Tuesday, 11 August 2009


This weekend some friends of mine are moving. My friend Jerri is moving to her new place and my friend Dan and his wife, Amanda are moving to their new place as well. While I'm super excited for both of them, and mildly jealous of the upgrading to houses while I'm stuck in a roasting and small apartment, I definitely don't envy them for moving. Honestly, I can't think of anything worse than moving. The only good part about a move is the inevitable purge that comes with it. Every time that I've moved, I've ended up throwing out all kinds of things, the logic being, "I don't want to drag this along, toss it!" Then there's more purging during the unpacking, the "Why did I even bring this? Toss it!" variety. Yet somehow, there always still seems to be too many things to fit into the space. In my case it's space for media. My bookcases are packed to capacity, my DVD hutch it completely full and there seem to be CD's and video games everywhere. I've always said that when we do get a house, I want built-in bookcases so I can put EVERYTHING on them. Now with our (somewhat) new addiction to comic books, I've had to carve out a whole new niche for them. Right now, they're in boxes until we get some bags and boards to set them up properly. Then once the wedding is over, they'll take over the small bookcase that has become wedding central. Sigh.

Our apartment is seriously small, and it's definitely not getting any bigger. I keep rearranging things to try to make room for wedding stuff, but there's only so much I can do. A house may not be a possibility in the immediate future, we may have to wait a year or so (we'll see what the old bank says) but I'm really against a move before we move to a house. We've toyed with the idea, moving to a bigger apartment for a year or so and then moving on to a house, but I just can't be won over by the idea. I love where our apartment is, how close we are to downtown, and how everything we need is right down the street in one direction or another. Our building is old and has character, and the idea of packing everything up to move to a temporary bigger place, only to pack up after that to move to a house seems exhausting.

Best of luck to you all with your moves this weekend. I'm, uh, busy all weekend, so unfortunately I can't help you with moving. My label maker is available if you would like to borrow it, though! I have my fingers crossed for good moving weather for you all!


Dan Brown said...

If you manage to free up some time, you and Jagger are more than welcome to help! All I talk about with Amanda is the move, so I'll be glad once we're done. I know it will take a while to settle, so really the move is just the first step. We'll have you guys out for dinner once everything is in place. And yes, built-in bookshelves rock!

ashlie said...

While I would love to say that we can help, we are actually busy this weekend. On Saturday we were invited to a party hosted by the JP who will be marrying us - best to keep on her good side! On Sunday we have a staff barbeque with Jagger's office (my former office). The move is the first step, but things tend to fall into place quickly after that, and you can do things a bit at a time.

We are easily lured by food, so dinner anytime would be great!

Dan Brown said...

Yeah right, you're getting married. That's the most creative lie I've ever heard to get out of helping someone move. A likely story.