Monday, 2 March 2015

Treats of the Week - Smarch

At long, long last it is MARCH!  It may not be an instant spring out there, but it's something.  I'm already getting that spring cleaning itch!

  • Vivian and I got to hang out with some friends on Saturday night - she was so pumped to play with a baby!  I was pretty happy about it too!  And it was fun to hang out with the moms!

  • It was time to say goodbye to Parks & Recreation this past week - one of my favourite shows.  I loved the ending, it just warmed my little public servant heart.
  • Very exciting news this week since both Chuck Palahniuk and Ernest Cline have new books coming out!
  • This picture just makes me so happy.  And yes, apparently I was up checking Instagram at midnight taking screencaps of things.  Be envious of my life.

  • I had a meeting at the bank this week (mortgage renewal, super fun stuff) and the bank only has metered parking.  Not a big deal, I threw some money in the meter and hoped for the best.  As I was leaving, the advisor asked how much I had spent on parking so she could reimburse me.  I said I wasn't sure, it wasn't a big deal I had just thrown whatever change I had in there.  She then reached in the drawer and handed me like $4.  I was completely amused by a bank just handing me money for nothing.
  • After months of searching I finally found a Wonder Woman toy that is appropriate for a 4 year old girl.  It was shockingly difficult and became a massive thorn in my side.  I haven't given her the set yet, I'm thinking of saving it until Easter.  She'll be so pumped though!

  • Vivian is turning into quite the little movie buff.  She's discovered The Wizard of Oz now and told me today, "It's a really great movie, mommy."
  • The only thing that elevates a VIP movie experience is wearing my new dress and eating deep fried pickles when I'm there!
  • It was my lovely grandma's birthday yesterday and it was so nice for us to get together for a dinner with her.  Lucas wasn't thrilled about those sparklers, but Vivian loved handing out the cupcakes to everyone!

  • Is there anything better in the world than fresh sheets on a bed?

Enjoy this week, guys!  It's supposed to go all the way up to 0 degrees tomorrow!  Time to bust out the shorts!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Badass Shirts

I got a pretty awesome gift for Christmas.  A friend of mine took some nice high-res images of some of my favourite Batman images and printed them onto iron-on transfers so I could make my own shirts!  It's pretty safe to say that I'm completely hooked and might soon be overrun with my own novelty t-shirts.  The process was really easy and they turned out super well!  I just got some cheap t-shirts from Old Navy (I don't typically like their plain t-shirts, but these Vintage style V-neck Ts are really nice and light and fit really well.  Plus, they were like $6 each.) and we ironed away!  Easy-peasy!

This one is the back cover of The Killing Joke.

And of course the front cover of The Killing Joke - looks amazing on a shirt!

This one is my favourite cover by my favourite artist - Dustin Nguyen's cover for Streets of Gotham #19.

This one is also from The Killing Joke - my favourite panel ever.  Oh Alan Moore, only you could break down the push-pull relationship of Batman and Joker in a couple of panels and a few word bubbles.  "You had a bad day and everything changed."  (Check it out here if you can't read all of it, or aren't familiar with it.)

And just to break out of the Batman corner, I'm now the proud owner of a Hilarious House of Frightenstein shirt!  Don't see that everyday!

So yeah, you can expect to find me in homemade t-shirts forever now.  Beware for all my clever quips to end up on a shirt.  Hipster asshole status confirmed in

Monday, 23 February 2015

Treats of the Week - Chilly and Chili

It's cold out.  Like really cold.  And I know I'm a giant whiner, but I don't care.  I'm too cold to care.
  • In order to stay warm I spent a good portion of my weekend on the couch eating yummy chili.

  • Zack Snyder released the first image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and I am SO ON BOARD.

  • I went to a trivia night on Saturday night and even though we didn't win (still kicking ourselves for some of those answers!) it was a great time!
  • I have been listening to this song constantly - like I literally listened to it four times in a row the other day.  I am obsessed and am in desperate need of an open sunroof with this blasting.

  • I ventured into the Banana Republic Factory Store the other day.  I'd heard mixed reviews about their stock but I was really impressed!  I managed to take this dress home with me for $37 - now I just need an event so I can wear it!

  • There was no court at work last week which meant that I got all kinds of other work done while I was hanging out at my desk, plus I spent the week in my slippers, which should always be an option in the workplace.

  • Anna Kendrick and Lupita Nyong'o were killing it at the Oscars - definitely my favourite looks.  And yes, these are from my phone when I was frantically looking up images to text to people for red carpet commentary.

  • Yet another screencap lurking on my phone - I love Wrist Soiree's stuff and can't wait for these new pieces to go up on the site.  I am loving those sparkly star bracelets!

And now time to continue my regularly scheduled time watching TV in bed.  Stay warm out there, friends!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Winter Thrift

Lunch breaks in the winter mean a lot of wandering around thrift stores and antique markets for me.  I like to clean off my car and get it warmed up with a little drive and I like being able to wander around instead of just sitting at my desk all the time.  I took a trip to Brydges Street Antique Market the other day and even though I wasn't in a shopping zone (i.e. - we were closing in on payday and there were no funds for random thrifting!) I still took lots of pictures to remind me for next time and to show you guys!

(So I wrote this post like a week and a half ago, then I went back and got some of the stuff so it's been updated!)

I probably need all of these Canadian pennants for my Canadiana collection, right?  (I went back for the one on the top right!  Can't wait to add it to the wall!)

And maybe this Western plate too.  I have an unhealthy obsession.

I love vintage Fisher Price stuff and have many fond memories of playing with this A-frame cottage.  I would love to have one again (you know, for me, not for Vivian) but this one wasn't in the greatest condition so I'll keep looking.

Sigh.  I've had my eye on this bad boy for like a year.  I love it so much, but do I $70 love it?  I just don't know.  One day, my love.

Always more Pyrex than I can handle.  I really need to settle on a few patterns or colourways that I want to collect and go from there.  Otherwise I would just end up wanting everything.

I have the large mixing bowl in this pattern, and this itty bitty little pinch bowl was just so darn cute!  (This one came home with me too - how could I resist?!)

Oh, why hello there flamingo tray.  I might just need to circle back for you.  (Oh yes, flamingo tray.  You came home with me.  Now to find just the right spot for you to live.)

This little find was from a few weeks ago at Value Village. I just spotted the colours way at the back of a shelf and thought "Hmm, I wonder if that's a Disney thing?" Lo and behold it is, and I'm awesome.

I assume it was meant as an ashtray with those wavy edges, but I'm using it to hold my 19 Crimes wine corks.

As much as I enjoy winter treasure hunting, I can't wait to feel the sun and do some yard sale-ing again! 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Treats of the Week - Pancake Tuesday

Yeah, apparently today is Tuesday.  I realized too late yesterday that it was Monday (for some reason my head doesn't always process that long weekend = Mondays that feel like Sundays) so you get your treats on a Tuesday!  Between storms snowing me in, terrible drives, massive amounts of shovelling, and general freezing times I've about had it with the winter and am considering just hiding in bed for as much time as possible.  So here's a quick post so I can get back to bed!  Treats!

  • I have a little blurb in a magazine article, which was pretty exciting.  You can check it out here.
  • One of the MTO officers at work thought I needed a souvenir so he gave me this bolt with the worn threads since it wasn't needed as an exhibit.  Random, but that's what I live for.

  • Quiet times on a couch with my blanket and a coffee are always awesome.
  • I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service on the weekend and it was pretty fun!  I was expecting cheesy fun and it delivered in that respect.  Plus, sexy Colin Firth.  There was one part at the end of the movie that bothered me, but it is slim pickings for theater movies this time of year so I will take what I can get!
  • While in court the other day, I had a justice of the peace who kept coughing and just couldn't quite clear his throat.  Since I'm so darn good at my job I dug around in my little case and handed him a package of Fisherman's Friend which please him so much that he actually uttered, "Madam Clerk, that was awesome" on record, therefore making it official for all time.
  • The SNL 40 special was pretty darn fantastic - I can't decide what was my favourite part, although I always love me some Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy!
  • @hotdudesreading is an Instagram account that knows the goods.

That's about all my brain can handle for today, friends.  Have a week!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Treats of the Week - Tahiti Treat

Very exciting news, people.  Apparently Tahiti Treat - that delicious and elusive fruit punch pop - is back on the market.  I haven't found any yet (I hear there's some in Forest!) but I am on the hunt and recruiting people for my quest.

Other treats this week...

  • I love my fellow Ham Cats at GOMI, especially when our fearless leader Party Pants posts things like this...

  • I've been watching Master of Sex (almost done the first season!) and I am really enjoying it - especially the super clever title sequence!

  • I always love it when strangers will give me their Canadian Tire money, even if it's only 15 cents!
  • I finally got around to watching Blade Runner for the first time - nerd cred intact!
  • This is the kind of thing that makes me laugh in a grocery store.

  • Lazy times on a couch with a blanket and reading make for a lovely weekend.
  • I shook things up for this weekend by making pizza instead of ordering it all the time!  Artichoke, spinach and tomato!

  • I had some good luck thrifting this week - almost too good!  I'll do a post soon!

  • I got my other London plates hung up on the Wall O London - I should be the City of London's employee of the year for this.

  • These are not good at all.  If you find a bag of them you should probably just bring them straight to me so I can dispose of them for you.  It's really for the best.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Pictures that live on my phone

I am a pretty big texter.  I love how quickly you can get information back and forth.  I love how you can stay in touch with someone all day even if you're not really saying much of anything.  I love how jokes can play out over multiple messages or you can volley a joke back and forth long after it's stopped being funny.  And I love, love, love having the perfect picture to send to someone to drive a joke home.  That's why there are certain pictures that just lurk in my phone - waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect person.

This makes me laugh every. single. time.

When someone is having a bad day and you want to be supportive but also mock them.

When someone is having a good day and you want to be supportive but also mock them.

Bad breakup?  In the middle of a movie/tv marathon?  Starting a new book?  Jay-Z is always appropriate.

"So, how was your day?"  "Ugh, long and hard."

Time for another inane boycott!

I'm sorry, are you not hopping up and down excited over Jurassic World and Chris Pratt and the raptor gang?

Shortly after writing this I learned that I can texts gifs, thereby completely changing my texting game much to the chagrin of my friends. Consider yourselves warned.