Monday, 16 May 2016

Treats of the Week - Bright Ideas

I do a lot of dumb things.  I would even say that I do dumb things on a fairly regular basis.  I'm a smart person, but that doesn't always equate smart actions.  So when a survey came around for this year's edition of Dance Moms for Vivian's dance recital, I clicked that I would be interested in Beginner Acro.  And so I spent the better part of two hours yesterday tumbling, cartwheeling, handstanding, and backbending.  I am definitely feeling it today.  Luckily, there wasn't enough interest for a mom acro routine in the recital, but it sounds like I'll at least be doing hip hop, and potentially jazz and tap as well.  I'm probably crazy for it, but it's fun and Vivian gets a kick out of seeing me dance.  I think it's important for her to see me trying things and being okay with looking silly or imperfect.

How about some less painful treats, yes?

  • My coffee was happy to see me the other day - and I was just as happy to see it.

  • I was out on Saturday night for my friend Kimberly's birthday.  Not only did I have a delicious marlin dinner at Lola's in Sarnia, but I also found $10 at the bowling alley after!  I was the top bowler as well - quite the feather in my cap.
  • I cut the grass tonight, which isn't exactly a treat.  But I did manage to finish cutting it just before it started to rain.  This seemed like enough of a reason to order pizza for dinner.
  • There's nothing quite like new stamps for work!

  • I had some successful thrifting today - I found another copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which makes my second complete set.  I gave the first set to Dustin for Christmas, and this second set is for me, but if I find a third set I will be putting it up for sale!

  • I got carded TWICE this weekend - once while wearing makeup and once with no makeup.  I'm going to chalk this up as a win rather than focusing on the fact that I went to the LCBO twice in one weekend.
  • I made the mistake of trying the fancy new raspberry truffle donut from Tim Horton's today.  That was a poor but delicious choice.
  • In related news, those new Smores Oreo cookies are not very good.  If you have any in your home, you should probably just bring them to me so I can dispose of them for you.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Treats of the Week - All the things

It has been a packed week! Things are always feast or famine like that - this coming weekend I have like zero plans and this past week was constantly on the go! Lots of treats - and excuse any formatting because I'm posting this from my phone due to the constant comedy of errors that is my life. 

Wednesday was McHappy Day - when I have my annual Big Mac. The calories don't count when it's charity, you see. Vivian and I took our dinner to the park for a picnic, which she abandoned after about three French fries, leaving me to just be a chubby mom eating McDonalds in the park. 

I love Apple Music - I really don't mind paying for it because it's so handy to have all kinds of playlists and albums at my fingertips. This "self-deprecating rap" playlist made me laugh. 

Vivian made me this beautiful necklace for Mother's Day - and also gave me a gift card to McDonald's. She knows me so well. 

What does one geek give another for an anniversary gift? Why the official graphic novel sequel to Django Unchained, of course! I can't wait to read it!

Saturday was also Free Comic Book Day and it was SO GOOD this year. They finally closed a section of Dundas Street for the event so there was a lot more of a festival feel. I wasn't able to bring Vivian because I had to go to Toronto and I was worried about all the waiting, but seeing how it ran with the street closed makes me much more inclined to bring her out next year. Bonus? Totally saw this Batmobile cruising down the 401 on the way to Toronto. 

My garden is in that nice spot where things are blooming and filling in, but isn't yet full of weeds.

My coffee was happy to see me this morning, and I was happy to see it. 

On Wednesday I also went to see Eagles of Death Metal and Death From Above 1979 and it was an awesome show! There's nothing better than a really great rock show, and it was pretty amazing to see Eagles of Death Metal still going strong after the Paris attacks. 

My pin board is getting pretty full! I found that perfect flamingo pin at Blue Pepper Vintage and that Super Mario pin is my new favourite - he slides up to punch the block! 

The main event of Saturday was a trip to Toronto for a special screening of Wu Xia and an appearance by martial arts legend Donnie Yen. The movie was actually really great - and he was incredibly gracious during the Q & A which followed. I didn't score a wristband, but lucky Dustin did and he will basically never be happier than he was when he met his hero. 

I had been nervously awaiting my grades for the second semester and actually ended up doing better in Policy Processes than I expected! I was super worried about that course so it was a huge relief to see that grade posted! Now I just need to focus on my major research paper and it's on to the next thing!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Treats of the Week - Bit of a Break

So, I took a little break there!  I think that might be the first time since my surgery that I actually missed a Treats of the Week post!  My excuse isn't very interesting - I spent most of last weekend curled up and miserable with a stomach bug which put me behind on an already very tight deadline.  So I spent the first part of last week coming home from work, getting Vivian fed and into bed, and then working until midnight.  Probably not my wisest decision, but it's over now until the next crisis.  So let's see what I remember of treats from the past couple of weeks!

  • Last Saturday night was the worst night of the fun little bug I came down with, which meant Sunday was a little rough.  My mom, ever the superhero, came over to take Vivian out for a couple of hours so I could rest and try to do some work and they picked up some groceries for me which was a huge help!  
  • In related "bad idea" news, I decided that I needed to move my china cabinet last night but didn't want to take anything out of it.  Miraculously I managed to move it across the room without breaking anything inside of it, or any part of my person.

  • I cut the grass for the first time of the season on Saturday, and while I was not impressed with all the broken glass I found in my front yard (grrr) it did feel really good to be outside and things always look so much nicer once the grass has been cut.  Per usual there's a bunch of stuff I would like to see done in the yard this year, but who knows if I'll actually get around to any of it.
  • I scored some awesome new pins from Ludlow Luna, but unfortunately they didn't arrive in time for the Retromania screening of Beetlejuice on Friday night.  It was so great to see that movie again - I probably haven't seen in all the way through in 20 years and it really holds up.

  • Also from Ludlow Luna?  This perfect Jawbreaker sticker.  "I killed Liz, I killed the teen dream.  Deal with it."

  • I picked up this letterpress-type tray from Talize a few weeks ago and finally got around to hanging it up.  I knew Vivian would love it for all her little ponies and figures!  It's huge and it was only $6!

  • This weekend was another volume of Kangaroo Variety at Brown & Dickson.  If you're in London you should keep an eye out for this event.  It's a live magazine - so you can expect interviews, storytelling, videos, live food reviews, all manner of things.  It's super hipster but it's a really cool way to learn more about the people working and living in your community.

  • After a small extension (or two) I finally got my final paper of the semester handed in.  I didn't do quite as well as I was hoping (probably because it was due the Friday when I started to get sick and was struggling to be coherent) but I ended up with a grade that I'm pleased with.  Still waiting on the final grade from my other course and then I'm just working on my major paper for the summer.  Is it bad that I'm already researching new programs for the fall?  Probably.
  • If you haven't checked out Chef's Table on Netflix you totally should.  It's a documentary series and it's so oddly compelling.  I mean, cooking shows in general kind of draw you in, but this one delves so much into the philosophies of different chefs and really examines what makes them do what they do with such passion.  I highly recommend it.
  • I just scored tickets for David Cross in Toronto in July and I'm so excited!  I saw he was going on tour a while ago but there weren't any Canadian dates at the time.  So glad I jumped on this presale!
There's probably more, but my brain has been fried lately.  Somehow it's already May, and I'm looking forward to Vivian being done school and having some vacation time this summer.  Daytrips are calling my name.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Making Magnets

I can be weird about stickers.  I'm always reluctant to actually use them because then what?!  Then they're gone forever!  I don't want to put it on a laptop, eventually it will break.  Notebook?  Forget it, I'm still mourning the loss of that Bush X sticker I had on my binder in high school.  Where exactly can an adult put stickers?  Over the years, I have amassed a bit of a collection of stickers.  You know how it goes, they come with albums, they come in the mail when you shop independent artists and retailers, you get them at a merch table.  I had a little pile of stickers, and an irrational crippling fear about using them.  I considered putting them on my mailbox because I thought it would be funny, but then that same fear of "What if?!" came up again.  God forbid I should have to replace a $2 sticker down the road.

Luckily, I have a clever dude around who had a whole bunch of magnetic sheets.  Perfect!  So now my new obsession is turning things into magnets.  I'm positively stuck on the idea.  I've used up all my stickers making fun little magnets and have reached into my collection of odd little cards and papers that I have sitting around too.  It's a great way to display small items like this, but still be able to move them around.  I have some at my desk at work too.

I have a little collection of postcards that I'm thinking might end up being magnetized too - haven't quite decided yet.  I also have a package of button magnets that might just be getting hot glued to some of those pinback buttons I have sitting around too, because I have an obsessive personality like that.
I've officially gotten rid of any not cool magnets and have kept only the ones that are awesome and fun.  The couple that are still uncool but kind of important (like poison control and other "don't die" magnets) are tucked on the side of the fridge.

If you're a weirdo like me who gets way too attached to stickers - magnets are your friend!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Treats of the Week - Feel that sun

HOLY BALLS YOU GUYS IT'S SO NICE OUT.  It's so funny how those first few warm days of the year feel sooooo good.  I know, we barely had winter and we can't complain.  But still, being all "legs bare, don't care" yesterday and today was awesome.  Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy more dresses.  If I play my cards right I may not wear pants again until October.

  • The roof is done and it looks SO GOOD.  I hate having to spend that much money on something, but it had to be done.  I know the picture is terrible and there was no before picture, but trust me, it was in rough shape.  The new roof is more grey so I'm hoping to paint the garage door and maybe do something about the shutters this year to freshen it up a bit.  I'm also always thinking about taking off the storm door, but that's where the mail carrier leaves my packages so...

  • We're doing renos around the office this month which has led to general chaos.  It's a good spring cleaning kind of chaos though, and I took it upon myself to finally organize this drawer.  You don't even understand - this drawer used to be just a jumble of half-filled boxes and loose binding combs and you could never find anything.  I got it all organized and looking pretty and have basically been offering up free tours of it to anyone in my office.  

  • In addition to the roof getting fixed I also got some tasks checked off the old list this week - some I managed to tackle myself and some I had to be bailed out on.  But the point is things are getting done!
  • If there is anything better in the world than having beer and nachos on a patio on a Friday afternoon it would have to be having beer and nachos on a patio on a Saturday afternoon.  These are Friday nachos and they were freaking fantastic.

  • After those delicious nachos, the dude and I headed to see Midnight Special at the Rainbow.  It's a really quietly wonderful movie - I recommend it!
  • It was also dance competition time again this weekend - Vivian and the crew were in Chatham for another competition and they had another fine showing.  It wasn't quite as good as the Grand Bend competition (they placed second overall in their age category and were adjudicated at the Diamond level) but it's still pretty incredible for them being so young.  I think next year we're looking at doing full time competitive for Vivian - she's definitely got the bug now.  She's been spending all her time practicing headstands, cartwheels, and flips.  Yesterday she was even choreographing her own routines on the trampoline.
  • The best part about the dance competition on Saturday?  Coming home and having a heavenly 2 hour nap afterwards.
  • Kimmy Schmidt is back on Netflix!  I love this show so hard - I'm only a couple of episodes in, but I'm heading to bed to watch some more as soon as I finish this off!
  • I also just discovered that is a thing where you can watch thousands of documentaries for free online.  So I may be falling down that rabbit hole for the next little while.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pin Game

If you have the unfortunate circumstance of being my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram then you have no doubt noticed my new obsession with enamel pins.  You guys, enamel pins are THE BEST.  You can find a pin for basically anything you can imagine - from pop culture references to every day items, if you can think of it, there's a pin for it.  Why do I like them so much?  Well, I'm running out of room on my walls for art and this is an easy way to make art a part of my daily life and to support independent artists.

Pins really aren't a new thing, but they seem to be really taking off in a new way right now.  Disney has long had collectable enamel pins, and there's massive selections of vintage pins and buttons out there. 

These new, more modern pins are a real community though.  Everything has a real collector mentality behind it - pins are usually released in limited editions - runs of around 100 pins are common.  The community supports each other in a really wonderful way - once you start following different artists on Instagram, you will often see different artists swapping pins with each other or doing collaborations. 

So how do you get in on this pin game?  I've listed some of my favourite accounts on Instagram at the bottom of this post, and I think that's the best way to get going.  Once you start following a couple of accounts, just pay attention to who gets tagged in other people's posts.  I just keep following tags and hashtags and following new people every day - the list at the bottom isn't even everyone that I currently follow because I'm adding new ones every day.  If you see someone post with a collection of pins, give it a tap to see everyone who was tagged.  It's so easy to find new pins and to click through to buy them on Instagram - it's becoming quite the addiction for me!

There are various kinds, and you start to get an idea of the lingo pretty quickly.  Hard enamel pins are smooth and shiny, and soft enamel pins have raised ridges with more of a 3D effect.  There are different types of backs too - rubber clutches seem to be the most common, but can easily be swapped out for metal or even locking clutches to make things more secure.

Once you've got a little collection of pins going, it's just a matter of trying to decide which ones to wear!  They're easy to throw on a jacket or make them a part of your outfit.  It isn't typically recommended to use them on purses or other bags because it's easier to lose them that way, but if you have locking clutches you should be good to go.

They're fun just to have displayed too - I've long had a bunch of buttons in a frame on my gallery wall, and have kept an embroidery hoop in my office to hold some pins that I've had for ages.  Now my bedroom also has some cork sections to hold my new ever-expanding collection.

Instagram is definitely my favourite place to shop for pins - it's almost dangerously easy.  Etsy is great too - just start searching around for enamel pins, you never know what's going to pop up.  Seriously I want ALL THE PINS.

You can find my Pinterest board for all things pin/patch/sticker here.

TeeFury is even getting in on the pin game.  Seriously, this shit is blowing up.

Would I ever start making my own pins?  Maybe, I've thought about it.  If I had some extra cash for start up I would love to contact some of my favourite sellers for wholesale pins and have a table at Shock Stock or some of the upcoming local Comicons.  There's so much crossover in those communities, I think it would go over really well.  In a perfect world I could just make pins, buttons, t-shirts, and tote bags all the livelong day.

Here's some of the Instagram accounts I follow - and yes, it took forever to do this which is why this post has been in the works for like a month.

bandofweirdos  prettynobodyco  flowerchainz  midlanderpress  pin_lord  pincommunity  wizardofbarge  printmafiaofficial  gummivenus  squid_lords  pumpfakepins  tattoo_dave  pseudo_ludo  pinoftheday  truemetalworks  pinpostuk  pingame  lapelclub  demonicpinfestation  scumbagsandsuperstars  famtasticapparel  bigbudpress  thesearethings  embiggenpins  couch_gag  simpspins  workclothingbrand  cheatdeathcorp  toughtimespress  theaterofcreeps  atavisticempire  twoghoulspress  donotdisturbstore  blackcloudcompany  lastcraftdesigns  strikegentlyco  infectedresintoys  sickgirlsofficial  nachoscratcho  joeflomontana  madebycooper  quasivisualarts  pollypatch  monsteroutside  sadtruthsupply  stuffscruff  pinpinzny  nodadkids  weirdoweapons  pintoneco  staringyeti  pandemic  redlipco  coldtoes  stuckuppins  stayhomeclubofficial  coldsnappress  feltgoodco  ragamuffpins  spacewaste  nothingpins  spacecadetcollective  bbllowwnn  methsyndicate  ludlowluna  zombiethulu  creepycompany  negamidas  laserkitten  bornwithfangs  slackandmellow  worldfamousoriginal  explorerspress  goodgoodpins  living_collective  nofunpress  scoutdrygoods  strikegentlyco  rosehoundapparel  nostalgiavault  blindheartco  kateandcait  valleycruisepress  shopstrangeways  tuesdaybassen  pinheadcompany  kolorspun  rat_pins  laissezflaire  caittlinnn  penelopegazin  punkypins  kreeplord  robineisenberg  supersecretfunclub  divinespiritcreations  thepinlord  heartificialpins  peskystuff  themidnightsociety  bruisedtongue  jaredstorm  weirdempire  

Monday, 11 April 2016

Treats of the Week - Dancing Queens

Consider, if you will, the following.

You've had a really busy weekend.  Dance competitions and a sick kid.  You've spent most of the weekend with that kid clinging to you, and took a trip to emerg.  Now it's Monday morning and you're feeling under the weather yourself.  Said kid was up three or four times between midnight and 6:00 a.m. and is crying again that her tummy hurts.  It's pretty clear that neither of you are making it very far that day.  Call the daycare, call work, call the school.  Finally get the kid convinced to lay in bed with you and doze to some Netflix.  Get woken up by the kid every time that Netflix times out.  Finally you're both sleeping and hoping to have a quiet, restful day.  Then, the doorbell rings.  Must be a delivery, you don't care.  Then there's a knock on the door.  Ugh, just leave the package.  A second knock on the door.  Fine, drag yourself to answer the door in the lovely state that one can only find themselves in when they're sick and exhausted and in their pajamas.  Oh cool, it's a crew of roofers who want you to move your car so they can spend the day pounding on the roof.  Perfect.

Yes, that's how I spent my day today.  Luckily, Vivian seems to be feeling better (I hope, she's barely slept all weekend) and I'm not feeling my best but am feeling better than this morning.  The roof is looking great, but my satellite dish was disconnected in the process.  They should be back tomorrow to finish the job, but I'm pretty sure the dish is for me to deal with.  It might just be the motivation I need to just cancel it.

And now, treats.

  • The kids had their first dance competition of the year on Friday and it was amazing.  They did so well - they got a standing ovation, a special award, and placed at the Shining Star Level (the highest level of adjudication).  I cried like a damn fool, I was so proud.  We're heading to Chatham on Saturday to do it all over again.

  • Did I post this last week?  I don't remember, but guys, candy candles (or Candyls, as I prefer to call them) are a thing and I love them.  I'm not even a big candle person, but I went and got this one, a berry Starburst one and a Skittles scented one and I'm all over them.  They were on clearance at the Superstore too!

  • I'm finally done classes for the year - hooray!  I'm not done the program yet - I have a final paper due this week (but I got an extension until next week, whew) and then I set about working on my Major Research Paper which is due by the end of July.  Then I'll be done the Diploma in Public Administration Program.  I was hoping to return in the fall to keep going with the Master of Public Administration but at this point I'm going to wait for a few years until Vivian is a little older and I'm in a better job position.  Instead, there are some other courses that I want to start working on to keep padding my resume until the right position comes along.
  • To celebrate being done classes my dude surprised me with wine, flowers, and a sweet card.  I never get flowers, so it was extra sweet.

  • The holdover of winter weather has made me antsy and I've been checking out thrift stores more frequently on my lunch breaks.  The other day I came across this great record card at Talize for $5.99.  I've always admired them - I have a thing for "single purpose items".  I just find it so amusing when something is made so specifically, like a deviled egg platter.  I don't own any records, but I couldn't leave this behind so it became a nice little present for Jenn.

  • Speaking of which, Jenn and I have had a hard time lately getting our schedules to line up but we finally found some time on Friday to sit down and chat over some pizza and wine.  It was a much-needed catch up and she was the best husband ever for having my wine and pizza waiting at my house when I got home!
  • My office is undergoing some renovations, so everyone is in cleaning mode.  This has worked to my benefit since my boss found this awesome Middlesex County Courthouse paperweight for me, and a beautiful print of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

  • Speaking of my love of London memorabilia, I was randomly contacted by someone on Facebook this week who had recently purchased a box of old frames.  In that box were six of the CFPL Radio Print Series that I've been collecting.  Turns out I'm missing one from Pioneer Village and Storybook Gardens.  Unfortunately she wasn't willing to part with those ones but it's nice to  know what I'm looking for - and it's always cool when people reach out to me about things they've found on my blog!
  • I got my car back, and even though it pained me to shell out the $500 for the deductible, it is really nice to have it dent-free.  They even cleaned the inside for me, so I'm telling myself the $500 was to having it cleaned and have the rental car for the week.  That makes me feel marginally better.
  • The new Suicide Squad trailer dropped last night and it looks SO GOOD.  Can't wait for those summer movies.
  • I went to leave my house the other morning and noticed that the neighbours had bras all over the place.  You can see one clothesline in this picture, but there was another one closer to the road and some hanging in the tree as well.  I'm assuming that it was for a milestone birthday of some kind?  It made me laugh.

This little sicky is going to get some rest and hope that the other little sicky in the house actually sleeps through the night tonight.  Have a week!