and I always answer, "Oh good, the big things are in place, it's really just details now." I have a huge to-do list, but don't seem to be scratching anything off of it. I don't know, I need to finish the rest of my thank you cards, but I have to order more paper for it...and to do that I have to figure out how much paper I need...and to do that I have to sit down and do math...

This is basically where I'm at. I have decisions and projects to make, but I just don't want to do it right now. I'm blaming the weather, it's too hot to plan. '

I've been camped out in bed for most of the week because that's where the air conditioner is. The rest of our apartment has been unbearably hot. Mind you, I could be doing wedding planning in bed, but for some reason a pile of DVD's and a bowl of chips is much more appealing.

Mental note - get up and go for a run tomorrow for pete's sake! I have to get back into a routine for working out, I haven't run at all this week, but I went for a walk last night, so I figured that was enough. Of course, I walked to the comic book store because I knew there was cake there. I did do a couple of lackluster sets with free weights while I watch LOST last night though, so that must count for something.

I'm going to try on my dress tomorrow (!!) so maybe that will get me back on the wedding planning/working out train. Or it will just send me into a spiral of despair, one or the other.

It seems like a lot of my to-do list involves making signs, does that seem strange? I want to make signs for the picture I want to use on our thank you cards (Jagger holding a sign that says "Thank you!" and me holding a sign that says "Merci!"), and I want a sign telling people to sit wherever they like, (But in a cute way, not a bossy way), a sign explaining the different kinds of cupcakes, a sign explaining our time capsule guest book...I feel like it's just an extension of me controlling everything.

In any event, things will get done eventually, and I'll get it together and get things planned, or freak out while doing it.

My mom is having a yard sale next week so I've been cleaning out the apartment getting junk together that I can put in the yard sale. My car is stuffed full of junk to take to her place, it's actually pretty funny to see. Of course, last night when I was taking a dresser out to the dumpster at our apartment I saw a cute pair of end tables that someone threw out. I might have to drag them into the apartment that is approaching being clutter-free...wouldn't Jagger be thrilled?

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