Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Did anyone watch the new show "Hoarders" on A&E last night? Oh, it's so wonderfully disturbing. As a long time watcher of "Intervention", I'm so happy to see A&E branching out on their shows. Now we have "Obsessed" about the Obsessive-Compulsives and "Hoarders" about the Compulsive Hoarders. If A&E make a show strictly about people with eating disorders, I will be a happy little voyeur.

I don't know what it is about hoarders that fascinates me so much. Maybe it's because I feel like one day I could be one. Sure I like to keep old newspapers, but just ones from important events (or so I tell myself) and sure I like to keep old birthday cards, but I go through them once in a while! I don't know, these hoarders are a special kind of crazy. Last night they had a couple where the wife was a compulsive shopper and the husband was a hoarder, nasty combination. The other person featured on the show was a woman who hoarded food, and it was disgusting. I could not believe the amount of rotting food that she was holding onto, it was hard not to be physically ill while watching it, but I couldn't look away!

Maybe I was just up on my high horse because I was working on a big purge yesterday. My mom is having a yard sale, so I'm happy to donate a lot of stuff. I'm trying to clear things out that we don't need to make room for the inevitable pile of things we'll be getting from showers and the wedding etc.

How about you? Did you watch "Hoarders"? Are you into that kind of thing, or is the more traditional meth/heroin addicts of "Intervention" more your thing? Me, I love the hoarders and the eating disorders. Maybe that's a sign that there's something wrong with me.


Dan Brown said...


When does a "collection" become a "hoard?" I think pack rats get a bad name, but the people on this show just sound crazy.

ashlie said...

I think a "collection" becomes a "hoard" when you're a complete lunatic. These people are definitely crazy, they just live in a dump. Next week there's one where the woman actually has her kids taken away her house is in such a state. I'm so morbidly fascinated by these people! I think it will help to keep my packrate tendencies under control though!

Dan Brown said...

Is a collection of 1,000 comic books too much? What about 10,000? 100,000? Who decides?

ashlie said...

Are they well organized? Is someone from social services threatening to take away your comic books if you don't clean up your act? I think these would be signs that you have a problem.

We, on the other hand, are in desperate need of a serious organization system for our comic books. Since we just started with the collection, we don't have thousands to deal with, but it's definitely time to get some bags and boards and get things organized like they should be!

Dan Brown said...

Is "hoarding" classified as an addiction? Because I think the medical definition of an addiction is when the habit starts to interfere with your life. But that still seems like a hazy definition to me. There was a great story in the Globe once about a guy who hoarded newspapers and finally had his collection seized by the cops because it violated some bylaw or another. It was actually quite touching.

ashlie said...

Oh yeah, these people are definitely at an addiction level. You've got to check it out, the madness is amazing. Their quality of life is definitely compromised. At least, I think that having literally piles of rotting food all over your house a problem.